Dirty Movies


Dirty Movies




82 Mins.

Sin City


DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

THEMES: Lesbian Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Jessica Drake, Terri Summers, Haven, Shawna Sexton, Evan Stone, George Kaplan, Dillon Day.


As I continue cleaning out the porn closet I have found this little gem. Before Michael Raven moved over to Wicked (And check it out, two Raven movies reviewed in one week) he was shooting for Sin City. I was trying to figure out exactly why this movie made it through several years in my porn closet. Since Raven isn’t always my favorite director I assumed that I was holding on to it to watch Jessica Drake. She opens the movie by discussing her addiction to porn and serves as our guide through this journey into voyeurism, smut and the thrill of banging on camera. A closer look at the cast explained why I actually kept it though. Haven is here, in one of her very first performances. (I got her first three though.) So I think it’s about time we review this thing and see how sexy Haven was back then. (Still no interview with you sweetie and not a single Rog Rules T Shirt shot in years.)

Jessica’s first experiment involves a local college couple, Dillon and some blonde I don’t recognize. They hook up on a couch for some rather uninspired oral sex. As she slides onto his cock at least we get some nice shots of her ass. Whoever this girl is, she isn’t lighting the world on fire with her sexual energy. Dillon lies back and fucks with the same look on his face the whole time. Other than some decent eye candy and the nice look of a black couch against a stark white background, there isn’t much to cheer about in this first scene. When he pulls out and strokes forever over her face I think I am as anxious as the girl is to get this thing over with.

The next couple, Evan Stone and Teri Summers (I believe) show a bit more heat from the start. He undresses her and ends their passionate kiss by dropping his mouth down to her pussy. His finger fits nicely in there and she loves his tongue on her clit. Returning the favor, the pretty girl works his cock in her hands and licks around the head like he’s made of candy. Her blowjob is far from great, but it’s a step up from the first scene. Evan bends her over and fills her pussy from behind. The best shots here are of her thighs, but for great penetration we have to wait until she is flat on her back with his long pole pumping in and our of her shaved box. Looking up at him with her big eyes, she jerks a load onto her lovely breasts.

Jessica works herself into the mix, explaining that everyone has a price. Apparently she has been paid by George Kaplan to fuck Haven. He sits puffing away on a cigarette as the girls share a very long and beautiful kiss. Jessica goes after Haven’s perfect boobs for a bit and then gives her a taste of nipple as well. The pace of this scene is like the others, a bit slow and certainly focused on the beauty of the women. Since both girls are so hot, it works better than either of the first two scenes. The girls get into 69 and act as if they never want to let go of each other. They do eventually break the position, but not until we have seen a whole lot of Haven’s hot body and sweet little pussy. To spice things up, little Haven dons a big black strap-on and makes Jessica suck it. She gets behind her beautiful co-star and fucks her with long slow strokes. Watching the doggy makes me actually like girl/girl for a few brief seconds. This is Haven’s only appearance in the movie, but she is stunning and ready for stardom. (And the contract and for forgetting all about her old pal Rog.)

The transitions are becoming thinner with every scene break and this time we barely hear two sentences from Jessica before cutting to Shawna Sexton on her knees in front of a hooded Evan Stone. The slight fetish feel aside, this is a pretty straight sex scene. She sucks, bends over and gets fucked. All the while there is that annoying fan in the background that is supposed to make this look what, raw? I have seen Shawna do much hotter scenes, but I have to admit that she looks a pretty as she ever has in this one. Evan drops the hammer on her in some mish that might have really been hot without the techno-bounce music, Vaso-lighting and extended footage of the industrial debris strewn across the set. He finally shoots onto her chest and mouth, releasing us from this shadowy echo chamber of over-produced sex.

Jessica finally get in front of the camera for some boy/girl action and she is worth the wait. She is watching another girl suck on Evan while a movie projector is providing flickering light in the background. Jessica masturbates while watching. She has a better angle on the action than we do which isn’t good. When she joins, we get to watch Jessica’s mouth at work for maybe three strokes before the other girl takes over and gets on top. Even bends her over and we are treated to some nice legs shots from Ms. Drake as he gives her long strokes from behind. The bulk of the action takes place with the girls stacked on top of each other so that they right there for him to alternate. The girls share a cumshot, but this second chick is about as dull and flat as any performer I have seen in a while.

I am glad that I watched this movie to see Haven’s early work. There isn’t much to recommend other than that though. Jessica Drake looks great and delivers all of the dialog in the movie. That’s a strongpoint for her these days, but you can see how much better she is now then when this was shot. The sex is mostly uninspired and shot with an overbearing style that sanitizes any actual heat right out of the mix. There is some good eye candy of course. Haven looks great and so does Jessica. The rest of the cast is average at best and that doesn’t help things much. Michael Raven has done some high-quality work, but the phrase “going through the motions” comes to mind in every aspect of this flick.

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