Francesca Le’s Overload



Francesca Le’s Overload


117 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Francesca Le

THEMES: Anal Sex, Cum-Swapping




STARS: Ariana Jollee, Shy Love, Roxy Jezel, Mandy Bright, Jasmine Lynn, Francesca Le, Mark Wood, Brett Rockman & Anthony Hardman.


It’s always fun to see what new way Francesca Le can come up with to push chicks to the limit. She walks a very fine line between really hot, hard sex and total freakshow porn. Sometimes she doesn’t even try to walk the line and just jumps all the way over it. Who can blame her though? After all, when she was performing Francesca was up for anything and managed to be great looking and nasty at the same time. Why not expect the same thing from this new crop of porn babes? I think that Ariana Jollee, Roxy Jezel and Mandy Bright are just the kind of women who can handle anything even Francesca can dish out. Actually it isn’t Francesca doing the dishing in this flick. It’s the meat puppets she hires (and the one she married) who dish out a whole lot of ball batter for the girls to lick, such and devour like good porn whores.

Mandy Bright and Roxy hook up for a little overseas lesbian action as a warm up. Both women have stunning bodies, but I am really riding the Mandy bandwagon these days. She drives little Roxy crazy with her tongue and has the naughty Brit ready to fuck anything that comes along. Brett Rockman sits down and Mandy starts shoving Roxy’s head around his big cock. I don’t really dig the loud gagging, but the girls have great energy as they share that big pole. Mandy is kind of sitting back and just letting Roxy work her pussy up and down on Brett’s lap. In between bounces, she gags on his dick again. Mandy fucks his prick even harder, bouncing her big tits while Roxy trash talks her. Brett puts the girls on their knees and power-fucks Roxy from behind. Mandy helps out with her mouth, keeping his meat lubed and ready to go into her own slit. His big slab of meat is ready to do some serious damage to their tight little assholes. He lays the wood to them in mish, but Roxy steals the show in RCA. She bounces up and down, talks all kinds of shit. Mandy gets slapped by her petite friend as she opens up her ass for some hard anal action. When he pulls out of Mandy’s ass and leaves a big load of cream in Roxy’s mouth. The girls swap cum and end up spitting it back and forth to finish off a very hot opener.

Jasmine Lynn is a dirty little girl with a trailer park Princess look to her. After watching her tease for a bit Mark Wood puts her on her knees and feeds her a lot of dick all at once. After the brilliant opening scene it would be difficult for any one girl to keep up no matter how dirty she is. Jasmine does a really good job of taking cock from behind and is ready for whatever Mark has in stores. She mounts that cock and really pumps her hips with extra power to get every inch rammed into her tight hole. With her pussy all warmed up, Jasmine bends over and lets him split her little cheeks. He does the work for a while, but when Jasmine moves into RCA the footage is even hotter and she shows what a complete butt-slut she really is. She bounces on that thing like she has a big itch way up inside of her body that needs to be scratched in the worst way. Pumping him with her ass, Jasmine gets Mark to shoot a big load onto a platter so she can lick it up like a good girl.

Ariana Jollee and Shy Love team up for another two on one scene. While Ariana is licking her friend, a hard cock enters the picture and Shy starts sucking it. Not about to let her have all the fun, Ms. Jollee enters the fry and shares the meat stick. Normally any girl sharing time with Ariana would almost assuredly be out-fucked, but Shy really shows up to play here. She bends over and takes it hard in doggy while Ariana opens her up and encourages even harder strokes. The girls enjoy tasting each other when he pulls out of their pussies and it is hard to pick a favorite at this point in the action. One might expect Ariana to take the lead when the anal starts, but it is Shy who takes the first ride, showing off her body in RCA and proving that she is a very dirty girl. Ariana won’t be outdone, but she does give the dick back to Shy fairly quickly. Mark stacks the girls on top of each other to enjoy both asses and finally fires a big load for them to share and lick off the floor. (Does anyone else think that Shy could be Francesca’s sister?)

Ms. Le saves herself for last and she looks spectacular. Her little outfit shows off her ass perfectly and damn if that isn’t still one of the best butts in town. The tease is a bit short this time, but watching her suck cock is even better than watching her strut around. Anthony Hardwood dishes out the meat and Francesca attacks him like she hasn’t been laid in forever. Once he has rammed it all the way down her throat, he tries to give her pussy the same treatment. Francesca spreads her legs really wide and is having a ball as he pounds away. As she holds her legs back, Francesca is being fucked hard enough to make her tits shake everywhere. She verbally encourages him every step of the way, working him into her ass until it starts to gape. Her RCA is fantastic and she fucks like she really knows what she is doing. I love high energy sex and Francesca does every scene like she’s having a great time being pounded. (And pounding back.) When he can’t pound on her any more, she puts her mouth right there for him to fire into. We get to watch her play with his cum and end the movie on a very high note.

Apparently Francesca hasn’t fucked in the last few LeWood movies. I think she must have seen how hot the other girls are and wanted to put her own stamp on things. She enters a movie that already has great energy and just slams it home with a blistering scene. In a movie filled with younger cum-swappers, Francesca still has the most slamming ass of the bunch. It takes two women in most scenes to equal her heat. Mandy and Roxy are pretty fucking awesome and really do some great anal in their opener. Any guy fucking these two women is in for a good time and better have taken his vitamins. Ariana and Shy also team up for some high-impact action. There isn’t a bad scene in the movie and the anal action is all very well shot. We get a few moments of slapping and spitting that don’t turn me on, but for the most part this is a wall-to-wall stroke-fest.

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