Without You


Without You


103 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong

CONDOMS: Some Noted

THEMES: Maids, Blondes



STARS: Stormy, Jessica Drake, Dolorian, Nicole Sheridan, Aria, Monique Alexander, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Voodoo, Cheyne Collins


Brad Armstrong has Stormy playing a maid who is in love with her boss in this feature. Didn’t J-Lo just do this same role in a mainstream flick? Not that it matters because it’s considerably more fun watching Stormy suck dick than it is to watch Jenny try to act. This tale of secret love is written by Stormy so that should be kind of interesting. She works for Eric Masterson who is already engaged to a hot blonde (Dolorian) and has no idea that his housekeeper has the hots for him. It shouldn’t be too hard to follow the story though it might be hard to watch Stormy, Nicole and Monique without taking an occasional break if you know what I mean.

Eric and his girl open the movie with a little in-bed tryst. She sucks his cock for a bit teasing and getting him ready for the main course. When she mounts his stiff rod we get some nice shots from behind of her ass and legs. Dolorian looks really good in spoon and during mish she throws one of her legs up onto his shoulder. Their energy is good and she talks dirty while rubbing her pussy. Eric puts her down on her knees and strokes a load onto her mouth, letting his girl lick him clean with loving care.

Stormy is busy cleaning house though it’s clear that she really wants to wax his pole. While he rushes off to work, Stormy pays a visit to her pal Jessica Drake. She seems to have designs on Stormy, but strikes out this time. While Eric has a fancy party to attend, Stormy has an in-bed date with her current guy, Cheyne Collins. At first she seems disinterested, but perks up quite a bit when he gives her pussy a serious tongue lashing. That puts her in a giving mood and she uses both hands to work his prick into her waiting mouth. I really like the way she uses her tongue and eyes to gives us a great looking blowjob. Cheyne slips on a condom and settles in between her parted thighs. Though the lighting is a little dim, we can see every inch of Stormy smoking body and she rides his cock and then throws her leg high in the air during spoon. In very short order, he pulls out and shoots his was right below her boobs. Not great aim, but a pretty hot scene. He turns out to be a total prick after sex so she kicks him out.

Eric is having a big party and has turned all of the arrangements over to Stormy. He trusts her a great deal and in return she cares for him even when he’s sick. (Yeah, there is kind of a falling in love montage thing going on here.) To blow off steam, Stormy pays Jessica another visit. A little champagne loosens things up and Stormy joins Jessica and Monique Alexander in a pretty-girl three way. There is eye candy galore in this bed. Monique is painfully pretty and totally into the veggie love. Jessica and Stormy have a good chemistry going and really enjoy each other. There is some toy play, but mostly this is just three hot blondes fucking each other with fingers and tongues. Jessica finishes things off by fucking Monique from behind with a strap on. Damn that’s hot.

Things take a turn for the worse for Eric when he asks his fiancé to do him a favor. Dolorian can’t be bothered though because she has a tennis lesson. While Stormy is earring points for dropping the files off, his girl is busy power-sucking Evan Stone’s cock. I’m not sure if this is what qualifies as working on your forehand or not, but she is really doing a great job orally. Pumping his sizable rod into her mouth with a lot of energy, Dolorian brings something to this scene that was missing the first time we saw her fuck. She goes all out and is rewarded with a big load of cream on her hungry mouth.

When he loses his girl on the day of his party, Eric is desperate. Stormy agrees to stand in and is a smash hit. After the party, they share a dance and a passionate kiss. That leads them into the bedroom where Stormy finally gets a piece of her boss. With a fire blazing behind them, she works his cock hard and smiles at the head before making it disappear. He gives her a few licks, but she wants to take control and ride that thing. We get a great view of her body in reverse cowgirl, but most of the coming comes in doggy and mish. (Neither of which is hard on the eyes either.) Eric pulls out and shoots all over her belly. Perhaps a great romance has begun.

Eric and Dolorian get back together and that sends Stormy out of the house. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that he backed the wrong horse in this one. After dumping Dolorian, he gets roped into a double date with Voodoo, Nicole Sheridan and Aria. When Eric opts out, the three remaining friends decide to make the best of the situation. Voodoo and Nicole always give great scenes and adding Aria’s energy to the mix is a really good thing. They attack his dick, trying to outdo one another with their oral skills. Aria does a good job, but no one can keep up with Nicole when it comes to hot, deep blowjobs. They all settle in by the fire so that Voodoo can show Aria just how deep his cock can go. Nicole does her one better, throwing her leg over Voodoo’s shoulder and getting totally slammed. To keep up, Aria bends over, opens her ass and does a really hot little anal scene. This isn’t the usual soft feature butt fuck, but a full-blown colon blaster. Nicole has to match her, squatting over Voodoo’s pole and driving her ass down around him. He lets the girls share his spunk, firing onto both of their faces so that they can share a deep, cum-covered kiss.

Is there a happy ending to report? You should probably watch and find out. The story and dialog in this feature are pretty damn good. It starts off a little slow and could easily have been a cookie cutter movie, but by the end I was rather enjoying the relationship between Stormy and Eric. Sexually, it’s hard to beat Nicole Sheridan, but Stormy looks great and brings some heat to her three scenes. I’m going to make this a recommended titles for couples looking for pretty women, good sex and a decent story. It’s not for rain coaters and not my favorite feature of the year, but for couples it’s a solid choice.

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