Stick It In My Face 2


Stick It In My Face 2


161 Mins.

Jekyll & Hyde Productions

DIRECTOR: Kevin Moore.

THEMES: Oral Sex,




STARS: Haley Paige, Venus, Teagan Pressley, Katie Gold, Alexis Malone, August, Brittney Skye, Lisa Marie, Jackie Moore, Meadow, Lucy Lee,


I guess I’ve been around the business for quite a while now. The people I’ve known are all movin’ on up in the world. I’ve known Kevin Moore for years. He ran one hell of a good site at and check him out now. After learning beside one of the best directors in the biz, Joey Silvera, Kevin is behind the camera for his own work and I expect nothing but the best from him. He certainly learned early that to make a good movie you have to hire the right women. Take a look at this cast and tell me that you aren’t excited before the flick even starts. He’s got Brittney Skye, Alexis Malone, August, Venus and of course, the killer tag team of Teagan Pressley and Katie Gold. Apparently he has also learned that even a blowjob movie can be interesting with the right set ups before the scenes.

Haley Paige get caught smoking on the set. She is unapologetic and not at all scared by the promised punishment. In fact she laughs when faced with ‘having’ to suck cock. During the short tease, Haley leaves her glasses on, but they come off as soon as she starts sucking. The wide-eyed babe does give some great eye contact as she slurps away on the lucky dude’s balls. She only uses her tits briefly which is a shame, but check out the way she works both hands over his stiff prick. This talented babe keeps right on sucking until she gets a nice load right on her tongue.

Venus is just trying to relax in between scenes. She sees annoyed by the intrusion, but decides that persistence should pay off. Spanking her ass as a tease, she is ready to have a hard cock slipped between her waiting lips. Licking slowly at first, she kicks it into high gear when her hands get into the action. This talented girl has a great face and sucks like she is starved for cum. It ends up on her face rather than in her mouth, but that doesn’t stop her from wiping it from her cheeks and tits to feed herself the sticky sauce.

Alexis Malone just happens to be walking down the street when the guys drive by. She is interested in shooting something and gets into the truck. At home Alexis changes into a sexy outfit and the sucking begins in earnest. With another cute girl on her knees, this movie just keeps rolling along with hot oral action. There is a lot of eye contact in this scene as she pushes the cock to the back of her throat and keeps going. Wearing cum on her pretty face, Alexis says good-bye at the end of a job well done.

Since August doesn’t have a ride home, she is offered one in exchange for some head. She looks fantastic and has a sweet voice. It takes a few minutes for the mystery cock to arrive so we get some very brief tease footage of her fine ass and natural rack. A first-class cock sucker, August dives right in and devours the hard meat before her. Naughty little August even plays with her own slit while she expertly sucks dick for the camera. She finishes the guy off while standing and wears his cream on her chin for a while.

Brittney Skye is right in the middle of a shoot when she gets hit up for the movie. Saying no at first, there is no way that the pretty blonde is going to get away that easily. I really like the tease footage in this scene as Brit giggles flashes and struts around while waiting for her scene to start. Once the sucking starts she is still a lot of fun, talking dirty to the camera and giving a dream blowjob. She mixes in good eye contact with hot talk and good hand action. We even get a bit of tittie fucking from the busty young girl. Brit gives the best blowjob so far and then jacks the guy off all over her tits. This is a blowjob scene that should be considered for awards my friend.

Katie Gold brings her new friend Teagan over to play. They go into the other room to play “dress up” as the blonde vet tries to teach young Teagan how to be famous. She begins to show her new friend how to use her mouth on a dildo. That just won’t do though and they need the real thing. Before the sucking starts, Katie wants to kiss Teagan for a bit and get a taste of her beautiful little pussy. Katie is a great teacher and Teagan plays innocent pretty well. Of course it’s hard to focus on what they are saying when you’re looking at a POV of these two cuties sharing a hard dick. They pass it back and forth and give great handjobs when not sucking it deep into their throats. He finally shoots a big load on her lower back and Teagan licks it off like a good girl. This one is really hot and the role play aspects just add a ton of appeal to an already blistering scene.

Lisa Marie is just hanging around the set waiting for her friend. It takes a little sweet talking, but she agrees to slip into a bikini and do a blowjob. This girl has been doing some really great work of late so it is no surprise to see her inhale a stiff prick perfectly. The POV footage of her pretty face is good and she keeps things very wet with an active tongue and fairly deep strokes. There is something natural and sexy about Lisa that really comes through in a scene like this. She is like a sweet-faced co-ed even as she takes a big load right on her smiling mouth.

Jackie Moore is so horny after fucking two guys that she needs another one in her mouth right away. That is all the set up with need this time because she wants it and wants it bad. She gives less eye contact that some of the other girls, but shows such enthusiasm that it makes up for it. It doesn’t hurt that she takes a big load right on her tongue either.

Meadow is a very young looking girl who is eager to prove that she is old enough to be on a porno set and even old enough to suck some dick for the camera. She strips slowly and shows off a great little body. That is all the proof we need to let her do some grown up stuff with a hard dick. Even with a big dick in her mouth, Meadow looks quite innocent. Of course she sucks cock like a pro and is happy to slap it against her lovely young tits. I like the way she works her tongue and would like to volunteer to help this young woman out if she wants to perfect her skills. She is left with a big load of cream on her face and the logical question, where does a girl learn to suck like that?

Lucy Lee is the last girl to show up and she’s always up for a good time. She is smoking outside, but likes the idea of how Haley was punished for smoking inside. (See how this movie comes back to the start, niiiiiice.) In fact she wants to do some sucking of her own. Looking right into the camera, she attacks the cock, working her studded tongue over the head and then driving it as far down her throat as she can. I have seen her do some good scenes and some that aren’t so great, but Lucy is on her game here. She uses her hands nicely while looking up and sucking his balls. Her ball sucking is really fantastic and helps earn her a big load of cream to show off.

I really love the mixture of straight-forward sex and uniform appeal. The costumes and set ups provide great tease footage and the sex is pretty damn good as well. The last scene is one of the best because everyone stays in character perfectly. It makes you wonder if Joe and Reina were just reenacting something from their past. Katie and Loni are always awesome and they come to the table with their A-game. I love the way Loni stays in character and drains both dicks perfectly. Katie just seems to get hotter and hotter with every scene. If there is anything to criticize about this movie it would be the length and pacing of the sex scenes. The action is very good, but there just isn’t enough of it. With so much time dedicated to the uniforms and the tease, we get short-changed a bit on the blowjobs and even some of the fucking. Perhaps extending the scenes a bit to let the girls go to town would be nice. When you have something this good, why not milk it for all it’s worth.

This is a really long blowjob movie, but it doesn’t drag at all. Not everyone will find the set-ups as hot as I did, but for me they make the movie stand out. Not many people do any sort of set up any more and it provides fantastic tease. The sex itself is very well shot and the girls are super hot. There are some fantastic blowjobs here. Brittney Skye turns in one of her best ever and that says a whole lot. Watching Katie and Teagan team up is bound to make a bunch of people launch loads, but these scenes are just the start of the fun. August is great as always and Haley is a very naughty babe with amazing boobs. By adding the set ups and the great tease, Kevin Moore has put created one of the better blowjob movies I have seen in a while. Give it a try; I think you’ll really like it.

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