Reader Mailbag: Something Fun For A Change

As I went searching for something to post in the reader mailbag, I came a across a trio of emails from my good friend EvilEuro. Rather than the usual ranting and raving, he always has something funny to say and here are the highlights from his three emails.

EvilEuro Writes:

BTW… today’s “she’s *this* close to doing pr0n” girl
for you is tennis star Anastasia Myskina. She is one
of those black haired Russians that looks like she’s a
few bad losses on the tour away from showing up in a
Private video doing a DP. :)

Here’s a photo of Myskina. I think you should put it on your website for a poll as to whether or not she is going to end up in porn. :)

Myskina and >Myskina
Like you said, the fall of the Eastern Bloc was a great thing for porn. :)

Rog Replies: From your mouth to Private’s ears man. What a freaking hottie. Thanks for the link. I have a new girl to drool over.

About the Rog Gear, EvilEuro writes:

Damn it, I need some Rog Rules clothing!

What the Rog Rules clothing empire really needs is one of those Roots-style “Rog Rules” berets. Then I could feel dirty all the way around… first for feeling quasi-French and second because I’m walking around advertising porn. :) That’s a great feeling.

When is the “Rog Rules” menswear catalogue coming out?
If it bothers you to have your name stretched across my ass or across my junk, how about “Mrs. Rog Rules”?

However, the world does NOT need the Rog Rules jock strap. That’s a no-go.

Rog Replies: I agree with you on every point. You DO need some Rog gear, a Rog Rules beret would be entirely too French, it bothers me to the point of near-paralysis to think of my name stretched across your ass and a Rog Rules jock strap is a big, stinking NO-GO.

Finally, about the French law mentioned last week, EvilEuro Writes:

It was something else that caught my eye, namely the little rant on the French and their anti-headdress, yamulka and giant cross law.

There is a logical origin to this law and it goes back to a core tenant of the post-monarchist French government; that being that they are fiercely secular.
It has much less to do with oppression of religion than it does with keeping the government and by proxy, the nation, a very secular place. I guess if your country’s “origins of freedom” involved getting out from under the oppressive thumb of a monarchy and aristocracy that was deeper up the ass of the Catholic Church than Pete Van Wieren’s dick inside of Don Sutton’s jeri-curled ass hairs during a rain delay in the TBS booth then you’d continue to protect that.

Because of this the French, while still a predominantly Catholic nation, do not do stuff that we do here government-wise. No state Christmas trees like the tree on the Washington Mall that the President “lights” ever year. Religious symbols are usually excluded from gov’t structures. They might be on older buildings, but I’m pretty sure that anything post-revoution keeps religious imagery either very vague and non-denominational or is non-existant at all.

The law hits at all religions and, as you noted, deals with public schools only, since those schools receive state funds. It was actually drafted post-9/11 to aide in protecting both muslim and jewish students.
To be fair, they included large and overt Christian symbols as well. France does have this little problem with anti-semitism that is the country’s dirty little secret and has had a problem for years with an anti-muslim undercurrent stemming from the days when they were having terrorism problems due to the situation with former Fernch colonies Algeria and Morocco.

I will say this, as a secular government, the French have always been vocally supportive of a person’s right to worship. Again, something that goes back to getting out of the Catholic dominated monarchy. They have also been just as vocal, especially in the post-DeGaulle years, of saying that your religion is a private, personal matter and it can’t interfere with state affairs (i.e. drivers license and state photos) or create disturbances in institutions. That’s mainly where this law is coming from.

Now the interesting part in this is that the kidnappers plans have completely backfired so far as trying to galvanize the French muslim community. Even the most radical of muslim groups in France is denouncing the action and saying, and I’ll paraphrase, that the actions of muslim terrorists in Iraq do not speak for the muslims of France. It’s an interesting situation to watch and see how the French muslims, though irritated at the new law, backpeddled away from the terrorists faster than Deion Sanders from making a tackle.

Taking all of that into concern, I don’t really see the new law as something draconian or reactionary to 9/11, etc. It’s actually pretty consistent with their official stance on reglion, religious symbols and stuff like that.

Oh yeah.. and how dare you rip on my beloved Olympics?
:) We had the tvs in our house set with timers to flip from channel to channel all day long. Since we could pick up the NBC east coast feeds, I think we had
22 or 24 hours a day of Olympic covereage. If you caught stuff on CNBC, MSNBC or Bravo, you got a lot of live coverage, which was cool. And of cool sports too, or at least to me they are cool. Then again, I live with someone who also likes, among other things, Field Hockey, Volleyball (indoor and outdoor), water polo and Judo. but hey, we’re a weird house.

Honest appraisal… the coverage was GREAT if you were watching anything other than the NBC prime time coverage. That was much more jingoistic and USA-only focused than all of their other programming. Overall though, they did a much better job than Sydney and this was as close as they’ve come to properly utilizing their cable empire to re-create the old Olympic Triple-Cast successfully.

Rog Replies: Outstanding points. I certainly wasn’t banging the French for the law. It’s their country after all. I just think we take a lot of things for granted in this country and we need to reminded of this from time to time. It is also plenty ironic that even the French and Russians aren’t immune from IF terror lately. Scary stuff.

Thank you for sharing your humor and insight Euro. It is always welcome. (Oh Lord I have just opened up the floodgates, I know it.)

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