Shane’s World Honored By For Best “hot Video” Series.


On August 24, announced their winners for the 2003-2004 West Coast Sex Positive Culture awards. “These awards recognize outstanding achievement in sex-positive culture and the fine arts.” Shane’s World was honored with the award for Best Hot Video Series under the category of Porn in this year’s festivities.

Being pioneers of new genres of adult entertainment, Shane’s World has always strived to show sex as fun, exciting and a natural part of life. The College Invasion line of DVD’s achieves that by focusing on how the traditional college party culture goes hand in hand with engaging in sex. “We are honored to have been recognized for all of our hard work,” owner Jennie Grant said. “It’s exciting to know that there are organizations and people in our society that appreciate the important role of adult entertainment in the development of healthy attitudes regarding sex.”

“There’s very little hot porn out there that we’d consider ‘sex-positive,’ and there’s stuff [out there] that tries so hard to be politically correct that it’s no longer fun,” commented. “[Shane’s World] has a lighthearted, fun, and seemingly authentic feel, one that reminds us at least a little bit of sex as we usually think of it. [They] genuinely seem to be having fun portraying real sex, and as such take this award.”

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