Fresh Meat 18



135 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Leslie

THEMES: Anal Sex,




STARS: Katja Kassin, Miss Arroyo, Claudia, Mia Stone, Evelin, Militia, Sharon, Michael Stefano, Choky Ice, Thomas Stone, Steve Holmes. Chris Taylor,. Garry, Bob Terminator, Mike Foster


Just the thought of Katja Kassin starring in a scene shot by John Leslie has me looking to speed through the intro and get to the good stuff. We are talking about one of the best big asses in all of porn captured by a man who seems to make every woman he shoot look better than they have ever looked. There are some other very good looking women in this movie and as usual Leslie has stacked the deck with some great Euro-hotties. I always expect interesting things from Leslie’s movies and even the credits are cool. With the audio from what sounds like a serious spanking running, we get a series of exquisite still shots. It’s very cool and it really lets the viewer know that this going to be a slightly different experience from what he or she is used to.

This style continues as the movie starts. We aren’t looking at still shots now, but the editing is quick-cut with an odd pace and a very surreal feel. I love this from a lighting and editing standpoint, but I’m not sure how strokeable it is even with Katja being spanked and pushed to her knees to suck Michael Stefano’s cock. Things settle into a more traditional view as Stefano slaps and plays with her big ass. There is some great butt footage here as he kneads her cheeks, spreads her asshole and gives her plenty of posterior attention. He stands her up and pumps her pussy for a while, getting his cock nice and wet before letting her suck it again. The back-lighting wears a little thin from a sexual standpoint, but as always this is flawless videography. Mike lifts her onto his lap and has his hands full with her monster ass. She bounces hard during the vag, but really shines when she slips it between her cheeks and slams her down on him. Ass lovers are going to blow major wads watching her bent over and taking it deep into her butt. This is great footage and leads to a good facial. Leslie lets the camera linger on her face as the cum slowly drips down onto her tits. This is a bit more arty than I like my stroke material, but as always Leslie has struck a chord with the film maker/photographer in me.

Evelin and Mia Stone are dressed in white, but are looking none too innocent. They pose for a bit in a very fetish-heavy segment while a couple of guys wait to move in. Both women are blondes and both give good head. I like Mia a bit more because she has some really great legs to go along with a face that looks outstanding as it stretches to take dick. All four performers get on top of the buggy and the girls start to ride. This scene is shot with my more traditional lighting, but still a good deal of low-angle butt footage. The side-by-side action is intense and both girls prove that they can take it hard. Anal doesn’t slow anyone down and Evelin catches up to Mia in terms of heat during her ass fuck. Here the low angle shots really come in handy because they keep us right in close for the action. After being properly broken in anally, the girls take cum on their faces and share perfectly. This is a very hot scene with eye candy to spare and plenty of heat.

Sharon is a nicely made up brunette who is led into a house by Bob Terminator. He brings her to the boss and apparently Sharon is acceptable to him. He has her get on her knees and start sucking. Her oral skills are good enough for Chris to pass her back to Bob so he can watch. Her red dress is finally shed and she gets down to some reverse cowgirl sex. The scene is shot with a moving camera and is very shaky at times. This gives it more of a voyeuristic feel, but I am not entirely sure that I like it all the time. They work her at both ends, fucking her pussy and her mouth at once and Sharon builds up a good rhythm, pushing back to meet one man’s thrusts while stroking the second cock between her willing lips. For pure heat, it is hard to top the way she looks and fucks in cowgirl. With only one guy there is no one in the way as she bucks her hips, arches her back and gives us killer butt shots. They work into spoon where the first guy drops his load all over her pussy leaving the second man to spurt on her tongue and cheek.

Miss Arroyo is one of the women who recently contracted HIV and I know that freaks some people out. If it does, skip this scene. Miss A starts out the scene with an extended tease of Steve Holmes who is locked in a cage. The poor guy is finally given some relief when Militia shows up. She joins Miss Arroyo in front of the cage and the girls get down to a nice blowjob. I’m not all that wild about the blonde though she does have a pretty tight body and seems to turn everyone around her on. Out of the cage, Holmes is free to pound away on the girls and really lets Militia have it hard in her pussy. It takes Miss Arroyo far too long to get involved with the action and I’ve sort of tuned out a bit after watching Militia for so long. There is some good anal my Miss A when she is given the chance. The pop is all over the girls’ feet so if that’s your thing maybe you find more heat in this scene than I did.

Claudia is another blonde who starts sucking cock in a very shadowy scene. This one reminds me a bit of the opener at first, but shifts gears rather quickly. The action shifts from shadow to normal lighting several times. Don’t get me wrong, this is no bad lighting, it’s intentionally darker than usual. It would probably bother me quite a bit if I were more interested in the girl. Claudia is nice looking with a good body, but I don’t get much heat from her beyond the eye candy. Another guy comes in and gives her a second cock to play with. There is some good reverse cowgirl footage that plays up the eye candy angle pretty well. She gets fucked until her knees seem weak, but somehow this scene never hooks me. The guys fuck her for what feels like forever before busting their nuts all over her. I don’t know why this scene didn’t work for me, but it just didn’t seem to be up to Leslie’s level sexually.

I like this movie a lot, but I don’t love it. There are some scenes that are beautifully shot and very few people can capture sex the way Leslie can. Most of the girls are very good looking, but there were times when the style overwhelmed the sex. That leaves us with a few scenes that look beautiful, but feel a bit flat. Mia Stone and Katja are the best reasons to watch this movie. Their scenes are great, beautifully shot and with the kind of heat the we expect from Leslie at his best. There is still more to like in this movie than in just about any other movie on the shelf right now. That’s the beauty of a John Leslie movie. It’s like sex or ice cream, even when it’s not great, it’s still pretty damn great.

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