Specs Appeal 17


Specs Appeal 17

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

98 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Glasses,




STARS: Lena Juliett, Steven St. Croix, Alex Devine, Jay Ashley, Shawnie, Ben Bratt, Alexis Duval, Lyric, Lee Stone & Tony Sexton.


For those of us who really love chicks with glasses, this Kick Ass line has been pure paradise. With so many great scenarios to choose from it is no wonder that the line continues to thrive. There is just something about a pretty girl with specs on that gets the juices flowing. She may be a librarian, a lawyer or just the bookishly quiet chick on campus, but we want to fuck them all. I think we have covered just about every possibility in this line, but there are bound to be a whole crop of new girls who need their tight bodies fucked and their glasses covered in goo.

Steven St. Croix has a thing for a sexy zombie hunter (huh?) played by Lena Juliett. He shows up dead but bearing flowers. They do battle, but Steven gets his lips on her clit and the mighty demon fighter can do nothing but lean back and enjoy it. Lena looks great in glasses, but it is hard to notice anything but her tight little body as she wriggles around on the mattress. Proving that he isn’t the only one who knows how to eat, Lena inhales every inch of his dick and has him on the verge in seconds. The thing I hate the most about Kick Ass movies is how short the blowjobs are. With Lena looking so great, it sucks that her mouth is full for mere moments before Steven moves on to her pussy. She takes a break in the middle of the fucking to taste her juices, but is on her knees taking it from behind in no time. He gets into her ass, giving Lena all he’s got before shooting all over her. (Note that the glasses stay on during the whole scene.)

Alex Devine is the girl of Jay Ashley’s dreams. The problem is that she’s a cop who is more interested in interrogating him than sucking him off. She questions him for a bit, but soon has him naked and up against the wall. Shedding her own clothing, Alex shows off a tight young body and lets Jay take his best shot. He starts with her nipples, moves to her toes and settles in for several minutes with his face between her thighs. Alex is a very hot cop who knows how to suck a rod. She looks especially good with her glasses in place as she works her mouth magic. This blowjob is a bit longer and has some very nice eye contact as she gets ready to take it deep into her pussy. Jay bends her over the desk for a quick fuck before Alex gets up on top and bounces like her life depends on how hard she can pound down on his dick. Other than some unfortunately placed ink, this girl is great to look at from head to foot. Jay shoots all over her glasses and watches as Alex licks them clean.

Ben Bratt is given a tough assignment by his mob boss. He is to look over the big man’s hot daughter Shawnie. In no time at all, he has her clothes off and is getting a lot more than he bargained for. She spreads her legs on the desk and gives him an ultra-quick blowjob. Shawnie does some good lap riding in reverse cowgirl, working her pussy up and down until every inch of his cock is wet and shining. I love the way she works her hips and shows off her body as she rides. The hardest action comes when she is bent over the desk and doing things that wouldn’t make her father very proud. Ben shoots his load onto her glasses and again she licks them clean.

Alexis Duval is a hot yoga instructor who gives her students some special lessons after class. With so many hot girls in the cast it is hard to say if Alexis is any hotter than the others, but she has great hair and a very good body. Her blowjob is pretty hot, but watching that leggy body draped across his as she rides is the real treat for the eyes. Her energy isn’t as good as the other girls, but the pop on her specs is a great way to finish this one.

Lee Stone does a silly British accent as he talks about a cute little music writer, Lyric who he wants to bang. As she interviews the rock legend, our pretty young journalist tries to be professional. Lee’s accent waivers, but his constant name dropping has the younger girl creaming in her panties and dying to taste his long stick. He gets her out of her clothes and goes nuts on her toes, sucking them like candy until she is putty in his hands. Her pussy is wet and allows his cock all the way in. Their energy is pretty good and on the tight shots we can see her tight lips stretching to take every inch. Even without any good oral action, this scene is pretty good and has a nice facial finish.

We may be stretching things a bit with the scenarios shows in this line, but the girls are still hot enough to make it worth watching. There are some cute girls as usual and the sex is show with the same Kick Ass style that a lot of people really love. I’m always disappointed with the overall lack of blowjob footage in their flicks. When there are girls this cute, we really deserve more than a few seconds of dick sucking. Perhaps making the scenes longer would help since I know that foot and toe play is mandatory to the mix. This volume has a lot of really good glasses shots and a few scenes where they don’t come off at all. Anyone who really likes chick licking cum from specs will want to take note because we get a bit of that as well. I like the theme of this line and the cast, but will keep harping on KAP until they stop the pointless discrimination against great blowjobs.

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