Digital Magazine 2


Digital Magazine 2


100 Mins.

Fatt Entertainment

DIRECTOR: Van Damage & Derek Dozer

THEMES: Interracial Sex




STARS: Aveena Lee, Mr., Marcus, Dru Hurley, Bret Rockman, Kelli Jensen, Mark Anthony, Harley


This new line from Fatt Entertainment is a nicely shot little video magazine. Van Damage has co-directing duties and he always shoots good stuff. The cast on this one isn’t as impressive as the first, but there are still a few girls worth checking out. Aveena is a very hot little babe and even if none of the other chicks were hot, I would want to check her out. The rest of the girls are a bit hit and miss, but most of them are capable of good stuff with the right director. Though this is billed as a magazine format movie, it’s basically just well-shot couch porn with a little bit of tease before each scene.

Dru Hurley starts off with a bit of masturbation before she gets a look at Bret Rockman’s hard dick. His heavy meat hangs in her face and she works her lips around the head. With her fingers wrapped around the base, Dru does her best to push it to the back of her throat. The blowjob looks good, but is cut way too short as she spreads her thighs for some reverse cowgirl. She looks better in doggy and the camera is able to move in tight for the penetration shots. Dru rolls over and pulls her tattooed legs up to her chest so he can enjoy that tight little pussy. The big highlight of the scene comes when Bret shoots a big load all over her waiting face.

Mr. Marcus gets to try out Harley in a locker room. She is getting dressed when he walks in on her. Though a bit uncomfortable at first, she is happy to let him sample her big fake tits. Helping him out of his clothes, Harley gets some unrestricted access to his big cock. The blowjob footage is really good with the camera lingering on her face as she inhales his meat and rubs it between her boobs. Harley is good on her knees so Marcus lets her stay a while before taking her on the bench. After the long blowjob, they rush through mish, cowgirl and doggy before slowing down slightly for reverse cowgirl and some hot looking standing doggy. He pulls out and leaves most of his load on her stomach, but she pulls some of it up to her mouth for a taste.

Kelli Jenssen is a hot blonde with a taste for black cock. She fingers her pink slit for a while before Mark Anthony feeds her craving. Only a few inches fit inside of her mouth, but Kelli lets him fuck her face at will. The thick head of that long pole barely fits inside of her pussy, but Kelli is happy to feel it pushing all the way into her. Mark really doesn’t let up, pounding the living shit out of Kelli from behind until she’s nearly screaming. As she rides his lap, Mark sticks a finger up her ass, but never splits those cheeks with his long rod. Instead he puts her on the ground and drops a huge load all over her waiting face.

Marcus is out playing basketball when he needs to take a break. He spies Aveena walking by in her tight shorts, looking fine as can be so he calls her over. (Actually he calls her “bitch” but who is keeping track of such details.) She shoves her face and ass in his face for a few seconds before crawling between he legs for a taste of that chocolate stick. The camera focuses on her entire body at first and then moves up to her mouth for some good looking blowjob footage. Once it settles on her face, Aveena really shines with great eye contact and an active tongue. She mounts his cock for cowgirl. Showing off her ass for a while, she pumps her hips and down before leaning back to give us a view of her front. Aveena flips over and pushes her ass back to take every inch. It looks like Aveena has been enjoying the ice cream a cake a bit these days, but her energy is outstanding. There are some good shots of her tits and pussy as she takes him all the way over the edge. His load ends up all over her pretty face.

A couple of the scenes in this movie are pretty forgettable, but there is some good action as well. Aveena Lee gives a highlight-worthy performance. She has put on a little weight around the middle, but her tits look great and she loves the meat Marcus sends her way. I think that this scene should probably have led off the movie because it’s very strong. Kelli Jenssen is a very pretty girl who struggles while sucking Mark’s big cock, but seems to love being slammed hard in the pussy with it. Dru and Haley aren’t bad in their scenes, but these are pretty average couplings at best. Bree Brooks is along for the ride in a bonus scene. It is a rather uneventful pairing with a guy who fucks her with minimal energy. I liked the first volume better, but this video magazine has a couple of memorable moments.

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