Feeding Frenzy 5


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Feeding Frenzy 5



173 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Oral Sex, Swallowing, Facials




STARS: Kami Andrews, Venus, Lena Juliette, Missy Monroe, Alexis Malone, Alex Divine, Melissa Lauren


Everyone knows that Jules Jordan is the hottest director in porn. He’s been on top for a few years and shows no signs of slowing down. His Feeding Frenzy movies are always great group oral action with plenty of hot cum swallowing and facials for the pretty girls he uses. This time around Jules doesn’t have that one really big name that he usually uses. Instead he has a number of very good girls, some rising stars and at least one girl who has recently shown up on my radar big time. Lena Juliette is the girl I am most looking forward to watching in this flick though it wouldn’t shock me at all if any of the other girls stole the spotlight.

No one likes helping a friend move, but when you are asked to haul furniture at Jules Jordan’s house you know that you are going to get more than pizza and beer for your troubles. Alexis Malone shows up looking quite spiffy. She is from the bank and Jules owes a boatload of cash. Luckily for him she is willing to take a non-traditional deposit of hot man-butter. With three guys to play with, the pretty little blonde has to get down quickly and start sucking cock so she can get back to the office. With just her heels, hose and pearls on, young girl looks fantastic and manages to keep all three guys happy with her skilled ands and wet mouth. She crawls across the floor to give us some POV footage as she works a hard cock in both hands. I like the one on one action because it really shows off how hot Alexis is. She leans her head back and lets all of the guys leave their seed right in her mouth. Not bad for starters.

Kami struts into the house with a fishnet dress showing off her big ass. She talks about this not being an ass movie, but has no problem teasing us with those full cheeks as she makes her way upstairs. There are four girls waiting for her and they are anxious to feel the hungry girl. Kami looks pretty damn good, but it is the breathless way she devours dick that really earns her a lot of attention. The guys have fun playing with her ass while her mouth never stops. There is some very good high-angle POV with a lot of eye contact from Kami. One of the guys has some wood trouble, but the others do a great job of filling her mouth and even fucking her big tits. I haven’t seen Kami quite this cum-hungry and that makes for a nice series of big pops at the end.

Melissa Lauren is blindfolded and bound as she learns that she will be swallowing cum today. Before she gets the real meat, they tease her with dildos. You can’t fool a real slut though and Melissa isn’t happy until she is munching on some genuine man meat. Some of the guys choke the blonde with their cocks because she is unable to use her hands at all. Taking off the blindfold, the guys give us a better look at her pretty face. Like Alexis, Melissa provides a great deal of eye candy as she services the circle of rigid rods that surround her. When her hands finally get free she can do some good handjob action to go along with her sucking. Before she is finished, Melissa has spit running down her chest and looks ready to drain every sack in the building. They line up to fire into her mouth and all over her face. This is a great facial segment to end an outstanding group oral scene.

I just saw Missy Malone in another video and I loved the way she looked in that one. She seems ready to get busy this time. There is a line of five guys waiting to test her mouth. Missy has a hard time picking which one to suck first, but it looks like every guy is in for a whole lot of fun. She looks fantastic and is a great little cock sucker. She has tough competition coming later from Lena, but I would say that Missy is the best looking girl in the flick so far. The guys let her roam around in the middle of the circle, sucking, stroking and showing off her awesome little body. As they hang her head over and throat fuck her, a couple of the guys start shooting. Missy just keeps sucking as she gets covered, letting all of the guys hose her down. They fill her mouth and Missy makes sure to gobble up every last drop.

Lena is up next and she looks as delicious as ever. This girl has an awesome little body, but it is her face that really makes her stand out. She warms up on a fake dick, but soon has four real ones to enjoy. Every time she flashes those beautiful eyes to the camera the temperature shoots through the roof. With some very big cocks in her hands, Lena bobs her head on the others, taking as much as she can into her skilled and inviting mouth. As hot as the group action is, there is something really fantastic about the attention she gives the guys when allowed to suck them one at a time. It gives us some POV and great eye contact as well as a chance to imagine just what little Lena might look like at our own feet. When the big ones are slightly too big for her mouth, Lena just jerks them with her hands to make sure everyone stays happy. For the big finale, the guys circle around her and dump load after creamy load of cock snot onto her face and into her mouth. Drop this one into the hopper for award consideration and move Lena up a few notches for rookie of the year voting.

Sophia is a woman who is usually much sexier in scenes than she is beautiful. She looks really good in this scene and does a very sexy set up. Coming to Jules for help, Sophia explains that she hates giving head and has a serious cum-phobia. Thanks to a bit of hypnosis, things turn around for her quickly. In come the cocks and look out. Sophia is all sound up and looking to use her mouth on any guy who gets near her. Some of them tit fuck her, but mostly she gives foul-mouthed head and hand jobs to every guy in the room. In addition to learning how to suck, she has also developed a very dirty mouth. As usual, Sophia wins e over halfway through her scene and has me wishing I could stick my own cock between her soft, wet lips. The guys line up and give her a row to work up and down, begging for sperm like a good slut. By the time the guys are through filling her mouth and glazing her face, Sophia is totally cured and ready to hit the streets as an oral whore.

Venus always has a classy look about her. She comes out in a long black dress and gloves. Don’t let the clothes fool you though. This brunette is red hot and ready to suck. Rubbing their dicks against her face and breasts, Venus really gets into the action. Her deep strokes are also quite impressive as we get to watch her bob her head on one knob and then another. She has to take on a circle of cock, but never flinches even when they are slapping her face with heavy hard-ons. Venus has some big, soft tits that are perfect for fucking. That has them in perfect position to shoot into her mouth and feed her the hot cream she so desperately needs.

Alex Divine is a sweet looking girl who talks a lot about how she loves to deep throat. All right baby, let’s see what you’ve got. All the boys at the top of stairs have hard dicks just waiting for you. It’s a wonder she isn’t busy at a sorority mixer instead of working from her knees, but that just makes the scene hotter. It is tough to test a girl’s DT ability in the center of a cock-circle, but Alex takes deep strokes on every rod put in front of her. Even though the picture gets a little washed out at times, we can’t escape the hungry lips and skilled throat of this cute little blonde. She bobs her head as fast as she can, turning it back and forth and taking as much as she can to the back of her throat. This is a very talented young woman who takes it even deeper when her head is hanging over backwards. The cumshots seem to go on for a very long time as each guy gets her chance to bust one right in her mouth. I was starting to wonder if maybe the entire crew didn’t get a chance to pop one off on this lovely woman. Damn this is a hot scene.

The action in FF 5 is really fantastic. There are some very enthusiastic women doing a lot of great sucking. What makes it stand out less than previous editions is the cast. They are good, but not up to the level we have seen before. How is that for setting the bar really high? In the past, the casts have been so hot that even a really good group of girls doing great oral sex seems like a slight step backwards. Lena was the girl I was hoping to see get really blasted and she doesn’t disappoint. Here’s hoping that Lena makes several more appearances in Jordan flicks. She is awesome. Alexis and Missy are a couple of great blondes who turn in some of their best work to date in this movie. Melissa Lauren may give the best scene of the movie. So yeah, this may not be as hot as some of the other Feeding Frenzy flicks, but it’s still an excellent oral sex movie.


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