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Rog’s Review of Lainas Sabrosas

HOLLYWOOD, CA ” Dane Productions got a huge spike in sales with the recent release of ‘Latinas Sabrosas’ the dual language English and Spanish option DVD which was a welcome surprise for this recently re-structured company.

‘Latinas Sabrosas’ allows the viewer to experience the movie in two languages which has created a deeper and more diversified customer base that more than doubled initial sales.

MWe are delighted with the current success we are having with this title”, stated Edward C. owner of Dane Productions. “Who would have thought that shooting both languages would be such a great idea”.

A separate broadcast deal was completed following the initial press release as store orders soared highlighted by an additional 1200 piece order from a company that specializes in DVDs for the Spanish speaking market.

That distribution company which concentrates on selling to under-serviced geographical areas with an emphasis on Spanish friendly audiences jumped at the chance to take on ‘Latina Sabrosas’.

Drew Rose who produced, directed and conceived the title is very enthusiastic about the new Dane Productions and their dual language titles in particular.

“All of the performers are speaking Espanol which is very good for a dual market DVD” stated the recently married director.

Specific marketing is part of Dane’s overall strategy aimed at bringing the company back to repeated success. Despite some counterfeiting problems Dane’s flagship lines ‘Nineteen’ and ‘University Co-eds’ continue to be strong anchors and ‘Latina Sabrosas’ promises to be another.

‘Latina Sabrosas’ is the first in what will be a long running dual language set of DVDs. Actors actually shoot both the English and Spanish dialogue which requires more production time and higher overall budgets.

“We think it is worth it to give our customers the best possible product even though it costs us more to make”, stated Rose when asked about the extra time and expense involved with ‘Latina Sabrosas’.

Dane Productions has already wrapped production on ‘Latina Sabrosas #2’ which can best be described as a Mexican soap opera gone porno.

‘Latina Sabrosas’ is in stores now with both hard and soft box covers.

Rog’s Review of Lainas Sabrosas

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