Weekend Kickoff Notes


I hope you all enjoy the holiday weekend. It’s been quite a week. You can read the latest Pipeline for the full news column. I’m also adding four new interviews this weekend with Mark Wood, Candace Jackson, Domina X and Lexington Steele.

Still no responses on the Rog gear. No frats ready to outfit girls, no dorm dwellers looking to have fun, no porn girls ready to shoot. In fact, none of the people who have received the new gear have shot any pictures. The race is on to see who will be first. I’m also still looking for someone with a hook-up on the Olympus Stylus 300 or 400.

Last week it was golf, this week I went around the corner to the batting cages and hit a few. Damn that is hard work. 100 swings and my shoulders are really feeling it. It was a nice little workout though and I wasn’t show up by any of the ten year olds so I guess I’m doing all right so far. Maybe next week I’ll hit the pool. (See, the Olympics can be inspirational to even us old farts.)

I have enjoyed reading the silly whining and pathetic anger that my friends and colleagues just can’t help but spew. I am always suspicious of people who think they are always right and yet are so afraid of the other side that they have to name-call, pout and lie when need be. I’m learning a lot from them though. When you don’t have the facts, just remember first grade. Name calling and “make believe” do just fine. No thanks, I would rather not sound like a bitter old man. Better yet, I will try not to become one. As they say, “what do you expect from a pig but a grunt.” I can already guess what re-hashed propaganda we’ll be reading once the marching orders are eaten up with the morning bran muffins.

Oh and if anyone of you were thinking about sneaking off to see the new Exorcist flick, please don’t. Save your money. It’s a piece of crap. You’re better off running to the video store and renting (or buying) the new DVD version of “Goodfellas.” Or if you really want to have some fun, find a story that carries Asian films and rent “Chaos” or “The Audition.” Those are some cool flicks.

And on a political note I would like to ask Mr. John Ashcroft to stop spending so much time on porn and try coming after the people who are out there spreading computer viruses and spyware. That shit is seriously fucked up. Oh, and that same request goes out to whoever President Kerry picks next year. (You know, the mystery man that all of the porn journalists are going to apologize for four years because he (or she) is going to leave us all alone, right?)

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