Malibu Hookers 2


Malibu Street Hookers 2


116 Mins.

DIRECTOR: El Roberto


THEMES: Prostitutes, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Asia Carrera, Liza Harper, Alexandra Nice, Paige Sinclair, Gwen Summers, Kaylynn, Bamboo, Charlie Angel, Dave Hardman, Rod Fontana, Joel Lawrence, Steve Taylor, Steve Hatcher & Mark Wood


We love high class hookers in our porn don’t we? Well, maybe “we” is too strong a word, but the makers of fine adult entertainment certainly enjoy showing the glamorous world of sex-for-hire along the coast of California. That has to beat showing the reality of street prostitution on Hollywood at any rate. This flick stars Asia Carrera as a high end madam who is being squeezed thanks to an election year crackdown by the very people who make up her client list. She has a great collection of girls working for her, all of who are worth every dime they charge. It’s been a few years since this movie came out, but there are some young babes who are still working in this cast as well as a couple who have left this biz. (Top of that list; Paige Sinclaire) The girls will have to use their bodies and wits to get the politicians and cops off of their backs. (And on to their fronts.)

Dave Hardman is happy to see Bamboo show up in a tiny little outfit that she quickly removes. This petite little girl with the bubble boobs has some of longest nipples I have ever seen. She is a pretty good little cock sucker who gives Dave a little finger in the bunghole action while licking his balls. He works his fingers into her ass well before starting in with his cock in her pussy. The sex is shot from some odd angles at times and it really isn’t all that energetic either. Dave has her in RC and holds her ass open to split her cheeks. Bamboo doesn’t seem thrilled to have a dick in her butt. Given her less than warm reception for his back door invader, it sucks that the scene drags on so long. The facial is good, but she just seems to hate every second of the fucking that just doesn’t work for me.

Joel Lawrence is Asia’s lawyer and he has an interesting way of letting her work out her fees. He probably nails Asia, but for this scene he has two of her girls, Alexandra Nice and Paige Sinclair to entertain him. The girls warm up with each other before attack his cock the second he gets his pants off. Both of them give good head. Alex is skilled, but Paige was always a white-hot blowjob artist with who loves big meat. There is some great modified cowgirl with Paige leaning way back into the water while she bucks her hips hard to get all of Joel’s dick inside of her. He keeps things simple with Alex, pushing her legs back and dropping the hammer on her Euro-slit. With those long legs in the air Paige looks great during some POV mish footage. He pulls out in mid-stroke to shoot all over Paige’s face and Alex’s pussy. Even if the shot is less than perfect, Paige steps in and makes it hot by cleaning his cream from Alex’s pussy and then kissing her.

In addition to keeping her lawyer happy, Asia sends girls to keep the police at bay. Liza Harper shows up for Rod Fontana and fawns over his big cock. She always gives a good blowjob, but this one is cut short because Rod really wants to get inside of her pussy. Liza gets on top and works her hips to give him long, smooth strokes with her lips. Her body looks great with the tan lines and there is no question when she moves to anal that this girl is a serious butt slut. Rod leaves a big load and Liza cleans out every last drop. I have never been a huge fan, but the anal action in this scene is so good that it is impossible not to be impressed.

Gwen Summers is sick of men and announces to Kaylynn that she is done with fucking guys forever. Instead she wants to use a new bag full of toys on the beautiful brunette. They strip out of their bikinis and go to work on each other. There is something really sexy about both Kaylynn and Gwen so watching them together is more fun that average veggie effort. They use fingers, tongues of several toys on each other with Kaylynn being the more aggressive girl. I have never seen her so tan before and next to Gwen’s ghost-pale skin, there is some great contrast.

Asia gives Gwen a call, trying to get her to take care of two vice cops. Still basking in the afterglow, she passes the call onto Charlie Angel. The busty black babe shows up in a short blue dress and starts showing her goodies. Charlie is one of those girls will super huge boobs, big eyes and a mouth that just seems built for swallowing cock. Her oral skills are great, but she scene really picks up when Mark Wood fucks her from behind while she is still doing her best to blow the second cop. Charlie doesn’t show a whole lot of energy, but she is still out-fucking her co-stars in this scene. They just sort of pump away on her until it is time for them to double up in her pussy. (Interesting, DPP in a feature.) She takes a really good standard DP and then lets them both shoot all over her waiting face.

With all of her affairs in order, Asia does some special entertaining. She is joined by Steve Hatcher who gives her a glass of champagne and then takes her for a ride. She pushes him back on the couch and starts stroking his dick with her hand. Asia always looks beautiful with a dick in her mouth and she seems to have fun with Hatcher. He fingers her pussy and she is out of breath as she lets his prick pop from between her lips. He pulls her up on to top of him and leaves his pants around his knees whiles she rides his unit. (Non condom for those of you keeping score.) To romance things up a bit, he moves her over in front of the fire and licks her pussy for a while. He even works his tongue on her asshole a bit before going back into that tight twat. There is some good energy as they fuck and of course she looks great the whole time. Hatch pulls out and shoots his cream right onto her belly.

There is some good stuff here, but the potential for more is right there for the taking. The cast is much hotter than the movie. In fact, Liza Harper who I don’t find all that hot actually turns in a highlight reel scene in this movie. Her anal romp with Fontana is noteworthy to say the least. Asia is gorgeous of course and does a pretty good scene. Paige is super hot and steals the show sexually. (Wow do I miss this girl.) Gwen and Kaylynn hare hot, but any time Kaylynn doesn’t get to suck cock, we are cheated out of one of the hottest things in all of porn. This is a good little movie, but I just think it could have been so much hotter with a bit of tweaking.

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