Private: Cleopatra 2



Private: Cleopatra 2


115 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Antonio Adamo

THEMES: Euro Babes, Costumes

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Julia Taylor, Laura Angel, Bettina, Sandra Russo, Sandy Style, Alexa May,


There was a time when I couldn’t wait for the next Private epic. They brought us the best looking women in the world, fantastic sex, great locations and outstanding stories. Not a lot has changed over the years, though the sex in Private films has taken a more glossy, couples friendly angle that has disappointed some core fans over time. Even with this shift, no one can beat Private for these huge epic porn flicks. The costumes, locations and storylines are untouchable. The women are still gorgeous and even with the high-gloss look, the sex is generally a far cry better than the vast majority of American feature sex. This second part of the Cleopatra story starts with the resurrection of the ancient queen and follows the sexual mayhem that ensues when her lust is unleashed on the unsuspecting modern world.

As soon as Cleopatra is introduced to her new friends/followers, she is escorted to her room. That leaves the other free to have a little three on the three orgy. The action from couple to couple highlighting a trio of pretty girls giving slow motion blowjobs while the soothing sounds of new-age syntho-porn music blares in the background. Everywhere we look there is eye candy, but these scenes just remind me of nicely edited music videos without enough time on any coupling to really enjoy the sex. With pretty girls at every turn and some well shot anal, I would have enjoyed things a lot more without the echo-chamber sound and the slightly glossy look. It is still a nice looking orgy with good anal and facials all around.

Having Cleopatra back in our time seems to make everyone involved in the project very horny. Beautiful Bettina is happy to give up her pretty slit to her man. The beautiful black girl has him lick her pussy and then slide it into her in spoon. I’m a little disappointed that they skip the blowjob altogether s they rush through a quick fuck. Bettina is pretty and her body looks great, but watching her fuck and get sprayed on the belly leaves me wondering why a director would waste such a pretty face.

Cleopatra is having nightmares about her former life. I have nightmares from time to time, but I don’t think that I have ever considered this kind of action to be a bad dream. She hooks up for action that kicks off with a very nicely filmed blowjob. Their scene is highlighted by some great looking anal doggy and good wad hanging from her lower lip.

Some people are very interested in the experiments being run in the lab so a hot brunette has to sidetrack the investigator before he learns too much. I like the way she sucks hard on his head during the short blowjob. The sex is good also, though she stares into the camera with an expression that works for still photos but looks rather silly on video. With one leg pushed way up over her head, she takes him in her ass and lets him have his way with her butt until he shoots all over her face.

There is a problem with the experiment, causing Cleopatra to remember all of her past life. That creates a danger to some in the sect who plan to kill her off. The scene takes us on a flashback that reveals a betrayal. With Cleopatra watching, she is stabbed in the back by one of her closest friends. She gives a good looking blowjob and then kind of goes flat for most of the scene. There is some good looking RCA before the facial.

Back to the present, Cleopatra comes out of a dream in need of some comfort. She starts sucking cock and here comes the music again. Staring into the camera while stroking the guy’s prick, she looks pretty but mostly lifeless. It gets better when she has a chance to get on top and starts pushing his meat up into her pussy. The doggy footage is really good thanks to the beautiful shaking of her perfect breasts. They do a bit of anal and finish with a good facial shot.

The story continues for fifteen minutes before it winds down. I like this as a feature. It has great costumes and a plot that is at least interesting. Sexually it is pretty cold. The women are good looking and we have all of the right sex acts. The problem is that Private has really glossed their stuff up. It is so heavy with slow motion and cheesy music that the scenes end up looking like American feature scenes. I miss the days when Private made kick ass, big-budget features with sex scenes that were as hot as we would find in any raincoater movie. There is still enough for me to recommend it to anyone who likes high end porn, but I still think that the Pyramid trilogy has this one beat by a mile.

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