Dear Diary


Dear Diary


85 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Frank Marino

THEMES: Dream Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Kaitlyn Ashley, Felecia, Krista Mays, Jeanna Fine, Jordan St. James, Alex Sanders, Stephen St. Croix & Peter North.


This one is going to take us a back a bit. The production date says 1999, but I seem to recall this movie being a few years older than that. This was back when people still new Kaitlyn Ashley mostly for her hot sexual performances and her willingness to do just about anything at all. With this flick, people took notice of her acting ability as well. At least critics took notice. Some of us were still just happy to watch this awesome young woman fuck and suck like she did so well. It also features a fine performance both sexual and otherwise, from Jeanna Fine. It has been a few years since I have watched this movie, but as I remember it is a very good couples flick and it will be a lot of fun to watch it again.

Our movie starts with Kaitlyn doing her best to swallow Peter North’s stiff rod. At a time when eye contact and enthusiastic blowjobs were the exception to the rule, Kaitlyn was one of the best cock suckers the business had to offer. There is not a lot of deep action or eye contact in this blowjob, but she still does a very good job. Peter stays flat on his back while she mounts his rod and pumps him with some great squat fucking. The long shots of this action are great and you can see Kaitlyn’s energy begin to show through as she jerks his dick off with her hot box. They move over to the dresser where she bends over and takes long hard strokes from behind. The close up shots are good here and Peter pulls out just in time to shoot all over her pussy.

That opening scene was just a dream though as we find out that Kaitlyn is wheelchair-bound. She is about to put her dream in her diary when she finds that her evil step-mother, Jeanna Fine has stolen the diary and is reading it. They square off in a scene that features some outstanding dialog and great performances before from both women. Alex Sanders shows up and is less than pleased to find that mother has been reading the diary. (Good to see that Alex still has the same haircut and wardrobe he had back then.) On a walk through the park, she runs into an odd man who can speak to her without moving his lips. He gives her a special diary that can make the memories real. You know, if you write, they will cum, that sort of thing. She races home to give it a try only to find Jeanna waiting to dish out some more abuse.

Alex is having problems of his own. Krista Mays is his workout partner or girlfriend and is jealous of the attention Kaitlyn gets. They settle their differences by fucking in the gym. Krista sounds and looks a bit like a petite Victoria Paris. He spends a long time licking her juicy little pussy before letting her work on his cock. Even though it’s not exactly a monster Krista has some trouble taking more than half of it in between her lips. It fits better in her pussy as Alex slams her in an athletic fuck that leaves Krista panting and wanting more. He pulls out and leaves his seed all over her freshly fucked and totally shaved slit.

Apparently the diary is working because when Jeanna picks it up and reads about herself in the middle of a three-way, she is transported onto the pages. With Steven St. Croix’s cock in her mouth and Jordan St. James licking her ass Jeanna looks right at home. Though the lighting is a dim in this dream-like scene, we still get to see just how good Jeanna is with her mouth. (Somewhere I have signed letter that promises a blowjob from Ms. Fine. I really should dig that one out.) Steven moves in behind Jeanna and fucks her from behind while Jordan licks her clit and waits with a strap-on. They have some fun abusing the bitch step-mom. Jordan tries to gag Jeanna with her cock as she tries to scream “fuck me, I’m such a whore.” There is some interesting footage as Steven fucks Jordan who has her strap-on in Jeanna at the time. He finally pulls out and shoots all over their asses.

Taking a trip to the gym, Kaitlyn gets harassed by Krista and Felecia who have both read her diary. She gets them back by writing in a lesbian scene. The girls are taken into the pages and hook up with she same shadowy dream quality as the last scene. Krista bends over and lets the expert labe lapper do her thing. Felecia usually brings out the best in her female co-stars, but Krista is a totally dead fish in this scene. The freaky sound effects and bad music don’t help things either. There is some toy play, but this scene is really a waste of time and tape. (Or DVD space in this case.)

Alex discovers the secret of the diary and goes off on her. They both end up crying and Kaitlyn really handles her dialog well in this scene. It runs on a bit too long, especially since we all know where it’s going, but it is still a good example of how porn dialog can be done well. They end up in the book with Alex munching on her protruding pussy lips. That gets her all juiced up and he slides his prick right in. She looks fantastic riding his rod and showing off her ass, but pulls off quickly to jerk him off onto her face. For the star of the movie to end with such a quick scene is a bit of a let down, but Kaitlyn still adds a lot of heat to the finale.

This is a very good couples movie because even the revenge scenes are pretty gentle. There is some heat thanks to Kaitlyn and Jeanna, but the rest of the cast is pretty lame. I guess it doesn’t bode well for strokeability if the best thing about the movie is the dialog, but that is the case here. Kaitlyn really goes an excellent job with her lines. I think that the dreamy sex will be good for those looking for something softer. Kaitlyn’s opening scene is also very good and adds just enough strokeable material to remind us that she was a very hot gonzo girl before she decided to show us all she could act.

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