Great American Anal Idol: Southern Conference


Great American Anal Idol: Southern Conference

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

183 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Compilation





STARS: Aurora Snow, Kaitlyn Ashley, Jennae Dess, Anna Malle, Julie Knight, Leah Stevenson, Syren & Jordan McKnight.


New Machine has set up four of these DVDs with eight participants each. The idea is a contest to crown the great anal idol. After watching the movies, we are invited to visit their web site to place our votes. It’s kind of an odd contest since they are using existing scenes and some of the women have been out of the business for a long while. A lot of the scenes are pulled from Ed Powers and Randy West movies, so they are perhaps not the best examples of deep anal action. On the other hand, most of the girls were pretty new when they shot these flicks so we get to see them early on before they could be jaded by the industry.

Looking at bracket one, it is clear that someone at New Machine hates me. It has my two all-time favorite girls facing off. Aurora Snow and Kaitlyn Ashley are two of the hottest women porn has ever seen. Aurora starts out by using a butt plug on her tight little ass. Jay Ashley gets into the action and gets a hot blowjob. She pushes his dick all the way to the back of her throat and spits all over his rod. After five seconds of finger action, she is on top of his dick and riding like mad. I know this is an anal competition, but Aurora really does have one of the sweetest looking cookies in all of porn. She really earns her number one seed when Jay bends her over and plugs her back door. No one gapes like Aurora, so if that earns her bonus points on your scorecard, then she clearly has an edge. I just love the way she looks with her legs thrown back over her shoulders as Jay has his way. Down on her knees, she strokes a load right on her waiting tongue, closing out a solid scene.

Jay Ashley is also on hand to give Kaitlyn here dose of dick. The lighting for this scene is pretty iffy, but she looks great on her knees. Kaitlyn leans her whole body forward to inhale his prick, downing it easily and showing us those great eyes. They use a swing to put her in position for some ass licking and to have her meaty pussy plugged. With her legs spread wide, Kaitlyn lets him move into her back door and takes it like the hall of fame performer she is. Jay pulls out and shoots all over her belly.

The bad lighting hurts Kaitlyn’s scene so we’ll have to give this one to Aurora.

Bracket two has Jennae Dess doing a scene with Randy West in the back of an SUV. Jennae is a curvy blonde with big fake tits and thick thighs. Randy bends her over and examines her buns as we hear traffic go by. I like the semi-public nature of the scene, but Jennae doesn’t have the kind of energy it takes to really put her over. She bends over and lets Randy fuck her from behind in both the pussy and the ass, but never really seems comfortable or like she’s having a good time. Personality counts and I just don’t see how she came is a number two seed. Anna Malle is an old-school slut who always fucks like she loves it. Even as she easily down Ed Powers’ mini-member, Anna appears to be having a ball. Ed does his best to fill her up, fucking the naughty brunette with her legs up on his shoulders. It’s not exactly a power slam, but he bangs her cheeks while she lies flat on the bed and then takes his cream in her mouth.

In a very weak bracket, I’ll give Anna the nod and have her move into the next round.

Julie Night comes in as the number three seed and takes on two guys to try and earn that honor. Sledgehammer and Alex Sanders give her two very different slabs of beef to work with. They take her at both ends, with Alex sliding his more manageable member between her cheeks first. The guys do some dick rubbing during two positions worth of double anal. I may not like it, but it’s hard to ignore A-skills like these. They leave her ass cum-soaked and totally abused. Leah Stevenson was a rather cute girl with braces who had a short stint in porn. She rubs her pussy while Randy jerks off right near her face. This is another unusual choice for such a high seed, but Leah is kind of sexy and knows how to suck a dick. She playfully licks his balls and gives us good eye contact. Perhaps Leah earned her seed because she was so willing to stick a finger up Randy’s ass. Their fucking is pretty low-impact, but it warms her up nicely. Randy slides his dick into her ass and does a good job of keeping things moving. The standing doggy gives us a good view of the action, but Leah really needs a trim. He finishes her with an anal cream pie.

This is another weak bracket, but I’m going to give Julie the nod over the very cute, but poorly groomed Leah.

Syren is a nice looking brunette who works with a young Erik Everhard. She sucks his cock for quite a while before Randy sneaks in from behind and licks her ass. He stays back there and starts fucking the young girl and her mouth never leaves Erik’s meat. They turn her around to reverse the action and Syren keeps sucking. She seems unaware of the camera and more eye contact really would help. She does a little ass licking before getting into reverse cowgirl. Randy gives her a vaginal cream pie before Erik takes her ass. In an anal contest, this attractive girl is clearly out of her league. She can barely fit him in her butt and just doesn’t have the energy to pull it off. Jordan McKnight is a very pretty girl with an awesome body. We get only a few second of oral as she works Ed’s dick. Watching her fuck in reverse cowgirl, we get to enjoy the lovely sight of her body. For eye candy alone, this scene puts her in the lead. He flips her onto her belly and slides between those luscious chocolate cheeks. The popshot is weak, but Jordan is still fun to watch.

I’ll give this one to Jordan because it’s an anal contest and Syren’s first butt fucking wasn’t a very successful one.

In addition to the eight women in the contest, we also get three bonus scenes. Katie Gold (who is making a comeback) does a great scene with Jake Steed after suffering through her time with Ed. Lovette makes it look easy fucking Randy and Chandler rounds out a trio of women who all should have been ranked higher than some of the contenders.

This is still a fun idea though the brackets in this volume have me all confused. The two best girls are crammed into the first bracket and after that it is either mediocre girls or less than stellar scenes. Aurora vs. Kaitlyn is a great match up, but the three winners after that are a little weak. It looks like the winner of the bracket will come out of this division and make a strong showing in the final four. Beyond the clever idea, there are some decent scenes here. If you are a lover of anal and really like seeing women before they are totally ready for the A-Train, then you will enjoy watching Ed and Randy break them in.

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