My Baby Got Back 33


My Baby Got Back 33



107 Mins

Video Team

DIRECTOR: Corey Jordan

THEMES: Black Girls,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Courtney Devine, Persia, Adora, Coco Pink, Kelly Star, Dwayne Cuminz, Domineko, Julian St Jox, Sledge Hammer & Fred Dingo.


I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this were the longest running series in porn that features hot sistas and the wonderful backsides they carry around behind them. Longest running or not, it’s up to 33 volumes and that is a lot of staying power. Director Corey Jordan has some really good women to work with in this movie, including my favorite black girl since Audree Jaymes, Persia. She went on the quarantine list and I have heard that she may be gone for now so that makes every scene we get to watch even more special. Another fan favorite, Courtney Devine, does her first DP for this movie. That should be interesting.

Our first booty girl is named Adora and she has a set of buns that really do the trick for Julian. She is a little soft around the middle with natural tits and decent face. Julian decides to give her a test run that starts with the young girl on her knees. Even his modest member only gets a few inches past her lips before her pierced tongue has to take over the action. I like the way she looks on her knees with her tank top pulled up and her tight shorts still on during the blowjob. He helps her out of her clothes and sucks on her inviting nipples before diving in for some fresh pussy. Her slit juices up quickly and he easily slides in. There are some lighting issues as she lies back on a white blanket. It’s a bit too much glare, but they find an angle that works out all right. Julian rolls her onto all fours and spanks her ass while taking her from behind. That gets her going enough for Adora to ask for it in the ass. She takes it quite easily and the camera moves in very close to catch the action. When she is on top, Adora shows great energy and really looks good in RCA with her legs in the air. After a hard work out, she quenches her thirst by taking his load on her lips.

Courtney Devin isn’t bad looking, though she never did a whole lot for me. She is looking pretty good as she tells us that she will be doing Julian and Dwayne Cumminz for her first DP ever. Going right after their cocks, Courtney shows very good oral skills as she makes their dicks vanish between her lips. Once again she is still dressed during the blowjob and I rather like it. She gets a lot of spit going as she strokes them both and even flashes us some eye contact from time to time. They keep using her mouth, but out her on all fours so that Julian can lick her pussy and ass from behind. He sticks his cock between her lower lips and fucks Courtney from behind while she keeps sucking Dwayne. This puts her in a perfect position for them to take turns while giving us a nice shot of her body from the side. When she gets on top for the anal, Courtney provides some very hot talk as she bounces. The long anal with oral finally ends with the DP footage. There is a serious shadow that is a problem on the tight shots, but the longer shots show us a woman who is being screwed silly and is more than up to the challenge. When she turns over, we get some good butt shots as Julian is in her pussy and Dwayne is waiting to complete the DP once again. Her hot talk continues as the guys jerk off all over her face and leave her wit sticky cum dripping from her nose, lips and chin.

Sledge Hammer delivers a package to Kelly Starr. She invites him in and asks him to stay a while. Impressed by the lump in his pants, she frees his cock and starts sucking that fat rod. Though it doesn’t go very far into her mouth, Kelly uses a ton of spit to get it all nice and wet. Her blowjob isn’t that great, so they move to the stairs where she is very loud as she rides his dick. Kelly has several piercings in her shaved pussy and a big set of fake tits to round out her thick frame. When they move to anal the lighting is better and we see just how small that pussy really is. Kelly bounces in RCA a few times, sucks his cock clean and then starts all over again. When he is finally ready, Sledge stands up and shoots his load on her tightly closed lips.

Coco has a set of tits that are just busting out all over the place. She strolls into the scene, whips those puppies out and proceeds to shed her clothing so that we get to enjoy all of her naughty parts. There is a lot of kissing and teasing before this scene kicks into high gear and that adds quite a bit to it. Eventually the guy stands up and lets his cock fall into her mouth. Coco gives one of the best blowjobs of this movie, rocking her body to take more and more of his meat between her full lips. This chick is good on her knees and earns a bit of oral affection from the satisfied stud. Her pussy is ready to go when she gets on top, but it takes some serious smacking on her clit to really get this horny girl off. They slow down a big when she rolls over for the anal, but he eventually wedges his cock between her cheeks and works it deep into her ass. Coco like shave having her butt filled and holds her cheeks apart to gives us a better view of the action. They do some A2M in between positions, but the real oral fun comes when she holds her mouth wide open to take a big shot down her throat.

That brings us to Persia who looks awesome in her little bikini. Julian and Dingo enjoy what they see and are happy to play along when she wants to get frisky. They spread her out on the table and Julian makes a meal out of her furry pussy. That leaves Dingo’s big dong to fill her pretty mouth and gives us some killer blowjob footage. This girl has a super pretty face and handles size pretty well. It fits even better in her pussy though that sweet hole is visibly tight. He lights her up with long slow strokes and then lets her suck her cum from his prick while Julian takes over between her thighs. It is naturally Julian’s cock that splits her ass, working its way into her colon as the warm up act for the main event. They let Persia get on top to take Dingo’s dong, but it is still a challenge for this pretty young babe. She pumps in short strokes, working it like a girl who really knows her way around anal sex. They give her a short DP and then Dingo busts a nut on her outstretched tongue. That just sets her up for more DP and this time it’s really well shot so we can enjoy watching the budding superstar pumped full of black meat. Both guys wind up and give her big loads for that pretty face. As a Persia fan, this is one of her best scenes to date and should not be missed.

As expected Persia steals the show, but there are a few scenes to note along the way. Courtney’s first DP is pretty damn hot and Coco is a fine fuck. Adora and Kelly don’t hold up to the best of the cast, but they aren’t horrible. With no plot, real set up or interviews to fall back on MBGB 33 has to rely on the sex. With the exception of a few lighting issues caused by the harsh sunlight, everything is pretty well done this time around. There are a couple of throw away scenes, but if you hang around for Persia you won’t be disappointed. She looks amazing and fucks like she really enjoys it. Taking Mandingo in any hole is major, but this cutie gives him access to all of her openings and for that, this one deserves a few dozen strokes.

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