Star Quality


Star Quality



85 Mins



THEMES: Game Shows, Porn Stars

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Roxanne Hall, Mia Smiles, Dominica Leoni, Olivia Saint, Violet Blue, Steve Hatcher, Chris Cannon, Cheyne Collins, Marty Romano & Kurt Lockwood.


Since I just spent three hours watching VCA’s “Misty Beethoven: The Musical: I thought I would take a step back and for a lighter feature. Roy Karch does these movies pretty well. He’s got a very solid cast headed by Roxanne Hall and supported by Violet Blue and Mia Smiles. Roxanne plays the hostess of a new reality-TV show that showcases us and coming porn stars. The movie is shot with a game show style and Roxanne lends some humor with her overwrought game show host enthusiasm. Each set of contestants choose the type of scene they will do from a bowl and then randomly select the sort of set they will be working on. It’s very simple, but should keep you smiling in between scene.

Olivia Saint and Steve Hatcher are up first. We get a brief intro from Olivia before they choose their scene, anal and set, a dungeon. Hatcher helps her out of her pink dress and goes right after Olivia’s perky nipples. He licks her pussy, working the blonde into a frenzy as he chews on her meaty lips. After a long slit and ass licking session, he leans back and lets her suck cock. Whoever did Olivia’s make-up didn’t do her any favors. It looks so caked on that her face seems ready to peel off at any moment. (See what happens, you watch one musical and you’re looking at make up instead of her rather impressive blowjob skills.) Olivia has never really turned me on and she isn’t doing anything to change that opinion in this scene. Her body looks pretty good and Hatcher delivers the meat in an adequate if unremarkable manner. When she fucks her from behind, she adds a little bit of dirty talk, setting up the anal nicely. RCA works for her and at this point Olivia does impress me with her energy. She turns around and finishes her scene by letting him jerk off onto her face.

Violet Blue and Kurt Lockwood are a more charismatic couple who will be performing a vanilla boy/girl scene in what appears to be a set filled with nothing but pillows. Kurt helps Violet out of her clothes, using his teeth to show us all what a sexy beast he is. His fingers slid into her pussy and we get some nice shots of her spread open and being licked to full flow. Violet eventually gets her hands working on his cock, turning all of her attention to his rod eventually. He doesn’t get into her mouth, but the hand job is really impressive and kind of hot. Violet finally faces the camera and gives us a loud round of RC. They really seem to be having a good time and she looks fantastic on her back as he teases her pussy with his hard rod. Missionary works for them and he shoots all over her tummy.

Dominica Leoni is a Czech girl who gets to perform with Marty Ramono. They are a real life couple and pull anal from the bowl. Like the first scene this one is pretty conventional without a whole lot of heat. Dominica looks pretty good and Marty knows how to push her buttons, but lately I have begun to wonder if Viagra has killed porn. With that little pill any guy can get it up on camera and I wonder if that has helped give us this flood of mediocre action. Anyway that’s a side note. This little Euro-babe is pretty damn good with a dick in her mouth and brings more eye candy to the table than Olivia did. Her ass looks especially good as she rides cock in cowgirl. Marty eventually targets that ass, bending her over and slamming her hard. It’s great looking footage, but I am never going to get the growling male dirty-talk that some scenes have. It is much hotter (and less homo-erotic) when she is the one doing the talking. Other than a few shadow issues, this is a good anal and Marty shoots a huge load all the way up her back. (Though his cum-scream is nearly funny enough to make me fall out of my chair.)

Another real life couple, Mia Smiles and Chris Cannon introduce themselves, draw boy/girl from the bowl and hit it on an over-stuffed chair. Ever the oral addict, Mia drops right to her knees and treats his cock to a beautiful blowjob. Her hands and mouth work perfectly together as she sucks cock in a way that has to feel great, but also looks awesome on camera. She always give very wet blowjobs and that’s great except for the time we spend under his dick. Chris gives her pussy a bit of attention, but she is already dying to feel that prick side deep into her hole. Leaving her dress bunched around her middle, she takes him into her pussy and throws those long legs up over his shoulders. I love that position for her, but they move quickly to doggy. For a skinny girl, Mia has a nicely shaped ass that looks great as he slides into her pussy. The two-position fuck is the best of the movie and ends with a quick turn around from the hot little Asian so she can get a mouthful of his seed.

Roxanne saves the final set for herself. She picks the last remaining curtain and finds Cheyne Collins waiting on the bed for her. Diving into bed, Roxanne puts her mouth to work right away and takes him deep between her skilled lips. She gives great looking head and the eye contact is finally what it should be. Moving to her pussy Cheyne seems ready to match her energy level, pumping in and out of her pussy hard while she just leans back and takes it. When he rolls her over, she lifts up onto all fours to give us a good view of her body. The action is well shot here with a good mix of tight shots and longer angles. She looks especially good on her side with one leg in the air. Roxanne asks for his cum on her tits and holds them together to make a good target. Licking his cream from her nipples, she closes out the movie with a nice bit of naughty behavior.

This is an unremarkable adult movie on pretty much every level. There is nothing really bad about it, but nothing great either. The game show idea is pretty basic, but Roxanne makes it work with her performance. Her sex scene is also one of the two best in a pretty average collection. Roxanne and Mia are the best reason to watch this flick sexually. The rest of the scenes are pretty average so unless you really like Olivia or Dominica, there isn’t a lot to rave about. Violet’s scene isn’t bad, but she has done much better in other flicks. Most of the sex is pretty well shot so there isn’t anything to really complain about it. If you’re looking for a light-weight adult feature with competent, vanilla sex then this is a pretty good bet.

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