Aurora Snow On Stern


Aurora Snow Conquers Howard Stern Show

Now here this, Sin City Contract starlet and all around sweetheart, Aurora Snow has now conquered the King of all Media, Howard Stern, and lived to tell the tale. In fact, they liked her so much, they even invited her back.

The impetus for the invite was a Stern fan named Blind Pete, who, though he cannot see porn, claims that Aurora is his favorite girl due to the sexual noise she makes in one of her videos. The clip in question, which Blind Pete claims he stumbled onto through the world wide web, is a raucous sounding one involving throat fucking and gagging in which Aurora, fully engaged in the act of sucking cock to the best of her ability, makes what Stern refers to as “duck sounds.”

Aurora arrived early to the show bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for whatever Howard and his associates were going to throw out at her. Howard played the clip and talked about Aurora asking if she was cute while Aurora listened from the green room, waiting with some contestants for Stump the Booey.

Aurora Snow walked onto the show and she just fucking killed them. Howard told her right away that he thought she was very cute and she was not what he had expected at all. The King of all Media was polite and demure throughout the whole show, despite his brash bravado and often crass disposition. He kept inviting her to do the tickle chair for him but was more than willing to accept it like a man when she declined.

Aurora Snow wore sexy street clothes instead the bikini they offered and stood her ground that she was not the product of a faulty childhood or an absentee father, but that lack of scholarships to white, skinny girls brought her into the business, and that she loves what she does. She managed to plug both Sin City and her website,, a number of times.

Howard asked Aurora to recreate the noises in the video with a banana and she willing complied to his amazement. She was also quick to tell Howard that the scene was not coerced and that she had made over 300 films and enjoyed them all, which meant, she pointed out, that she even enjoyed the sound clip he was playing, however extreme it might sound. Howard Stern, by all accounts, was impressed.

When it was all done, Artie came out with Gary and thanked her for being on the show, inviting her back whenever she wants to return. Due to time constraints involved with live radio there was not pause enough to provide a photo opportunity with Howard and his cohost Robin Quivers, but Aurora did manage to get one with the agreeable Artie Lang.

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