Peter North’s P.O.V.


Peter North’s P.O.V.


97 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Peter North





STARS: Lily Thai, Monica Sweetheart, Lena Juliet, Marie, Bobbi Eden and Peter North.


As someone who has really enjoyed POV sex for a long time, I kind of like the new trend that has everyone doing their own point of view line. They aren’t all as good as Seymore, Rodney or Mike John, but it gives us a lot more to enjoy. Of course POV sex gives us a chance to live vicariously through whoever is starring in the flick. If you have to live victoriously through anyone, it might as well be Peter North right? He is a good candidate for this kind of flick and he has chosen some excellent female talent to work with. Monica Sweetheart, Lena, Lily, come on. These girls are all gorgeous, all hot and look good from any angle. All of the pieces are in place. If this isn’t a great fucking POV movie then I’m going to be really disappointed.

Lily is up early about to fix breakfast. She realizes quickly that Peter has something in mind other than bacon and eggs. Dropping to her knees, she flashes those beautiful eyes to the camera and starts licking the full length of his throbbing shaft. To spice things up a bit, she puts dollops of whipped cream on his cock and devours all but the on at the base with her deep strokes. (She cheats a bit on the last one, but he has to give her credit for great effort.) They move into the bedroom where she eases her pussy down over his cock. It is a tight fit, but the gets it all in there and when she turns around we can watch her lips gripping the shaft with every stroke. This cowgirl footage is really great thanks to her energy and a really good looking ass. I love the mish and doggy footage, though it feels like we rush through them just a bit. There is also a rather quick cut to Lily back on her knees to take that big load. No complaints about the pop at all. Peter delivers one of his patented loads right into her mouth. What a perfect way to cap off a hot opening scene.

Monica Sweetheart is one of the most perfect women in the business, so she looks great from any angle. She teases for a very short time before the blowjob begins. Staring into the camera, she smacks her tongue with his big cock and does her best to make it disappear. I could watch her suck like this all day, but Peter takes her from behind, letting Monica show off her fantastic ass. Cowgirl is one of the best positions for POV sex and when you’ve got Monica riding a big pole it gets even better. When she turns around, they go for anal and we get some really good anal action. Monica takes it between her cheeks and then happily tastes her ass on his prick before letting him paint her beautiful face. I don’t think I have ever seen a bad POV scene with Monica in it.

Lena is Peter’s cute little maid or at least that is what she says as she is doing the dishes. Her hot little dress and jewelry are more appropriate for a hot night on the town. She leads him upstairs and removes the little dress. Her fingers can barely wrap around this thick shaft as she strokes him towards her pretty face. I don’t know if she is any good at cleaning, but Lena clearly knows how to polish a knob with her beautiful mouth. Peter lines up behind her and slips into her pussy. She reaches back and holds her cheeks open as his dick slides in and out of her hot little hole. He fucks her hard, but not as hard as she fucks him once Lena is on top. Watching her spin around, face the camera and work that big dick with ass. In RCA we get an excellent shot of her little butt as he vanishes between her petite cheeks. For such a tiny little thing, Lena takes is perfectly in the butt and gives us plenty to stroke to. She gets back on her knees and lets him fire his big load all over her face. The pop is fantastic and Lena just moved a few rungs closer to the top of my personal-fave ladder.

We join Marie in the shower as she soaps up her perfect body. This sexy sister is very well put together, totally pretty and happy to talk dirty for us. She moves into the bedroom where Peter’s cock is waiting to be sucked. Marie is very pretty, but has to use her hands because only the first couple of inches will fit between her parted lips. Her pussy takes more as she gets on top for some cowgirl. The eye candy factor is very high and the long strokes fill her pussy with meat. Stopping only to taste his meat, the lovely young woman shows great energy and one hell of a good ass during the cowgirl. Not all of the footage is genuine POV action as we get a few side shots thrown in for good measure. I am going to be on the lookout for this sexy young girl in other movies because she is really great looking and seems to enjoy her work. Peter rewards her by shooting hot spunk all over her lovely face. Facial fans will want to loop this shot for sure.

Sexy blonde Bobbi is up last and warms up with some toy play. Talking dirty to the camera she licks a dildo until she gets her hands on the real thing. Her oral skills are fine and her face looks very good with those lips working up and down on a hard pole. The sex starts with reverse cowgirl so we can enjoy her ass and thighs as she gets used to the feel of Peter’s throbbing member in her slit. Bobbi is very vocal and when she faces the camera we can check out her perky breasts. In between positions she slips her fingers into her pussy to keep it warm. There is some great mish footage with the camera over Peter’s head and her long legs spread wide for some deep pussy pounding. She strokes his load onto her face, hitting herself in the eye with most of it.

Not all of the footage is genuine POV, but that isn’t always bad. Mixing in some traditional angles helps us see some of these women in all their glory. For the most part though this is hard-core POV action with hot chicks, great popshots and eye candy galore. Lily, Monica, Marie, Lena, Bobbi,….damn what a great cast. I like the little scenarios at the beginning of some of the scenes. Lena probably does the best job, though Lily was so totally natural that she really had me turned on even before the sex started. Peter still has big cumshots and the girls tend to take them on the mouth or face which is just perfect. If one has to live out fantasies through action on screen, then this is the best way I can think of. Peter’s POV is not the best in its genre, but it’s really fucking good anyway. Oh yeah, did I mention that I want to eat Lena alive?

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