Latinas Sabrosas


Latinas Sabrosas



90 Mins.



THEMES: Latin Girls, Office Sex, Spanish

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mason Storm, Marissa Arroyo, Olivia O’Lovely, Domino,


It was only a matter of time before the growing number of Latin lines evolved into a Spanish-language porn. I remember Alicia Rio starring in a feature in the early 90’s that was released in Spanish and English. Since then I don’t remember anyone trying it. We have seen a few Latin lines that feature some chicks speaking Spanish from time to time, but this one is different. The DVD Version is said to have both English and Spanish versions so the viewer may choose. I’m reviewing the VHS version in English, but the movie should be the same on DVD. The flick features some very hot Latin lovelies in a feature-light format. Don’t look for a whole lot of dialog to get in the way of the calliente action.

Domino plays a secretary. After her boss calls her in for a mundane question, he goes into a fantasy where she comes in naked. The long-haired girl quickly falls to her knees and takes his balls into her mouth. She reminds me a little of Alex Dane with her big eyes and her full lips. Their sex talk is in Spanish though Domino can’t really say a whole lot with a hard cock in her mouth. She tries very hard to take as much as she can and gives us a blowjob that is super hot. (A few odd angles notwithstanding.) Domino even gets his ass a bit of attention before she mounts his stuff rod and tries to slide all the way down on it. Though it doesn’t quite go all the way in, she works her hips in circles, pumps hard in short strokes and really puts on quite a show. He rolls her over and still can’t get all the way in there, but Domino loves it. She talks more now and with that shaved pussy on display gives us plenty of eye candy. I really love the way she bends over, looks back over her shoulder and shakes her ass cheek while he drills her from behind. She puckers up and takes a big load all over her face, rubbing his dick against her lips as she works out the last few drops.

Brandon Iron shows up at the garage looking for his car. His mechanic isn’t around, but his little sister (Mason Storm) is. He pictures her naked and in his fantasy she responds nicely when he whips his cock out. Busty Mason spreads her legs and wraps her sweet lips around his big slab of Canadian bacon. She has a good grip on that big thing and really puts her mouth to good use. Mason has great energy and earns high marks for enthusiastic head. Bending over, Mason is happy to let Brandon know how much she enjoys having her holes licked from behind. We get a very brief reverse cowgirl followed by doggy. She isn’t doing a lot of talk at all and mostly moans at this point. The sex is good and Mason likes being dicked deep, but I think this scene may lack some of the Latin flavor people are looking for. There is a bit of Spanish as he rolls her onto her side, but her energy level seems highest when she is on top and fucking the shit out of his fat cock. The cut to the pop is a bit awkward and so is the angle. We don’t get a great view as she shoots right down into her open mouth, but the scene still has good heat.

Olivia O’Lovely is a waitress who spices up closing time by giving her favorite customer a special treat. Whipping out her big tits, she shoves them in his mouth before pushing his head further south. His tongue finds all of her favorite spots and she keeps him there for a long time. In return, Olivia shows us the sort of oral skills that can only come from years of practice. The camera shots are little tight, but I have always enjoyed watching this girl give head. He bends her over and fucks her hard from behind. Again there are some questionable tight shots, but for the most part we get a high-impact scene with Olivia screaming out some hot talk in Espanol. They build up to a pretty solid fuck with Olivia getting rammed and taking an occasional break to taste herself on his cock. After she rides in RC, Olivia drops to the floor and lets him jerk off all over her lips. It is good to the last drop as she smacks it around in her mouth and finally swallows it.

Marissa Arroyo comes in to see her lawyer, Alec Metro and he is quick to envision her naked. He puts her onto his desk and slides his fingers right into her pussy. As they switch places, her hair gets in the way of the blowjob a bit. Though her blowjob is good, she is rather quiet and a bit detached as she slobbers all over his knob. She bends over his desk to take it from behind for a while, but Alec really can’t reach her spot from there. In between positions she sucks him clean and shows how easily she can take it all. She gets more of what she needs on her knees with her ass high in the air, but seems happiest when she is on top and working him with her hips. The need to cum sneaks up on Alec quickly and he shoots his load onto her face.

The Spanish/English thing is a pretty good idea, though this one falls short of a full feature. It’s a vignette movie with the girls speaking a bit of Spanish in an otherwise routine sex romp. Not that routine is bad though. There are a couple of good scenes here and plenty of hot Latin eye candy. Mason Storm is always a good fuck and she really rises to the occasion with Brandon’s big cock. Domino looks lovely as always and really shows off her body. Olivia and Marissa aren’t bad either though their scenes are bit choppy and not as hot as the first two. I do like the Spanish dirty talk because I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. That adds a full point to the total score and I hope that other lines will mix some of this in.

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