Intensities in 10 Cities 2



Intensities in 10 Cities 2


240 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Brandon Iron

THEMES: Euro Babes, Anal Sex




STARS: Gloria Gucci, Jasmine Byrne, Priscilla, Sylvia Lancome, Lena Bacci, Emily Steel, Randi Taylor, Suzanne, Victoria, Katrina, Kira, Brandon Iron, Steve Holmes, John Strong, Mick Blue, Toni Ribas,


When I reviewed the first “Intensities” movies I noted that the title was quite clever. That set off two week’s worth of internet sniping over where the title came from. Rather than start that up again I will just say that it’s a clever title no matter where it came from. It also applies nicely to the movie which travels the world to bring us women from….yes that’s right…ten cities. Brandon Iron has traveled the globe to find a number of hot women to perform for our viewing pleasure. It takes great dedication to put a movie like this together and we should all be thankful. Since most of us can’t travel to St. Petersburg and fuck the shit out of how Russian chicks, this traveling fuck-umentary brings that kind of action right into our living rooms.

Staring in Berlin, we get Steve Holmes in between a couple of lovely Hungarian girls, Suzanne and Victoria. They are in town for the Venus show, but take a few moments to get naked for us. As blonde Susanne strips, John Strong joins the party. He has the blonde chick riding his cock in no time. Her brunette friend is actually a little cuter with a tighter body, but she is very laid back early in this scene. She picks it up a bit when she is able to kiss Suzanne. The girls settle in nicely for some side by side reverse cowgirl, but things haven’t exactly blown me away yet. The blonde takes DP a few times and gets cum in her mouth, but there isn’t much of a spark in this opening four-way.

Priscilla is a pretty Ukrainian girl who joins Brandon in St. Petersburg. If anyone needs a reason to be happy that the Iron Curtain fell, just take a look at this babe. She spreads her legs and gets her fingers working in her pretty young pussy. A toy gets the job done better and we get some hot, though brief solo action. Brandon steps out from behind the camera to give her a taste of the real thing. Priscilla opens up and tries to suck him off. His cock a bit too big for the lips, but it fits nicely in her pussy. She looks a little thick in the middle, but already shows a lot more energy than the first two women. I love the ass shots in cowgirl, but her whole body looks fantastic when she reverses the position. The camera moves in close as she slides up and down and waits for him to drip a thick wad of protein all over her face.

While Brandon waits for Mick Blue, we get to see a bit of Vienna. When he finally tracks Mick down, he is hanging out with the beautiful Claudia. They can’t even wait to get all the way home before giving us some not action in a stairwell. This pretty young woman gets her lips around his cock and doesn’t seem to want to let go. He has to work hard to get her off of her knees so he can ram his cock into her for a bit. Eventually they make their way into the bedroom where they have more freedom to really explore. With plenty of space on the bed, Mick is able to slam his cock into her pussy at full speed and really lights her up. Claudia has a great body and when you see her on top it is easy to see why Brandon picked her for the cover of this flick. He maneuvers her into doggy for some nice anal insertion shots before letting her get back into the driver’s seat where we get blistering hot cowgirl shots. This is the first scene of the movie that really made me say “wow” and watching her finish him off with her mouth only solidifies this as the first truly outstanding fuck of the movie. (Not that the first two were bad.)

Brandon returns home to Canada and hangs out in Ottawa with Katrina. He has a speeding ticket that he wants to fight, but decides that fucking this tasty girl is more fun than dealing with the politicians. As a form of protest, he just fucks her right there in the car. Katrina starts out by sucking and using her feet to get him throbbing. They fuck like crazy, but no one seems to notice. The car pulls over in a field and Brandon fucks Katrina on the hood of the car. Adding the public sex thing to this movie is a very nice touch, but this cutie really does just fine when he gets her home. Katrina loves fucking that big cock and is happy to show off her ass while she does it. Brandon gives her a big shot on the face and is off to the next location.

Stopping in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote to be exact. Jasmine Byrne has made the trip from the US to get fucked by Chaz. She can’t wait to get back to the room and her mouth to work on his body. Watching her suck cock is always a treat, but Brandon makes sure that we also get to see some shots of her ass. He helps her swallow it all, but even without hands on her head, this little babe can swallow a whole lot of hard cock. He stands her up and takes her from behind, getting his hands on her hips and working that pussy from behind. Every time I see Jasmine fuck I like her more. Her body is fantastic and she seems to really love the feel of a hard prick deep in her body. After some hot doggy on the balcony, she moves to the bed for spoon. After a few strokes he decides that her ass is in play. That suits her just fine and Jasmine sticks her ass up invitingly. The anal action is perfectly shot, easy on the eyes and fucking hot. Chalk this up as another fantastic scene from one of porn’s hottest fucks. He decorates her pretty face, closing the action on disc one in perfect fashion.

Brandon runs into Toni and Syliva in Barcelona. He wants to see the museum of erotica art, but they give him a live show instead. Toni helps her out of her pants and has her bent over with her ass in the camera. Her mouth finds its way to his cock and she is out of breath in no time. I like Syliva and she knows how to put on a great scene with some hot hip action and plenty of shots of her spankable ass. Her ass gets split nicely and takes every inch of cock he can dish out. She rides him this way for a long time before doing deep A2M and then letting him pound away from behind. Like a good girl she gets down on her knees and sucks his cream like it’s candy.

Trois-Rivieres is the next stop. It’s not much of a city, but Emily Steele is a pretty good tourist attraction. Her face is really cute, but the body has some unfortunate ink spots to kind of ruin the whole look. She does have a nice body though, especially the ass. They keep that butt in the center of the action as she rides for a while. Brandon does his best with this girl, but she just doesn’t have the energy that we saw from Sylvia. He works her over though and leaves a thick load on her face.

Budapest is familiar territory for porn folks and Steve Holmes shows us some of the sights before he fucks beautiful Kira. The pretty blonde says that she will do anal and then proves it by giving him access to her cheeks from the very start. I miss the build up, but who can blame him for going right after it? From head to toe, Kira is easy on the eyes and she handles that big cock in her tight crack like a champ. More than just anal would be great, but when Steve does stand to give her a facial, she actually misses it. Poor communication costs us a good facial, but Steve quickly works up another one and gives it to her. Even with that botched finish, her beauty and anal skills make Kira one to watch.

Lena and Brandon share each other in Quebec City. It seems that he likes to keep the hot little ones to himself. She climbs on top of him and grinds her hips on his face. Lena responds nicely and does her best to suck on his thick cock. I love the eye contact and though she doesn’t go deep on it, she treats the head of it like she’s in love. How well will it fit in her pussy? Well she is able to drop down and take it balls deep from the start. On her hands and knees Lena takes it just as deep and seems to be enjoying herself just a little bit. I love the energy from this girl and the way she responds to his big dick. After fucking her silly, he drops a big thick load on her face. Watch out for this little lady.

Guy DiSilva is right at home in Times Square. He is more at home in a hotel room with Randi Taylor. She is a blonde with a big booty and a burning desire to make a splash in the porn world. The dirty girl actually asks him if she can taste his cock before she sucks it. Her blowjob isn’t bad and she throws her legs up over her head nicely. I just think that maybe this scene would have been better before Lena’s. Guy fucks her hard and the energy level is good. Randi just isn’t quite as cute or horny as Lena so the scene suffers a bit. For a special touch, she fucks him with her feet and lets him shoot all over her toes.

There is a nice collection of bonus material here as well. We get a cumshot recap, a director’s bio, and a bonus scene. There is also additional tease footage to enjoy. Best of all, we get additional footage of the cities visited. I can understand why it wasn’t all in the movie, but it makes for great extra stuff that I am sure is not available on the VHS version.

This is a long movie so when you pick it up be ready to make an afternoon of it. In this case long is not bad at all. With ten scenes it would have been a mistake to cut it much shorter than it is. Wow, when is the last time you heard me say that? Since the travel footage is reserved for the bonus material, we get right to the action in most of the scenes. The variety of girls gives us a little something for everyone, but the sex maintains a consistent style. There are girls here from all over the place and a few of them have better energy than the others. The sex is hard without really being what I would call “rough” or put into the freak-show category. Claudia and Jasmine are the highlights of the first disc. Both of them look spectacular and really shine during the action. Kira and Lena add some serious strokeability to disc two. Overall this is a hell of a fine movie with more than enough good sex to recommend to just about anyone who likes raincoater action.

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