Teen Anal Virgins


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Teen Anal Virgins 2


140 Mins.

Dusk ‘Til Dawn


THEMES: Anal Sex, New Girls, Cream Pies




STARS: Cherry Lane, Holly Day, Yoli Pop, Meghan Edison, Tracy Trixxx, Tyce Bune



Tyce Bune has come up with a really catchy title for this movie. Teen Anal Virgins just has the sure-fire hit sound to do it doesn’t it? How could he go wrong? On the other hand, would it really make a good movie if it were true? I’m not saying that the girls in this movie aren’t actual anal virgins, but come on. First time ass fucking with a camera rolling? That sounds like it could be a real mess. (No pun intended.) In actuality what Tyce has in this flick is a collection of five girls I haven’t seen before. The new-face factor alone makes this one worth a look.

Tracy Trixx is a thin eighteen year old with small tits and a cool haircut. She says she’s never had it in the ass before and who am I to question her? After stripping down to just her stockings, she starts playing with her pussy. Apparently her ass isn’t totally cherry because Tracy slides a finger up there like she’s done it a few times before. Tyce finally enters the mix and puts the once again clothed Tracy on his lap. (Wow, I thought I was the only one who owned one of those XFL jerseys.) He helps her out of her clothes and then goes right for the finger play. After just a few minutes she is taking four fingers in her buss like she can’t wait for more. After that many digits, Tyce’s modest meat slides in with no trouble at all. If this really is her first time then I would say that Tracy was born to butt fuck on camera. He gets her to gape after a few strokes and then decides to give her pussy a try. Tracy gets back in the saddle, doing RCA and then letting Tyce take her from behind. Moving from hole to hole, he finally dumps his load inside of her pussy for a cream pie finish.

Cherry Lane shows off her body as she showers. Tyce comes out to check on her and they end up in bed. He strips her out of her tiny bikini and slips his cock into her pussy. Cherry has quite a mouth on her, urging him to fuck her. When they have worked up some juices, she turns around and sucks them off of his dick. That gets her ready for her anal scene. In reverse cowgirl, she rocks back and forth to help him bang her butt. Cherry does A2M and then lets him fuck her pussy long enough to fill it with jizz

Holly Day is a little soft around the middle with a great set of natural tits and a full head of curly hair. She models for us as she gets dressed, slipping her panties, skirt and hose on before wrapping up those wonderful knockers. Tyce joins her for a dame of darts, but has something more intense in mind. The clothes come off and he has her feet up on his shoulders in no time. Holly’s pussy is really wet as Tyce gives it a go for a while. She drops to the floor and savors her own taste on his meat. It takes her a little while longer to get to the anal, but once she kicks it into gear, Holly proves to be quite a butt slut. RCA gives us a nice shot of that rack and has the camera in the perfect position to watch her suck him off. A2M is the order of the day during the long doggy and once again he plants his load in her pussy.

Meghan is a pretty cute little SoCal girl who likes to show off her boobs and play with herself. (In that order.) Her solo is hot and Tyce goes right after her ass when he enters the picture. There is no way that this straight to the A girl is an anal virgin, but that only makes it better when Tyce starts pushing as deep as he can between her cheeks. Like the rest of the scenes, this one features a whole lot of anal, a short vag and a cream pie.

Yoli Pop is a very sexy girl who may be the best looking babe in the bunch. She gives us plenty to look at as she showers and then parades around a playground Tyce has her lie on top of him in 69 while he works his fingers into her asshole. Yoli is a decent cock sucker though she doesn’t seem to put much into her mouth. She takes a long ride on his rod, but the best footage comes when he pushes her legs back to her shoulders and plows away. There is a lot more vaginal in this scene, but she eventually takes it in the pooper long enough to have him ready to go back in the pussy to leave his spunk.

This is a straight-forward sex movie with new girls, anal sex and cream pies. On the plus side, this flick has five new chicks, but on the down side, none of them really stand out. A couple of them are pretty cute; especially Yoli and Holly, but they don’t combine looks with great energy. The action is pretty good, but you have to favor anal over vaginal and be totally into cream pies. I like some of the anal footage, but the cream pies really belong in a fetish flick, not a general new-girl movie. Definitely check this out if you’re into watching new girls take creampies in the pussy after having that hole nearly untouched through the rest of the scene.


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