Teen America 3



Teen America 3


120 Mins.

Digital Playground



THEMES: Teens, Light Bondage

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Sativa Rose, Rachel Rotten, Harmony, Meagan, Mark Ashley, Tommy Gunn, Christian, Rob Rotten.


Oops, I missed this one. I just reviewed Teen America 4 and forgot all about volume three. As before Jack is out there doing behind the scenes interview for the Teen America pageant. With four movies filled already we have to wonder when this damn contest is and how many girls are in it. He gets to shoot Lauren Phoenix in this volume and she is always worth a look. Teen-dream Sativa Rose is also on hand to show off her incredible body. With great tease built in and some fun with the interviews, this should be another very good flick from one of the most popular gonzo lines on the market.

Lauren Phoenix is not your average pageant contestant. She works as a plumber which makes for some interesting tease footage. Jack interviews her as she works on the pipes in a bathroom. True to form she has her crack showing as she bends over. In the end though, she does what all the other TA contestants do in order to impress. Mark Ashley is the lucky sound guy who gets to help her with her talent. (Shoving things up her ass of course.) He begins with his tongue and but also an impressive girl with huge hooters. Once the anal beads have all disappeared into her butt, he pushes her legs up over her head and fucks her pussy. Lauren turns in another fine fuck, showing off those long legs during some standing doggy. Eventually he pulls the beads out so that he can get his cock between those cheeks. Mark goes from her ass to her pussy and back again, giving us a great view from every possible angle. The RCA is particularly hot. In the end she takes a great shot right on her face.

Sativa is pledging a sorority on campus and Jack catches up with her when she is busy TP’ing the Dean’s house. She breaks in looking for a special paddle and ends up finding a whole bunch of sex toys. Once again the sound guy gets to have a whole lot of fun. They do a bit of an interview, but the ball gag in her mouth makes that a little difficult. The paddle comes in handy as Christian works her into a frenzy with his hands and fingers. He eventually replaces the gag with his cock and Sativa has a chance to really shine. They hook up for standing 69 which is hot, but tends to hide her face a bit too much. She gets on top for some reverse cowgirl that is more than a little bit easy on the eyes. Her little body is just perfect and those tits are beyond description. It is a rather quick fuck compared to some of the others, but it ends with a perfect facial from this wonderful young woman.

Rachel Rotten is an interesting choice to play a teen cheerleader, but with a body like she’s got, she can play anything she likes. She is actually a rebellious young thing who hates cheerleading, hates the pageant and is proud to admit that she’s a slut. Rob Rotten is impressed by her attitude and when she changes out of her skirt into some thigh-high stockings. He teases her with a riding crop and then whips out his tattooed cock for her to suck. Rachel does a really nice job on his crank and shows that bad girls do it better. Her fucking is quite enthusiastic and her pale, non-inked skin is quite a contrast to Rob’s living tapestry. He lowers the boom on her for a quick fuck and then messes up her chin with his cock cream.

Harmony is a sexy sorority girl who does her interview is a big sweater and with a paddle in her hand. It’s that same paddle that Sativa stole so they put it to good use on her pretty butt. The sexy blonde knows how to talk and show off in a way that makes us all want to jump her. She shows even more skill when it’s time to suck cock. Taking Christian’s meat down her throat Harmony does a whole lot more with her mouth than most sorority girls would even think of. Showing off her nice butt, Harmony takes a ride. I’ve complained in the past that the scenes sometimes stretch too long in this series, but this movie feels like we have gone too far in the other direction. She dismounts and has him cum all over the paddle so she can get a little taste.

Meagan believes that she should be Miss Teen American for two simple reasons, her tits. They aren’t very big, but they are perky and quite nice I must say. We get a bit of public flashing, but the main event takes place back home when she puts on some bondage gear and gets nailed. The tease isn’t anything special and Meagan is a little shy when she is face to face with a hard dick. She looks great sucking and stroking slowly, but it just seems a bit flat after some of the hot action we have seen so far. He bends her over and continues the low-energy action as he pushes his dick slowly into her pussy. Tommy gives her a decent shot on the face, but Meagan is going to have to take some lessons from some of the other girls is she wants to stay in this competition.

This is probably the weakest Teen America so far. Having said that let me soften it by adding that it’s still pretty freaking good. Sativa Rose and Harmony really impressed me in this movie. Sativa always does so there is no shock there. She is totally cute with a body that doesn’t quit. Harmony is a bit newer and sucks cock like no sorority girl I ever met. Lauren Phoenix never disappoints and her anal scene to start this movie is fantastic. I love the idea of her as a plumber. It is fresh and sets things up perfectly. The other two scenes weren’t bad at all, but they just don’t quite measure up to the others. Some of the scenes actually feel a bit short for a change, but the action is well placed and easy on the eyes. Being the weakest volume in a strong series isn’t bad right? It’s kind of like being Godfather 3.


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