Stuff Your Face Again


Stuff Your Face Again


77 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Oral Sex



STARS: Debi Diamond, Fallon, Dave Hardman, Sean Rider, Dave Dodge, Dick Nasty, Jeff Coldwater, Don Fernando, Ron Jeremy, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Johnny Prober


Oh man, check out the titles on this DVD. Can you believe how far we have come so quickly? This early effort from JM Productions is somewhat cutting edge in terms of content and sexual heat, but it’s nothing short of laughable technically. Even the picture quality is a little spotty. I really do envy the younger generation who would look at this and have no idea that this is how decent porn looked a decade ago. Also looking back, we get two of porn’s dirtiest early 90’s girls, Debi Diamond and Fallon. Anyone who remembers these women will know that there was nothing Debi wouldn’t do. Even by today’s standards, she was one hell of a hot slut. Fallon was the first big time squirter in smut and she had a really pretty face to make her oral scenes quite hot.

Dick Nasty is hosting a dinner party for some of his friends. On the menu tonight, slut under glass. Fallon has her head poking out through the table, leaving her exposed to anything that the guys want to do. The guys line up for head from the pretty brunette who is only too happy to oblige. She looks great and is just cock hungry enough to make us believe she’s having a good time. Once they have sampled her mouth, the guys move her on top of the table where she can be properly fucked. Ron Jeremy gets behind Fallon and really fills her hot little pussy from behind. She’s got her shoes and some thigh high stockings on, as she throws her legs back over her head. Some of the guys go ahead and bust nuts on her belly. Taking advantage of a break in the action, Fallon gets on top and waxes another lucky pole. Some of the them get her face nice and wet, but Fallon never slows down. She bangs her way through this group of guys, deep throating when she can and working very hard for her money.

Debi Diamond puts on a show for the guys. They watch her through small windows, with even smaller openings further down for their cocks. As the money flies through the holes, the filthy blonde gets nastier and nastier. Eventually she works her wave over to a cock and slides it into her mouth. With so may dicks in front of her, Debi makes her way around, sucking them deep, fingering herself and going crazy. I swear this girl has no gag reflex. Cocks slide to the back of her throat and beyond with absolute ease. With a look in her eyes that could melt steel, she works them until they explode on her face. Never one to duck jizz, she licks her fingers clean and moves to the next dick. This bang is all oral for a long time, but the guys eventually find their way into the room. While being banged from behind, she still goes face to face with a ready-to-pop cock. The guys toss her around and stick meat in whatever hole is closest. If ever a girl was born to be gang banged, it’s Debi Diamond. She writhes on the ground, waiting for more dick inside of her and begging for loads in her mouth. When all of them are drained, she still looks around for more.

This is an interesting trip in the way back machine. Don’t expect anything great technically because even a DVD can’t clean up grainy original footage. For those of who remember the gritty early days of what could be considered the current hard-core wave, this is a great throw-back flick. Fallon and Debi are old-school sluts who fucked and sucked at a time when most girls were happy to just lie there and collect a paycheck. Fallon looks pretty good and holds her own against Debi who is cock starved to the point of almost being frightening. Younger porn fans may not quite appreciate this one like us old-timers, but those of us who remember how edgy this was will get quite a kick out of it.

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