Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas

Debbie Does the Devil in Dallas.



78 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Richard Eagle

THEMES: Cheerleaders

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Gail Force, Brandy Alexandre, Tiffany Storm, Lacey Logan, Paula Winters, Patty Petite, Mike Horner, Frank James, Shone Taylor, Rex Nemo, Viper & Bill Margold as the Devil.


It has been a lot of fun looking at classic porn over the past few weeks. I’ve covered two of the really big ones, but can’t seem to find any more in the storage right now. I looked for both Deep Throat and Debbie Does Dallas, but couldn’t find those titles. The local smut shack doesn’t carry either of them so I’m moving forward a few years in my storage collection. This movie comes from the mid 80’s and hit us just before the porn world went into the great black hole of pre-gonzo feature hell. The title is one of my favorite from the era, crossing two classic flicks and themes. It stars Bill Margold as the Devil and Gail Force as Debbie. We have the cheerleader aspect from the other Dallas movies and that’s just about all we need. It also stars three of my early favorites, Brandy Alexandre, Pattie Petite and Gail Force. This trio of blondes were some of my favorite stroke-fantasy girls of the 80’s (Yes I realize that the visual on that one just sent several over you, especially the aforementioned women, rushing the bathroom to hurl.)

The movie is basically an interview with the devil. He grants an on-camera interview with Viper. Rather than discussing the big questions, Lucifer wants to talk about cheerleader named Debbie and the way she helped her team. We watch a really cheesy training montage with five girls running around while four guys (the team) practice behind them. This footage does give us some decent bend over shots of Brandy’s ass. At home, Debbie talks with the head coach, Mike Horner about the team. They suck, period. Debbie is into horoscopes and goes to see someone who she thinks can help.

After practice, one of the players (Rex Nemo) relaxes with his cheerleader girlfriend, Paula Winters. While they get busy, Debbie drops in on the mysterious businessman who offers to help her with her problem. She storms out in a bit of a huff, but we know she will be back. Rex is still getting a backrub when Brandy joins in. She feeds Rex her nipples while Paula strips him down to his gym socks. I don’t remember seeing Paula in other movies, but once Brandy takes over the blowjob, it doesn’t matter who else is with her. They pass it back and forth for a while with Brandy showing us all one of the things that made her famous. (Rex has his hand on the other, though the director clearly is not a butt man because he misses out on the opportunity back there.) While Paula is sitting on his face, Rex keeps his thin prick stiff enough for Brandy to take a ride on it. She rides him pretty well, but the horse dialog gets a bit old. The girls switch places and we see brandy and Paula rub boobies and even kiss a little bit. Well before her time, Brandy moves around and pulls Rex’s cock from Paula’s pussy. She jerks him off towards her mouth for a fine finish.

All of the players seem to be getting lucky. Frank James has nasty little slut Patty Petite in the back of a truck. She is sucking on his big cock and getting it ready to fill her little holes. Patty was never the prettiest girl, but had such great sexual energy that I always loved her. (She also has a good butt and perky little titties.) Her body looks great in just tennis shoes with her legs spread wide to let big Frank fill her up. We cut away from the action to Tiffany Storm and Lacy Logan doing a little girl on girl action. I always hated the way movies back then would hop from one scene to another. The lesbian scene is pretty low on the energy scale, butt there are some nice shots of the girls going butt to butt on a two-headed dildo. Patty is getting nailed from behind and eventually takes a big load on her little buns while the chicks finish up with each other.

When she notices that everyone is fucking like crazy, Debbie goes back to confront the devil. She is then informed that in return for her wish, she must spend one full night with him. The crazy sex is still going on back at the team’s training facility. Patty has a banana in her mouth and is using it to fuck Tiffany’s furry box. When they run out of bananas, she uses grapes to make a salad. Paula sees the girls and gets in on the act. Rex shows up out of nowhere and lops his cock into Patty’s mouth. She is a very dirty little girl who knows how to suck cock. The coach also starts to play, but is soon replaced by one of his players. This scene really doesn’t work that well because it jumps around so much and new people pop up every few minutes. It is far too random to really be any good even with Patty doing her best to squat fuck every cock she sees. The editing so poor at the end that Brandy takes a load on her ass and then another on her face even though she was nowhere near the second guy until the very end.

Debbie has to go back to the devil and accept his offer for a date. While she is getting ready, Horner jumps her in the tub. There is some strange cross-dressing/Psycho thing going on, but she seems to like it rather quickly. The camera shots aren’t great, but we get some good footage of Gail taking it from behind. I always loved watching this girl work and she had a face that always turned me on. Too bad we don’t see much of it until right near the end of this scene. Horner strokes onto her tummy, but Gail’s best assets are sadly under-used in this scene.

The interview has now turned into a sex scene as Viper has Margold’s cock in her mouth. She works really hard and ends up stroking a load all over her outstretched tongue and face. Thankfully the movie doesn’t end with Viper, but with Debbie. She shows up for her date and rubs her lovely little slit. Margold appears for a bit to finger and then lick her pussy, but he doesn’t out his cock inside. Instead he uses a dildo to pump that hot little hole. There are some badly edited shots of a cock fucking her. Maybe it’s his, but who knows? This is so poorly shot that even her blowjob is captured from the side and the camera seems to be across the room.

So what do we have in the end? Pretty much a mess with a promising cast that is poorly shot in a movie that maybe should never have been made. On the other hand, in a dead time for porn, this isn’t the worst thing that came from Essex. Margold’s echoed voice gets really annoying and the stale devil laugh wears thin the second time we hear it. Gail is cute and underused in this movie, but she does provide some good eye candy. Patty is nasty as ever and Brandy gets a chance to show off her oral skills. There are some spankable moments and we have to overlook the way a lot of the scenes were shot because that was the way movies were made back then. There are better movies with these women and I plan to find some in my collection and review them soon.

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