White Girls Want the Biggest Black Girth on Earth 7



White Girls Want the Biggest Black Girth on Earth 7


110 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Stoney Curtis

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Alicia Rhodes, Kitty, Apple, Daphne Rosen & Sledge Hammer.


This has to be one of the more cumbersome titles in all of porn. Then again it takes a big title to match the massive cock sported by the leading man, Sledge Hammer. Sledge is the guy slinging the meat in this Stoney Curtis interracial line that features some really hot women. While Stoney remains one of two directors who have openly had me banned from a screener list, he is certainly capable of putting out some really hot flicks. This volume has Alicia Rhodes and Kitty as two of the four chicks who take on Sledge. These two women couldn’t be any more different. Alicia is soft, blonde, pale and looks ready for action at any time. Kitty is one of the most petite women to ever work in porn. She is a flat chested Asian cutie and watching her take on a cock that is bigger around than her wrist is going to be very interesting indeed.

Alicia introduces herself and then shows off her big tits. She is quite proud of them and breaks out some oil to get them all nice and slick. As she teases, Alicia talks dirty in that sexy accent of her. In comes Sledge and Alicia doesn’t even blink. She slips her mouth around his cock and starts stroking the thick shaft. He gets to slide his massive tool between her big tits and have a ball. I love the way she keeps one hand working between her legs while her mouth works on his rod. After licking her pussy and finding it wet, Sledge positions himself between her thighs. They start fucking and Alicia is in size-queen Heaven. She is vocal and aggressive, talking dirty as he splits her lower lips. Sledge fucks hard enough to get her big tits and her soft midsection shaking and quaking like mad. The only thing that slows her down is the occasional break so she can taste her juices and stroke that big pole in both hands. Sledge fucks her until she is completely stretched out and ready to drink down his load. He shoots all over her face and the camera lingers as she stares lovingly at his rod and licks it clean.

Apple is an odd looking blonde girl with terrible twin tats on her tits. She has an apple inked on each boob. Bad body art aside; she is impressed by Sledge’s huge pole. On her knees, Apple gives us some good looking POV oral action as she takes as much meat as she can. After watching Alicia go crazy, it would be hard for this girl to shine even without those twin mistakes staring at us as he pumps her pussy. There just isn’t really anything here to make it stand out. I just found myself waiting for this one to be over so we could get to Kitty.

For fun, they put a blindfold over Kitty’s eyes. This is a cute idea, but it keeps her face out of view. Sledge walks in and her reaction isn’t really all that special. She says “Yeah, that’s pretty big” but says that she sees them on occasion. Her lips stretch around his fat cock. It is impossibly huge in her hands and I love the smile on her pretty face. He picks her up and puts her on the bed, leaving her open for some serious penetration. That tight pussy doesn’t seem big enough to handle it. Kitty’s energy is great though as she takes it all. Kitty turns over and sticks her little ass in the air. That gives us some killer doggy as she pushes back against him. Sledge shoots onto her face, but doesn’t have much of a load for the cum sucking cutie. Most of it ends up on her tiny tits. Even with a weak finish, the size disparity in this scene is hot and worth checking out.

Daphne Rosen has a set of tits that rival Sledge’s girth. She whips those big things out and shows them off while waiting for Sledge to show up. Happy to suck his cock, she struggles with the width, but keeps one hand busy between her legs. I like the hand action and the shots of him tit fucking her greased up fun bags. Keeping her clothes bunched up around her middle, Daphne lifts her legs to show off her smooth slit. She keeps her boobs pressed together as he fills her up in mish. It looks like Daphne is a bit heavier in this movie than I have seen her. Her ass looks pretty damn huge as she gets on top and starts riding. The best footage of her scene comes with that big butt up in the air and Sledge just pounding away from behind. He leaves a pretty good wad on her face, capping off a pretty good scene from this busty size queen.

Sledge Hammer has the meat for a movie like this, but he isn’t exactly the most dynamic performer in the business. I suppose that helps some of the girls take all that girth, but it can leave the action a little lacking in enthusiasm. You just get the impression that girls like Alicia or Daphne could do even hotter scenes if he could bring it like Lex or Marcus. As it is, three of the scenes of really good including Kitty who defies all logic by taking that monster pole. I like the way the action is shot and there are two scenes that stand out enough to make this a must see for people who dig watching big cocks tear up hot willing chicks.

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