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Mitchell Spinelli and Acid Rain Rain are taking it to the Limit in their

new series, 18 -N-Fuckable. The first volume stars Lucy Thai, Kyla

Marie, Sativa Rose, Arianna Jolee and more.

Considering that Lucy Thai and Sativa Rose are currently 2 of

the hottest up’n’cummers in the industry today, 18 -N-Fuckable promises

to be one of the most anticipated new series in quite some time…
Look for “18 -N-Fuckable” in mid-september…..
Exclusive insight into Acid Rain………
MITCHELL SPINELLI: Bonzo Gonzo With A Bullet.
Malcolm Gladwell’s nouveau novel of culture shifting, The Tipping Point,

talks about unseen and hidden influencers that float into and out of our

lives while encouraging and exerting vast amounts of unaccredited change.

It might be considered that ANTHONY and MITCHELL SPINELLI, per et fils,

were similar influencers and if they’re under your radar well that’s

just fine because what they changed ” the face and body of pornography ”

is all over the radar these days.
Putting the semen into seminal, Anthony and then later Mitchell, brought to

pornography, as it existed in the mid-70s, a heretofore unseen level of

discipline, direction and value and made it the chi chi phenomenon that

it had become in the New York of the 1970s where a typical evening would

start at SHOW WORLD where you might catch the archetypical Spinelli flick

TALK DIRTY TO ME, move on up to STUDIO 54 and then end at sex swap palace

And the Spinellis were all over it.
Movies were no longer clandestinely traded “loops” but smelled like art house.

And the former Oscar nominee Anthony Spinelli pressed his son Mitchell into

service and their movies changed everything with their heavy reliance on cinema

staples ” expensive locales, wardrobe and scripts that had an eye to detail to

rival anything generated from the mainstream.
Now 25 years hence Mitchell Spinelli is reinventing himself and trying to lead

again after almost being shucked off by the tectonic shift that was GONZO.

“You’d be wrong if you thought doing gonzo was easier,” says the softly

chuckling Spinelli. “It is a discipline to maintain a focus on the intensity

like you have to.”

Spinelli’s new production company is, as he sees it, not so much going to

duplicate the loud fast rules formula as it is going to inhabit the spirit

of gonzo and so far Acid Rain has managed to do just that with “BUST MY HOLE,

” “THE OL’ IN AND OUT,” “GIVE ME GAPE” and other titles and lines to the tune

of four a month from here to, well, eternity.
“We’re going to get to the top,”
Spinelli opines.
“That’s what we want and that’s

fully where we expect to be.”
MITCHELL SPINELLI’s new production juggernaut, ACID RAIN, born from the blood, sweat

and tears of 27 years in the industry and a renewed commitment to take fucking further

than it’s ever been taken before has broken loose with a clutch of sex vid that gives

them a healthily competitive placement next to the Anabolics, Red Light Districts, and

Zero Tolerances for the prime placement among the big selling big boys.

“From Bang My White Ass, Give Me Gape, and I Love ’em Natural,” says Spinelli,

“to My Ass Is Trippin’ and Stack ’em Deep, right into 18 -N-Fuckable, ACID RAIN

is bringing the best to the educated consumer that knows what the best is.”

Check out Acid Rain’s website:

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