Young Latin Girls 7


Young Latin Girls 7



90 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Ray Anderson

THEMES: Latin Girls, Outdoor Sex




STARS: Lani, Jennifer Luv, Jayna Oso, Lisa Nicole, Dana Vespoli, Valentino, Guy DiSilva, Lee Stone,


I love the fact that half of the girls in this Latin line have also appeared in just about every Asian line on the market. Dana Vespoli and Jayna Oso are all hot and I don’t care what ethnicity they are playing up, I will watch them in anything. Joining these hot babes is Jennifer Luv who is one of the best looking girls in the biz right now. In true Hustler style there isn’t much story going on, but each scene has a little set up. Unlike the Asian Fever line, we can actually understand what’s going on since everyone speaks English. I wonder if some hot talk in Spanish might be on the menu. That is always fun.

Valentino shows Jennifer a lovely house. She is certain that her boyfriend will love the place. When he tells her about the deposit required, Jennifer thinks quickly and comes up with something to make up for her lack of cash. She bends over his lap and starts sucking his long cock. The footage at the beginning is upside-down, but there are some nice shots of her long legs and still-clothed body that I like. When we get shots of her face, the eye candy factor climbs quickly and Jennifer proves that she can handle big cocks with her young mouth. He spreads her legs and licks her dark, meaty lips until she can’t wait to feel him inside of her snug pink slit. Jennifer opens up nicely and lifts her legs high in the air to take his gone into her pussy. I love her energy and there isn’t a part on her body that isn’t easy on the eyes. As she rides his dick, Jennifer pulls her lips out showing how they stretch. We get a bit of picture in picture stuff that I’m not really too keen on, but the heat is very good between these two performers. He stands her up for some good fucking and then unloads right into her mouth.

Dana is enjoying some time by the pool while Guy DiSilva and another guy are swimming. They stop and give the brunette princess some attention. She has never tried a three-way and wants to bring Guy into the mix with her boyfriend. He is more than happy to let the cute little thing suck his prick. With her man licking her sexy ass, Dana has plenty of reasons to be happy. Finally ready for some new meat, she slides up on Guy’s dick and gives her boyfriend one hell of a hot blowjob. The guys have fun at both ends, spanking her cheeks and stuffing her mouth while she just moans wonderfully. In the end Dana kneels and lets the guys jerk their loads towards her face. Most of it ends up on her tits, but she still has a nice jizz moustache at the end of this hot scene.

There are two girls in the cast that I don’t know off hand. I think that this one is Lani. At any rate, she is cute and start making out with Lee Stone by a campfire. He stands her up and starts showing off her ass before settling in and licking her pussy until she can hardly breathe. Luckily she is able to get her mouth around his prick. About half of it fits so she works as hard as she can to do a good job on that part of his meat. There is some very good blowjob footage along the way as she this horny young thing earns her stripes from her knees. Lee puts her down on the ground and takes her from behind, letting Lani back up onto him for a bit. Used to doing the work, she is ready for reverse cowgirl and makes her tits bounce nicely as she drops all the way down on his pole. They do some nice standing action with Lani on one foot proving that she is willing to work for her craft (and for every inch of cock she can get.) The popshot is not very well captured I’m afraid. Most of the footage comes from the side with just a bit of eye contact at the very end.

Lisa Marie starts out in the pool, swimming topless; she walks over to the Jacuzzi where she is soon joined by Julian St. Jox. After some small talk, he sheds his clothes and hops in. Julian works her over from nipple to pussy with his tongue and settles in for a long taste of tuna taco. Lisa is a cute girls, but even with Julian’s modest cock in her hands, she can’t get very much between her lips. That is a bit disappointing, but she tries to make up for it with a very energetic reverse cowgirl fuck. The doggy actually looks better as they use the edge of the water nicely. Her lips are tight around his rod and grip it each time he pulls out. Julian hooks one of her feet onto his shoulder and goes to town for several minutes until he can hold back no longer. Lisa lets him shoot his load all over her face.

When Ben Bratt and Jayna Oso close up the bakery late at night you just know that fun things are going to happen. Valentino comes in and has a chat with Ben. Eventually they decide that Jayna needs to learn how to properly serve the customers. Taking his big cock out, she puts her mouth to good use while Ben gets her ass all lubed up for some finger fucking. On her knees know Jayna deep throats Ben and does a pretty damn good job sucking Val’s balls. They are ready to fuck her and she is more than happy to feel just how deep they can get into her young body. Her ass is very tight, but they work it over anyway. No gaping from Jayna, she is way too snug even after being pounded between the cheeks. In a movie filled with good vag, this is a really fine anal scene with some pussy spreading shots as she rides in RCA. After a lot of ass-fucking, the guys finally double up inside of Jayna and make sure that her young body is nicely stuffed. I love the way she doesn’t miss a beat, keeping her intensity high as they do their best to split her in half. They reward her hard work with two good loads that glaze her pretty face perfectly.

This is quite a good flick even if you aren’t specifically looking for Latin girls. The babes in the cast are some of the hottest porn has to offer and they are beautifully shot. Jennifer Luv never fails to amaze and Dana Vespoli gives a very hot scene. I like the outdoor action, though the scene with Lani suffers a bit from the dim light provided by the fire. There is not a lot of anal, but Jayna’s butt busting scene is pretty hot for those looking for backdoor lovin. There really isn’t much to complain about in this movie. I suppose that since it’s a Latin-themed line we could hope for some more Spanish hot talk, but other than that, this one is a winner.


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