Babes in Pornland: White Trash Babes



Babes in Pornland: White Trash Babes


122 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Anal Sex, A2M




STARS: Kellie Sparxxx, Katie, Julie Robbins, Jasmine Lynn, Jewel De’Nyle, Sandy Gibson, Mark Ashley, Anthony Hardwood, Ben English, Dick Delaware.


Jewel De’Nyle has shot just about ever kind of girl for her line. She has found blondes, brunettes, top heavy chicks, Euro-babes and she needs to find some new meat. Braving pit bulls, Toby Keith blaring and meth labs, Jewel has decided to hit the trailer parks to bring us some white trash babes. I don’t know about you, but I think there is something kind of sexy about white trash girls. Maybe it’s that nasty look in their eyes or the fact that they’ve always got a lot of beer in the double-wide. OK, enough trailer park jokes. I’m not sure how Jewel determined which girls in porn are white trash, but based on her history as a director, we are pretty much assured of a handful of very good scenes from this collection of girls.

Julie Robins is a blonde with pretty eyes, a rather pronounced nose and some stretch marks around her hips and thighs. She seems to like sticking her fingers into her pussy and keeps busy until Mark Ashley shows up to stick a dick in her mouth. He turns her over and parts her fleshy cheeks, licking her ass crack from top to bottom. Doggy is not the best position for this girl because of the stretch marks, but Mark bangs away just the same. She swings around into reverse cowgirl that leads into anal. I suppose taking it up the ass is a prerequisite for all women who want to be called white trash. Julie does a good anal scene and takes a big load on her face. She’s not without appeal, but just really doesn’t do it for me.

Katie is a bit thinner with perky boobs and a sharp nose. Her solo warm up is up is pretty hot as she jams three fingers into her twat at once. While she is working on herself Anthony Hardwood pops his dick into her mouth. Katie pretty much sits there and takes it as he pumps her lips full of meat. Thankfully she takes a more active role when the fucking starts. Katie brings some good energy as she rides. Her pussy gapes a bit, but he never gets to try her other hole. Wearing his cream on her face, Katie raises the bar after the first scene.

Apparently Jewel has a thing for white trash girls too. After stripping down, she waits for Sandy Gibson to follow suit. Sandy reminds me of a poor man’s Avy Scott without the great tits. (Hers aren’t bad though.) Jewel doesn’t waste any time with gentle veggie love. Instead she comes out sporting a strap-on, makes Sandy suck it and then has the dirty blonde riding it like there’s no tomorrow. Once the juices start flowing, Jewel licks her box and then goes right back to power fucking Sandy from behind. In turn, Jewel gets her ass filled with a dildo and a rather thick butt plug.

Kellie Sparxxx is a busty blonde with that dirty look about her that is always hot. She frees those big things and gives us all plenty to look at. It takes an awfully big dildo to keep this woman happy. In fact, it takes two because she wants her ass stuffed as well. Nothing is as good as the real thing though and when Kellie comes face to face with some hard meat, she gives it a lot of attention. Ben English enjoys the way she sucks his cock, but is really pleased with the chance to fuck those huge boobs. She does such a good job wrapping them around his meat that it’s a wonder he even wants to move on. Their bodies slap together hard as he fucks her from below. That pussy gets a serious work out when Ben slams her from behind, makes her taste and then moves into her ass. Kellie is a big girl with full thighs, but her ass is really tight and Ben has quite a time going all the way inside of her. This is the best scene of the movie and ends with a very hot facial.

Jasmine Lynn is the exact opposite of Kellie with tiny tits and a petite frame. At least they both have the same desire to suck every cock in town. She slides her green dildo into her pussy and then decides that it fits better in her ass. Dick Delaware decides he needs to taste her pussy before he fucks it. He licks her for a few seconds and then sticks his dick right up in there. During the cowgirl we get some good shots of her ass and that big tat right above it. Jasmine finally does some cock sucking when she takes a break from riding the penile pony. Dick likes the way she sucks, but is anxious to get behind Jasmine and pound away. It’s a good thing she kept her toy handy because this nasty little thing wants to do some double vag with Dick and dildo. He finds it a little too crowded and moves into her ass for a toy assisted DP. She has a huge smile on her face, she takes a load of cream to close the movie.

The bonus material consists of a behind the scenes reel, an advertisement for Puritan’s web site ( ), photo gallery, previews and “select a shot.” (Action specific chapter stops for each scene.)

I’m not sure that Jewel came up with the very best “white trash” babes in the business. The girls get better as the movie progresses, highlighted by the last two scenes. Jasmine and Kellie are polar opposites physically, but both bring genuine heat to their scenes and lift an otherwise average movie up a notch. Jewel’s girl/girl scene with Sandy is pretty dam hot as well. There is some good action in a few of these scenes, but it’s not the best Babes to date.


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