Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion 2


Meat Pushin in the Seat Cushion 2


130 Mins.

Evolution Erotica


THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Katrina Kraven, Reina Leone, Demi Marx, Jessica Darlin, Ariana Jollee, Adam Wilde, Benjamin Bratt, Kurt Lockwood & Scott Styles.


I’m looking forward to this movie because I always enjoy a Tom Byron flick. Watching the credit though I feel a strong sense of déjà vu. No, not because Jessica Darlin is in yet another Byron flick. He can use her in every movie and it will always be fantastic. What troubles me is that it feels like I’ve watched this same cast fuck a dozen times lately. Is anyone shooting movies that don’t star Lauren Phoenix, Katrina Kraven and/or Ariana Jollee. I rather like Ariana and Lauren, but it is getting frustrating to see chicks who just don’t register much heat working so much. It’s like that annoying pop song you can’t get out of your head because it’s on every fucking station every hour on the hour. It just makes me want to smash the TV or dig through the pile of DVDs to find one that is free of the over-used.

Byron shoots great tease stuff and edits it very well. That serves to introduce us to Lauren and her wonderful ass. Once that footage is over, he gives her a short interview. Sometimes I wish these would last longer, but at least we get to hear her talk before Adam walks over and stuff his dick into her mouth. Easily handling his modest meat, Lauren sticks her ass out for us to enjoy. She smacks her face with his cock and has a good time sucking. Adam clearly enjoys the great blowjob, but also wants to give her ass the attention it deserves. When his tongue is finished licking her rosebud, Adam lets Lauren ride his rocket and jiggles the cheeks for our viewing pleasure. On her back she spreads her legs wider and lets him go right into her asshole. She is best known for having a great butt, but watching her ride in RCA we see that she is also one super fine ass-fuck. Some of the best footage comes right at the end with piledriver and then a perfectly captured facial pop.

Katrina Kraven isn’t much for eye candy, but she does a good scene. As such, the tease stuff isn’t as good so maybe she can do something during the actual scene. She comes across as really nice during her interview as she always does. Ben Bratt comes in, licks her ass and stuffs a plug in there to stretch her while she sucks him off. She takes him to the root and then does a little rimming of her own. As usual her energy is difficult to overlook and Ben gives it to her pretty hard from behind. She seems to really enjoy piledriver and sucks every drop of cream from his prick. For me this scene is just filler, but as filler it’s pretty damn good.

There is something really sexy about Reina Leone. It’s probably got a lot to do with her eyes, but the big tits don’t hurt either. After her tease, she joins Kurt Lockwood on the couch. (Is it me or does Kurt always look like he needs a shower?) They sit around plugging his web-site for a while before the sex begins. He starts with his fingers and gets her juicy in no time. Reina is very vocal and doesn’t mind spouting a bit of naughty talk when she gets excited. I really like the way she looks in this movie and that only adds to an already great blowjob. She slaps his prick on her face, grabs it hard by the base and takes it to the root. Getting in reverse cowgirl, Reina puts her feet on his thighs and rides. I love her energy in piledriver as her long legs are all over the place. A butt plug warms up her ass, but the real thing works so much better. Her tight ass makes for some great footage and he pushes her into a screaming orgasm. Reina keeps up the intensity as Kurt finishes with her ass and leaves a big load all over her lovely face.

I dig Demi Marx and her cute little hairdo. She also has a tight body and a cute face with a toothy smile and bright eyes. Scott Styles cruises in and starts giving her body a thorough examination. She turns around and strokes his cock in her hand, working it towards her mouth. The blowjob footage is cut short so that he can flip her onto her back and slam her pussy. I was hoping for some more oral action, but we go straight into anal and it’s damn fine. Demi has a cute ass that really makes the anal cowgirl shine. I love the anal and the facial, but this scene feels a bit more rushed than some of the others. Maybe Byron was just anxious to get to the big finale.

Saving two of the best for last, he teams Jessica Darlin with Ariana Jollee. They talk for a bit, but Tom has them use their mouths for better purposes. With Ariana choking on Ben’s cock, Jessica licks his asshole. Jessica doesn’t need any help, but at least she is teamed with a girl who is very hot on her own. Ariana looks great as she leans back and gets eaten by the blonde super-slut. Ben works on her ass with fingers and toys, getting ready for a big slam-fest. All this anal play just makes Jessica want to suck some more. She gives him another blowjob before kneeling next to her partner for some side by side ass busting. Few women look as good with a dick up the ass so Jessica makes it really tough for Ariana to grab the spotlight. With one girl on either side of him, Ben gets to take turns with their asses. This scene should probably be considered for some awards because the anal action by both women is really hot. Jessica steals the show and even gets cream on her ass. I don’t dig the finish, but the rest of the scene is blistering.

I liked this movie a lot, even the scenes that didn’t blow me away. Byron still shoots sex with a simple style that is perfect for strokers. That goes a long way. As much as I wanted to see a one on one with Jessica, her three-way with Ariana is definitely worth checking out. Reina does a really good anal scene and Lauren is sexy as always. Demi’s scene felt rushed making me wonder if Byron should have just cut that other scene way down to improve the overall score a bit. This is exactly what we would expect from Tom and that’s always a good thing.

The disc of extras consists of a behind the scenes reel, tease footage, bonus scene, trailers and photo galleries. I always like Byron’s tease stuff and this is a pretty nice collection of bonus stuff.

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