Young Sluts. Inc. 12

Young Sluts, Inc. 12


80 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Kat Slater

THEMES: Young Girls




STARS: Kitty, Ramona, Amber Rain, Hannah Harper, Elizabeth Del Mar, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Chris Cannon & Joey Ray.


Hustler Video has done a really nice job of fanning out to cover just about all of their bases. They have lines that specialize in young girls, Asian girls, anal sex and busty girls. They do the vignette stuff, but they also do some really shot features. Pierre Woodman does a lot of the feature stuff, but Kat Slater has also brought her own vision to X rated movies. Her flicks are beautiful shot with great looking casts, but don’t fall into the traps that kill other features. The sex may not be pure raincoater material, but it is far better than what we normally get in the cable-friendly world of feature sex. This whole line revolves around young beautiful women and the massive amounts of cash they can earn when they put their minds and bodies to work for them. This time around Hannah Harper carries the load, doing a long voice over to set up the movie. She and the other ladies all share one man in common. They are a lovely group of women who decide to leave their ex with a present, a big wad of cash. How do they earn the money? By fucking his friends of course.

Steve Holmes is first, leaving a trail of green down the stairs for pretty little Kitty to follow. She is cute as ever in pigtails and a tight little outfit. Holmes plays the teacher, reading to her for a few minutes before planting a passionate kiss on her young lips. When she starts sucking his cock, the meat barely fits into her mouth. What might have been a really good blowjob ends too quickly as she moves her on top of his face to lick her box. Her pussy slides over his big cock and she takes a remarkable amount of meat for such a tiny girl. There is some great standing doggy as he pushes all the way home and finishes by blasting on her face. Even with the short blowjob, this is a pretty good scene.

Elizabeth Del Mar takes on Joey Ray. They are in the shower with the water running before they even get out of their clothes. I love scenes like this and the flowing water adds to the visuals as Elizabeth works her mouth over Joey’s hard rod. They move out of the spray to give us reverse cowgirl fucking. In addition to her great looking boobs bouncing, she offers some hot talk and great energy. It is nice to see a scene in a shower that isn’t ruined by slow motion footage. He works his cock into her ass and works up to good hard strokes. Elizabeth keeps fucking hard in RCA with her feet on his thighs, bucking her hips and turning up the heat. This is a very hot scene that ends with a great facial.

Chris Cannon gets to play with Amber Rain as gentle sax music plays in the background. He takes his time getting her out of her dress and onto her back so he can slide a finger into her pussy. Her slit is nice and tight so Chris takes is slowly at first. Eventually his strokes pick up so she can take it all. Amber takes a break to suck his rod, keeping it wet with a nice blowjob. The reverse cowgirl is the best looking footage of the scene and it helps work a load out onto her face and chest.

Hannah and Ramona were rivals for the man’s affections, but late at night they put their differences aside. Hannah slides in between her legs and gently licks her precious little pussy. They break out some toys to really give each other something to smile about. Ramona works a big black toy into Hannah’s creamy little hole.

Hannah finishes off the movie with Manuel Ferrara. She strips and climbs on top of him to get at his meat. This time the blowjob lasts for more than a few seconds and that’s a very good thing. Hannah is good with her mouth and Manuel’s big cock gives her plenty to work with. Sliding her body down his, she slips that fat prick right into her pussy and starts bouncing. He takes over and gives it to her hard in doggy. This scene feels a little rushed, but it ends with a really good shot on her pretty face.

There is a soft glow to all of the scenes that takes away some of the edge to the sex. It’s sort of a cross between a couples movie and a more hard-core feature. I liked a few of the sex scenes, though I will always hate the abbreviated blowjobs that seem to be the order of the day with Hustler features. Thankfully Hannah gives us the full oral treatment in the final scene because she has a mouth that should not be missed. I like Kitty, but her scene is missing a bit of heat and that’s really too bad. On the other hand, I really loved the shower scene. It was well shot and had a lot more heat than the typical sex under the flowing water, stuff. Overall there is enough to make this worth a look. It’s a great looking little feature that won’t scare the women away, but it’s a bit too glossy for the ‘coater crowd.

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