Shane’s World: Surfer Girls


Shane’s World: Surfer Girls


150 Mins.

Shane’s World






STARS: Brittney Skye, Teagan, Nadia, Katie, Fallon, Tommy X, Jerry & Peter.


The good folks at Shane’s World like to come up with new ways to show us sex with hot girls. First they hit college campuses to take the party to the streets and now they are using Southern California’s natural resources to make great porn. They have headed west to the coast so that they could shoot some of the totally hot Cali girls that one finds on the beach on any given summer afternoon. The collection of fine hotties (Headed by the hottest of the hot, Teagan) head off to Hawaii for an adventure that they won’t soon forget. Will it have the feel an old Shane’s World movie or will it be like the Campus Invasion stuff where the girls interact with “real” guys.

Teagan’s boyfriend isn’t overly thrilled that his girl is heading to Hawaii without her. She tries to give him a little something to make him forget that she is bailing on him. It is hard to be too upset when a girl this cute has your dick in her mouth. Teagan leaves her denim skirt on as she sucks his cock, but slips it off when she actually mounts that rod. Pushing her panties aside, Teagan slides down and squeezes him with her tight slit. The shots of her ass are fantastic and that puss is super tight. He nails her in mish for a long time before exploding all over her flat belly. Attention wives and girlfriends everywhere. This is the proper way to say good-bye to your man before leaving for a business trip or even just a trip to the market.

The girls hit the beach in search of guys to jerk off and don’t have too much trouble finding willing participants. Brittney takes a guy back to her room and starts jerking him off. She gets off on the finger action and soon has cute little Nadia helping her out. These girls are a lot of fun and anyone would be happy to have their pretty hands and mouths working hard to earn cum. Nadia does her surfer boy in a little 69 that includes some great fucking of her perky little boobs. Katie is just too horny not to suck on her guy’s cock. This is a pretty fun segment of the movie and these guys are damn lucky.

If Teagan’s boyfriend is missing his girl, he has a funny way of showing it. He has another girl sucking his cock already. She gives decent enough head before being rolled over to have her puffy and pierced pussy fingered. They hook up for some really good looking mish. I love the way she bounces up and down on his cock, showing fantastic energy and setting up for a good little facial finish.

Back in Hawaii the four girls team up on a very lucky guy. Katie starts the sucking, but Brittney seems to be the leader of this little group. They finish him off in fine style and then head out on the town. They hook up with some more locals in some tents that serve as great make out shelters. Teagan makes one guy feel very happy while Nadia teams with Brittney for another three-way. He has to jerk himself off onto a t-shirt while the girls finger their pussies.

Since the girls are in Hawaii they have to do some surfing. We get to watch as the girls take lessons and then hit the waves. They do pretty well in the water and all four girls know how to fill out a wet suit. Brittney proves that she is better on land than on the water when she takes home a German guy for a little hand action. He has a pretty big cock so she goes right after with her skilled fingers. The lucky guy even gets a blowjob and is allowed to lick her pretty little box. Brit is so hot for cock that she spreads her thighs and lets him fuck her. He takes her from behind and impresses the blonde porn babe. After some great looking missionary, the dude fires a really big load all over her stomach and chest.

The girls make a late night visit to party with their surf instructors. The guys are kind of dickish, but eventually one of them ends up in the bedroom with Teagan and Katie passing his cock back and forth. These two women are totally hot and the sunburn on Teagan’s body is a major turn on for those of us who spent our youth chasing bikini girls on the sand all summer. The more Teagan sucks, the less the guy seems to like it. I don’t know what his fucking problem is, but it is distracting. Eventually she works a load out of his cock. Teagan, honey why don’t you come over to my place and I’ll show you how it should have gone.

Nadia and Brittney hit the beach to do a red-hot three way on the sand. They start out by taking turns with cock in their mouths. Brit is a stellar sucker, but her little friend isn’t too bad either. The guy bangs Nadia from behind and pulls out from time to time so that Brittney can taste her juices on his pole. I love scenes on the sand and this one is great. Brit gets her shot and Nadia proves to be a valuable partner. She does some great squat fucking as she shows off her pretty ass. The energy in this scene is really good as both girls fuck like total pros and the guy sprays his jizz all over Nadia.

Apparently Katie is a little bit jealous that Brittney found the German stud. She goes looking for a guy and comes home with a tattooed boy of her own. Her guy isn’t exactly packing, but that gives us some great footage when she swallows his prick whole. It fits perfectly into her pussy as Katie pulls her legs back and gets slam fucked by the young stranger. Their scene is short, but Katie’s fresh face gets frosted beautifully. Brit and Nadia continue the game of ‘can you top this’ by taking two guys to their room for a double suck and jerk. I love watching Brit jerk a guy off. She has so much fun and is a natural for Shane’s World stuff.

In addition to the main disc, there is a DVD packed with bonus material. We get a great behind the scenes reel that shows us a lot of footage of the girls goofing off. Eva Angelina stars in a short called “Diary of a Young Slut.” She gives us a great scene with Tyler that ends in a great facial. Lost Footage has Teagan sharing cock with Katie in one scene while the other girls get some partial scenes going. Interviews, cast photos and bios round out a very good collection of bonus material.

This movie is a whole lot of fun and will be a huge hit with Shane’s World fans. It is very much like the Campus Invasion stuff minus most of the drunken frat-boy nonsense. All four girls on this trip are hot. Brittney Skye is the perfect girl to take over for Cali Cox as the lead babe. Her body is fantastic, she loves cock and she has an awesome on-screen personally to boot. Teagan is the teen dream of the year and would be the hottest thing on any beach. Katie Gold is back, still fresh-faced and ready to fuck. Nadia has the perfect little body for bikini play. They cause all sorts of mayhem for the local boys who just can’t quite keep up with them. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more professional guys on hand to really lay the wood to the women. As it is, we get a lot of hand and blowjob action without seeing them properly fucked. Chalk this up as another fun adventure from SW with super hot girls making lucky guys really freaking happy.

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