Azn Super Idols 2


Azn Super Idols 2


168 Mins.

Video Team

DIRECTOR: David Aaron Clark

THEMES: Asian Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Veronica Lynn, Kammy, Lacey Tom, Asia, Annie Cruz, Brian Surewood, Mr. Marcus, Mr. Pete

Kammy, Lacey, Veronica, Asia


Any time we settle in for a DAC flick it is bound to be more than just your average stroke movie. On his best days, Clark provides these thoughtful movies while still giving us plenty to stroke to. There are times when he walks the fine line between porn and art, but lately he has been pumping out some very hot gonzo porn. It’s not hot just because DAC shares my love for Asian women, though that probably has a lot to do with it. This adventure has hints of Clark’s intellectual style. Not everyone appreciates all of the things he does and I would probably agree with that opinion more if his sex weren’t so damn good these days. As long and the focus of the movie is on the right stuff and the girls are hot, I am all for adding a little bit extra now and then. Azn Super Idols 2 may also be the last DAC movie released by Video Team. He has made the jump over to madness so we will see if this is a swan song, or a swan dive. (ouch, that was a stretch even for a porn review dude.)

Brian Surewood and Mr. Marcus stand on Clark’s balcony talking about taking a trip to Japan. Inside the apartment, Kammy waits inside of a cage. She is a very pretty girl with pink feathers around her neck. Brian and Marcus stick their meat between the bars and Veronica proves to be a perfect pet. It is a tight fit, but she manages to get a dick at either end while on all fours. Though the angles are somewhat limited by the cramped quarters we get some good looking doggy and a whole lot of great oral footage. This cute little thing really knows how to use her mouth and soon earns her way out of the cage. Now we get even better blowjob shots from this pretty little lady. Kammy also shows off her cute butt as she bounces in Marcus’ lap. The guys strip her a bit more to make sure nothing is in the way as her ass gets fucked. After a gentle start, the guys start really working cock between her little cheeks. Kammy has a tight ass, but it swallows dick perfectly. Watching her bounce on Surewood’s cock is a freaking thing of beauty and I want to know why I haven’t seen more of this little hottie. Long scenes often drag, but at the forty minute mark of this one I am still quite interested because she looks so great and everyone seems to be having a blast. The only time during this action that my mind strays from how hot she is when I find myself wondering how bad it hurt to have that lower back tat taken off. That can not have been a pleasant thing. Brian has a very big load saved up and he leaves it on her face. Marcus has her suck on the heel of her shoe as he spurts his love juices on her mouth and the shoe at the same time. Damn, I am already exhausted and this is only the end of the first scene.

Lacey Tom is a pretty little thing who starts out by telling us how sensitive her breasts are. The conversation drifts to how she likes to suck dick as we watch her stand at an open window. Mr. Pete is waiting for a shot to get between her thighs and do some exploring. Her shave pussy makes quite a treat and it’s tight even with just a finger in there. Standing over Lacey, Pete lets her do her best with his hard rod. Lacey is a pretty girl who gives a nice looking, though low-impact blowjob. That sets her up for a good, hard ride. Her body looks fantastic and she is a great find. Though not tearing it up with heat, Lacey looks lovely in doggy and shows off her ass whenever she can. In reverse cowgirl the action picks up and she looks stunning. Lacey really does look like some of the totally gorgeous babes we see in the AV movies. Look at that body man. He finally shoots onto her boobs and chin. I like the eye candy in this scene, but it isn’t as fantastic as the opener.

Veronica Lynn stands in front of the window telling Clark that she wants to suck some cock. As luck would have it, Brian Surewood is on hand to give her some cock to suck. She stares into the camera and works her lips up and down the shaft of Brian’s dick. Veronica knows what she is doing and isn’t afraid to moan loudly around his meat. Even if she can’t take it very deep, Ms. Lynn gives one hell of a hot blowjob. She gets to her feet, pushes him against the wall and sucks him off until he blows a nut all over her pretty face. Still hungry, the pretty girl gets down for some serious sucking on Clark’s cock. This time through we get some fantastic eye contact. Veronica has a great face and those eyes are just amazing. Bad cramps slow her down and she is quite candid describing just how mean and bitchy she can be.

Asia is a pretty good looking woman with a very nice body. With Mr. Marcus watching she shows him some tricks. After nearly tying her pussy lips in a knot, she really impresses by locking her feet in behind her head. Hey that is a girl who can really show a man a good time. Marcus leans back and lets the pretty little babe to her best with her mouth. Staring into the camera she makes it disappear between her lips and sucks hard on his rising member. I love the way she spreads out on the floor and works his cock and balls with her mouth and breasts. This is some of the best oral sex footage of the movie and this lovely woman really knows her stuff. They move to the floor where she rolls her legs high over hear head as Marcus enters her tight folds. Her flexibility comes into play immediately as she puts her feet behind her ears and gets the shit slammed out of her tight little pussy. Not many girls are shit flexible and this action is fantastic. It is such a turn on that it’s almost a shame it has to end. Marcus wants her from behind though. He also gets her in spoon with one of Asia’s legs straight up in the air. The long breaks in this scene become a little distracting by the end. I’m not sure why Clark chose to break up the great rhythm he had going, but Asia eventually gets back to it. He leaves some sticky stuff on her chin and then works her hard from behind. After several more positions he shoots a big load on her pretty face. I really like this scene in spots, but it runs long and feels like it stops and starts a bit too much for my taste. (We need to see more of this girl. She is cute and she fucks like a rabbit, a very flexible rabbit.)

There is a final clip with Clark and Annie Cruz groping each other in the shadows. This feels a bit out of place, but perhaps we will pick up the action in the next movie. We get two bonus scenes on this disc that add a lot to the action. Veronica Lynn does an interview and then plays with herself. Lacey Tom also shows off her stuff and what great stuff it is. She gives him a POV blowjob that ends with a shot on her tits. Sometimes it is great to be the director.

This is the second movie in this line and it’s pretty fucking good. I would say that I liked the first one better, but that is kind of like saying that you liked Godfather 1 better than Godfather II. They are both great. The cast in this movie is a little newer, but Clark found us some gems. Asia is a flexible cutie who is very hot. Lacey Tom is almost too perfect for words. Kammy gives the best scene and her super fuck is one of the best things Clark has ever done. Though there are times when I think the movies loses focus, it will still be a huge hit with the core audience. Anyone looking for Asian girls in great action will love this movie. Anyone who likes the flare Clark brings to his projects will find this to be a good mix of hard-core and eccentric style. If we can just get these girls to head from Clark’s place over to Anabolic, Red Light and Evil we can watch them in pure raincoat action as well.

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