Devil In Miss Jones, The


Devil In Miss Jones, The



57 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Gerald Damiano

THEMES: Dirty Talk, Classics




STARS: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, John Clemens


Watching that old Christy Canyon movie last week and cleaning out my storage has me wondering about the “classics.” As I went through my VHS collection I found a box of stuff I bought when a friend closed down his store. In that box were a couple of movies I have never seen before “The Devil In Miss Jones” and “Behind the Green Door.” Realizing that his is akin to Roger Ebert admitting that he has never seen “Citizen Kane” or “Casablanca” I figured I should remedy this oversight. (For the record I have never actually seen all of “Deep Throat” either.) Although this movie was made when I was still a pre-teen, I have seen a number of the sequels and know the basic premise behind this one. I will also warn you that while I respect the classics for what they are, I tend to still rag a bit on the way sex scenes were shot back in the golden age. (Thank you John Stagliano, thank you for saving us all.)

The movie opens with a close-up of Georgiana’s face. She is begging the guy in the room with her to sick his cock in her. It appears that she is in a mental institution and the whole thing is rather disconcerting. Things don’t get any easier to watch after the credits. Miss Jones prepares for a nice warm bath. Once she slips into the water, she slits her wrists and bleeds to death. On the other side, she faces a rather grim reality. Though she led a great life, she is faced with an eternity in hell. She is rather disappointed that she never really did anything to earn her ticket to damnation. Since she is not expected for a while, the man at the desk agrees to let her go back on earth to live out her wildest sexual fantasies. The virginal Miss Jones meets her teacher played by Harry Reems. He lays his hand on her head and begins her training. She is ordered to bend over while he slides a small toy into her ass. Though she complains of pain in her legs, Justine must remain still while he prepares himself. Harry lies flat on his back with his hairy bush nearly hiding his cock. Justine is fascinated and begs to touch and suck it. It grows quickly in her lips and she does a really good job with the dialog here. We just don’t hear women talk like this any more. Even though she knows it will hurt, Justine begs him to let her feel it inside of her. She lets out a scream as she takes it for the first time, but quickly bounces and talks dirty as she unleashes the sexual beast within. The camera focuses on her face, but does give us some tight shots of the action. She actually asks him to take the toy from her ass and eventually puts it into her mouth. (With the long cut away it is probably not an actual A2M, but the idea is there.) With two of her holes no violated, she rolls onto her side and takes him in her ass.

There is a cut to Justine now in the bathtub washing her pussy. She is using a small hose to run the water over her body and eventually shoves it up her ass. I guess Harry is done fucking her ass and this is already another scene. The cut from the tub is just as rough as she is on her knees in front of Harry. He is teaching her how to suck cock and she is getting pretty good at it. With great desperation, she strokes and sucks until he cums into her mouth and all over her face. I’m probably not the only one who remembers Georgian more for her role as the podium hooker in the original “Police Academy” so this scene kind of makes me laugh.

Justine is now quite happy with her fingers working on her pussy. She lies in bed with fruit on her chest. After popping a few grapes into her mouth, she works a banana into her hairy slit. I guess this could be kind of sexy is she were hotter or if the scene were shot from a better angle. Before we can really lament the lack of quality close ups things get strange. A snake slithers up from between her legs and she slowly lets it get right in her face, eventually taking the head of the reptile into her mouth.

After a brief walk in a field with the man in charge, where she asks him if she can stay on earth and live out her allotted time as a slut, Justine is back in bed. This time she is sharing a cock with another brunette. The other girl has pretty eyes and guides the hard dick into Justine’s twat for about four strokes before pulling it out and taking his cum on her tongue.

Things just seem to be flying along now. Justine goes from one threesome to the next, this time sandwiched between two guys and taking them both at once. She talks a whole lot about how they are rubbing together and asking them if they can feel each other. That probably wouldn’t fly in today’s homo-erotic world of no-barrier dick rubbing. The guys actually pull out and shoot all over each other. (Oh that will probably thrill the double anal/double vag fans.)

It’s time for Justine to go where she belongs. That takes us back to where we started with her fingering her pussy in front of a mental patient. The dialog is disturbing, but the message is clear. Poor Justine must spend eternity just out of reach of anyone who can touch her, bring her relief or make her feel whole.

This movie scores points for being a classic and I can appreciate that. There is no way that it holds up to even the most pedestrian porn produced today. The picture quality can’t come close to what we can do today and the sex scenes look nothing like even the worst director would shoot today. That part of I can live with. After all, I don’t bag on Buddy Holly because he didn’t have the equipment used today. Georgina is also not exactly a beautiful woman. Since she carries nearly all of the sexual weight of this movie we are kind of stuck with her. What did I like about this movie? I enjoyed the psychological play in this flick. Even with the rough editing and the abbreviated scenes, I found it interesting to watch a woman evolve sexually from the start of the film to the end. I think that if someone were to try to make this movie today we just might see something fantastic. Now that I’ve seen porn’s version of “Kane” I’ll give “Casablanca” a try.

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