Spring Break Smiles 1



Spring Break Smiles 1



66 Mins.

Vertical Smiles



THEMES: Flashing, College Girls






I generally stick to reviewing hard-core movies, but I have always had a special place in my loins for a great flash/tease movie. The massive Girls Gone Wild stuff is the best known, but over the years I have found some stuff that is even better on smaller web sites. Somehow I missed Vertical Smiles until they sent me some screeners to check out. They have a couple of movies out and it looks like they have put together some very hot action. For those of us too old to actually enjoy a college spring break, this may be as close as we can get to bikini clad co-eds without landing a job as an MTV cameraman. Like most videos in this genre, a blow by blow review might not work as well, but I will do my best to give you the ins and outs. (That’s it, no more punning for you for ten minutes. You are in the punning penalty box.)

The party starts off with a little whipped cream bikini contest. You have to love the sight of young girls topless with nothing but some creamy cool goodness covering their goodies. Not that the cream stays in place long with the girls writing against each other in the hot sun. No one in the audience seems concerned with the quality of their bikinis. Action like this is tough to shoot because the girls are moving all over the place and playing to the crowd. It’s also hot as hell and so are the women.

In between events our two cute hostesses shower off, show their bodies and model some Vertical Smiles T-Shirts. Next up is a wet T-Shirt contest that has a host of young cuties being hosed down and dancing for the crowd. This is good stuff, but a more intimate contest follows. The girls take turns getting drenched and showing off their tanned flesh.

Three girls relax on a dune, strip down and generally make me wish I were on suntan lotion detail on that beach. Things stay hot when the sun goes down and the camera catches a few of the girls showing naughty parts as they dance. One girl has no top on at all, but has done some very creative things with body paint. Watching these girls dance is hotter than just about any tease sequence in hard core porn I can think of.

We finally get a chance to meet one of our lovely hostesses. Stephanie is the girl with the natural boobies and she comes off a very real and just a bit shy. Thankfully she isn’t too shy to kiss her pretty partner and do some nice posing for the cameras. Both girls get naked and do a little kissing for our viewing pleasure.

They pick up a new girl who isn’t at all shy about posing and who really likes showing off her sexy backside. At the very end, two cute girls from the contest start kissing in a hotel room, but the movie ends with a promise to continue in part two. I guess I’m going to have to pop that one into the player to see what these two come up with.

I like the action in this movie. Some more flashing might have been cool, but that will probably come in the Mardi gras movies. The girls who host this adventure are very cute and I’m sure I speak for all us when I say that I want to see them go much farther than they do. I really like what I see here. The picture quality on the DVD is outstanding and they seem to have come up with good angles to cover the action. I suppose there is always room for improvement, but this is good enough for me to grab the next one right away.


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