Hand Solo


Hand Solo




140 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures


DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels

THEMES: Solo Sex, Toys,




STARS: Teagan, Jayna Oso, Vanessa Blue, Summer Lynn, Lucy Lee, Lani Lei, Cole Conners, Ice La Fox, Channel Chavez & Alex Divine.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a new solo line. In today’s ‘harder the better’ climate it seems like a bit of a stretch to imagine that most porn fans would be looking to watch chicks fuck themselves. On the other hand, stretch might be operative word here. Sean Michaels has a cast of young girls who are ready to break out the heavy artillery. I suppose if we can’t watch Sean tear the girls up with his monster pole then we can at least enjoy seeing what they can do to themselves. The cast is a pretty interesting mix of hot young girls like Teagan and Jayna Oso with more seasoned performers like Vanessa Blue. Will experience outshine youthful enthusiasm? I guess we’ll have to find out.

Jayna Oso is a girl who has been climbing up my chart for the past few weeks. She is very sexy, but the sound is so out of sync in this scene that the interview is actually distracting. Her body is great though and after a few minutes of gently touching it, she breaks out a very thick toy. (An LVNI model if I’m not mistaken.) It slips slowly into her slit, one nub at a time until she is riding on it like it’s a cock. Leaning back to rub her clit, Jayna puts on a great show while getting herself off. After tasting her juices, she gets back onto the toy and this time bounces with it in her ass. It doesn’t fit as deep in this hole, but we get to see it stretched to the max before she cleans it off and says good-bye.

Vanessa is all dressed in fishnet as she teases the camera and shows off her huge tits. She uses her fingers to spread her pussy and gives us a shot of that hot pink hole. With a clear dildo in hand, she throws her legs back and slides it all the way in. Anyone who likes spread shots and wants to see how creamy a girl’s pussy can get will want to check this out. Vanessa takes the toy easily and has a lot of fun pushing it out and then licking it clean for us.

Summer Lynn is a blonde girl with some really nice tits. Her pussy isn’t too bad either and it gets most of the attention. She poses on all fours and shows off her round cheeks and tight asshole. The sound is an issue still so when she spanks it and the smack is heard a second later, it’s pretty annoying. Summer has a vibrator with a little clit tickler that does the job nicely. Even though her scene is short she is hot enough for me to want to see her again soon.

Lucy Lee is a naughty Korean girl with perky nipples. After posing for us, she bends over and sticks a toy into herself from behind. Since Lucy is so vocal, the sync issues are pretty bad in this scene. The visuals are great though as she reaches around to give herself long, deep strokes and then sucks the lucky toy until it’s clean.

Lani Lei is a sweet piece of eye candy who is really nicely dressed for this scene. I would really like to enjoy the interview, but it’s hard to deal with the sound issues. (OK I mentioned them three scenes in a row. Enough for now.) Sean has her strip slowly and really seems to enjoy watching this pretty young thing. Lani flashes her pretty eyes to the camera and gently works her fingers over her clit. That sets the stage for some strokes in doggy as she slides a pink toy into her pink slit. Lani has a tight little bod and it really gets stretched even by this moderately sized pink toy.

Cole Conners is a brunette with dark eyes, pigtails and very full lips. She is a good tease who works herself out of her panties and tosses them at Sean’s feet. Licking her nipples, she gets her body ready for the main event. It takes two toys to make Conners pussy cream. She uses a dildo on her slit and a vibe on her clit until every thing is nice and wet. When she uses the vibe deep inside of her we get a little squirt action.

Ice La Fox looks pretty damn fine in this movie. We get to watch her play with her nipples and rub her pussy through her shorts for a while. This chick likes to make her clit dance and shows off her skills before she demonstrates how much she enjoys the taste of her own pussy. It’s finger licking good and she wants us all to know it. Once the slit is fully juiced, Ice breaks out one of those big knobby dildos and uses the first few inches to power pump her pretty pink.

Alex Divine looks really good with short hair and her big smile beaming while Sean talks to her about masturbation. Pulling her panties aside, she bends over and starts rubbing her slit. When she breaks out the big blue dildo, she stuffs it into her mouth. I’m not sure if I believe her when she says that it tastes like a real cock, but it seems to fit into her pussy like one. Sean leaves in some verbal instruction to the talent that kind of kills the idea that this is real masturbation. Somehow a girl being fed lines just doesn’t quite come off as authentic. I like the way this girl looks, though her solo scene lacks heat beyond the obvious eye candy.

Channel Chavez is a sexy Mexican girl with perfect tits and a sexy attitude. Sean lets her take her time strutting around before she finally putts her fingers between her legs to start diddling. She is very slow and a bit quiet during her scene, using her fingers to get herself off. Eventually she introduces a toy to the mix, bit it is mostly to rub the vibe on her clit. This is probably a bit more real than the other scenes, but I hope that Channel shows more enthusiasm in her boy/girl scenes than she does here.

Finally we get to Teagan. Man I’d watch this girl do anything and still be ready to jump her pretty bones. She looks incredible as always and is ready to show us how she gets herself off. (While thinking of me no doubt.) To get her pussy ready, she spends a lot of time on the bidet. Is it just me or do you guys think that Sean could have made a fortune bottling that water and selling it on E-bay? Her fingers find their way to her lovely pussy and Sean has to work hard to capture all of the hot parts on this girl’s perfect little bod. With such lingering shots it takes a while for her to get to the toy action. Teagan is very aware of what we want to see and works a number of toys gently into her pussy before spreading wide for some anal invasion. This is such great looking footage that I wonder if many people will make it past the sight of Teagan with her legs spread, a toy in her ass and her pussy just exposed for us. Using some balls, she stuffs her pussy at the same time and then slowly pulls out all toys so she can lick them clean. The balls go into her ass after she washes off in the bath and this time Sean helps a bit.

Sean Michaels has put together a pretty good little solo flick. I mentioned the sound issues and they really do kind of fuck things during the interviews and even during the action. That problem aside, there is a good variety to the action. We are limited with solo movies, but the toys are mixed in nicely with the finger play. It stops short of offering the girls the chance to masturbate like they do at home. There are other movies for that. Instead we get to see some good looking girls doing some nice tease and then trying their best to get themselves off. As with any other movie, the cream rises to the top in this one. Teagan is the hottest girl in the movie so her scene is easily the most fun to watch. If you don’t feel like two full hours, skip forward to her scene because it shouldn’t be missed.


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