Extreme Associates Plays Ball



Fresh off the first two volumes of his debut series
for Extreme Associates, Extreme Amateurs, former XPW
Wrestler and current hotshot adult-video director
Scott Snott had a revelation, which, after being
developed and presented to Extreme CEO Rob Black,
turned into a full-fledged series.

Snott explains: “I was sitting at home getting sucked
off by one of the dozen or so whores in my Skag Circle
watching Field of Dreams, somewhat bored, when all of
a sudden a light bulb went off in my head. I mean,
Field of Fucking Dreams? What kind of dream is that?
Guys running around in tights? Build it and they will
come? What? Now if I was going to build something, I
will cum.”

According to Snot, it was at that very moment that he
tossed the skank from his lap, raced into his bedroom
for his spare TV/VCR and popped in a copy of Slap
Happy. Simultaneously watching Field of Dreams and
Slap Happy, while again being deep-throated by his
C-level mistress, Snott was on proverbial Creative

Snott: “Getting my dick sucked, watching the catcher,
the pitcher, and the stupid twat in Slap Happy being
slapped, spit on, gagged, having her cheeks stretched
like a kangaroo’s pouch was almost a spiritual
revelation. I started bouncing the cunt’s head off my
prick like a yo-yo, spit a goober in her face and
planted a forkball grip on her forehead. I realized I
just hit one out of the park.”

It was then, for all intents and purposes, that Cum
Catchers was born. The vision is extremely unique,
almost as if Babe Ruth hooked up with Nikita Denise
and with their combined respective talents, they
created a new sport which was a sure-fire bet to
become the National Pastime.

The rules of Cum Catchers are simple: A whore whose
job is not to catch the baseball, but to catch CUM-and
LOADS of it. A whore who will be subjected to a
barrage of insults from the fans in the stands, not to
mention tobacco juice, urine, and a torrent of
malodorous spittle.

Each slut will be wearing a CATCHER’S MASK and chest
protector with her TITS hanging out. She will suck
and DEEP-THROAT COCK through the catcher’s mask after
being hit in the chest with baseballs from a pitching
machine. At the same time the umpire (a slut with BIG
FUCKING TITS) along with fans in the audience will be
degrading her with such niceties as: “Hey, you suck
cock like my GRANDMOTHER and she’s been dead for fifty
years!” “Hey you dumb CUNT, you have the technique
of my Mother and she has no HEAD!” The whore will then
catch the load in her mouth and SWALLOW it as if it
were a foul ball with two outs in the bottom of the
ninth with the World Championship on the line. Then
she will be an ALL-STAR.

Snott: “It’s gonna be a brutal BLOWJOB movie, with hot
girls, each swallowing a big LOAD. The catch is that
it’s gonna have a baseball theme. I’m really excited
about this project. I’ve always loved seeing hot girls
get a big LOAD shot down their throat and when you
combine it with the Fall Classic what more can you ask

Yes, Baseball, blow jobs, misogyny, and Extreme

Does it get any better than this?


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