Violation of Shay Sweet



Violation of Shay Sweet


80 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Toys




STARS: Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Teri Starr, Mila, Candy Apples, Alyssa Allure & Caressa Savage


Before she was a lovely little Sin City contract girl, Shay Sweet was part of an all-girl orgy that I’m sure she still hasn’t forgotten. Shay was just a cute young thing with an innocent face and natural little body when she ran into a pack of savage lesbian construction workers. I don’t know if Katie Gold, as young and cute as she was back then, looks much like a construction worker, but the rest of the girls look like they could really rip a hole in poor little Shay. Regardless of who the girls are this series always delivers semi-rough lesbian sex with some of the biggest and certainly the most imaginative toys on the market. I am sure that Shay is in for a once in a lifetime experience and we get to watch.

Katie and Teri Starr are knocking down a wall in their tiny shirts and thin t-shirts. They may not look much like real construction workers, but they both look really tasty. They talk for a little bit about something, but the action really kicks in when Teri gets her head between Katie’s thighs and starts licking away. The initial pre-bang girl/girl scene sometimes leaves me cold, but this time it’s great. Katie looks totally tasty and Teri has great energy as they do each other with tongues and fingers. Katie breaks out a corn on the cob dildo that fits well into Teri’s juicy hole. Returning the favor, Teri bends Katie over and fucks her with toys. We get a great view of the action and her little body has never looked better. This is a great little opening scene that has me hungry for more.

Shay shows up at the house, pissed off that the women haven’t done much work. The girls don’t like her attitude and shove her head through one of the walls. Remarkably it doesn’t even mess up her hair. Candy Apples shows up and sticks a fat strap-on cock right into her mouth. If anyone is going to trash talk the stuck up little bitch, Candy is the perfect girl for it. The rest of the girls show up one by one and ram more toys into her mouth. Eventually they figure out that her mouth is stuck in a good spot to make her lick pussy. Caressa Savage has joined the mix and she can take big toys like no one else. They use one end of a fat dong on her pussy while the other end is too big to even fit into Shay’s mouth. They have a dildo attached to a drill and use that at will; this is a great group of girls to dish out the abuse. Mila, Candy, Katie and Alyssa Allure are all nasty bitches who love to stuff the tight holes of stuck up little twats like Shay. Now that she is one of the girls, Shay gets to wear the strap-on, fucking Alyssa for a while and doing a pretty good job of it. Katie and Teri get a lot of attention from the group during a very long, non-violation themed portion of the all-girl orgy. Candy stretches her slit around two probing plastic penises and screams with every stroke. For the big finale, they throw a blow up doll on top of Shay and fuck her with his plastic prick. He even gets to blow a big milky load all over her face and chest.

I like the cast in this movie. The contraction work chicks are just rough enough to make the sex work, but most of them look really good. Katie looks every bit as hot as Shay so she kind of steals the show just a bit. (And of course she would go on to star in her own violation movie.) Candy Apples is perfect for the action she has to dish out and so is Teri Starr. Shay is the star of the flick and she does a decent job of being the stuck up bitch. They end up paying more attention to each other and Shay actually gets off a little too easy for the core audience.

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