Teen Meat Issue 2


Teen Meat: Issue 2

? Mins.

Evolution Erotica


DIRECTOR: Timothy Tyler Thomas


THEMES: Young Women



STARS: Hollie Stevens, Sergio, Keiko, Dick Nasty, Fallon Sommers, Kris Slayer, Olivia O’Lovely, Lani Kaluha, Ben Bratt, Jacqueline FeLyne, Missy Moroe, Lily Thai,



TECHNICAL NOTE: I did some checking and the problem I had with this DVD was just a defect. Other reviewers and customers had no problem with theirs.

Evolution Erotica is still a new company, but they have already stepping into the teen market with shit video magazine. I missed issue one, so we’ll pick up with the second Teen Meat DVD. The cover design is cute, mirroring popular teen magazines and really playing up the youth angle. (young, but not kids) I am not sure who Timothy Thomas is, but anyone joining Tom Byron and Guy Capo on the EE roster is bound to be pretty decent. The scenes come in vignette form with some thought put into the set ups.

Hollie Stevens and Sergio are a young couple on prom night. They pose for pictures outside of the limo and take off for a night they won’t ever forget. When the car rolls, Sergio makes his movie. Hollie resists a little, wanting to hold onto their virginity for a while longer. He wins her over eventually and watches as the young blonde spreads her legs and releases her perky tits from her prom dress. After watching his girlfriend masturbate for a while, Sergio begs for a blowjob. Hollie agrees to suck him and does a really good job for a virgin. (I suppose they could have bee doing oral so maybe she just perfected her technique.) Once he is hard and wet, she agrees to go all the way. Sergio slips his cock up into Hollie’s shaved cookie and gives it to her from behind. She spreads wide in reverse cowgirl and then shows off her fleshy ass when they turn around. Pulling out, he shoots all over her face and before Hollie can really whine about her make up, the limo door opens and they make an entrance for the ages.

After a graphic about the number of kids who come to an empty house, we see Fallon Sommers and Kris Slayer literally running up the driveway so that they can enjoy having t house all to themselves. Fallon is a very cute blonde with pigtails and a short skirt that stays of or a matter of seconds. They kiss quickly and move to a blowjob. There is some great footage with semi-eye contact as she works hard to make his moderate member rise. Fallon gives good head and keeps her hand busy between her legs. After some cursory pussy licking, he slides home, pushing every inch into her waiting slit. After wasting no time to get there, he really enjoys her warm folds. If only mom and dad knew what their little princess was up to while they are at work. Somehow I don’t think that hot squat fucking and pussy pounding spoon is what they would consider to be a quality after school activity. No matter, Fallon takes a great facial, proving that she already knows how to party with the big girls.

Olivia O’Lovely comes home to find a letter from the courts. She has been ordered to mentor a teen as part of rehabilitation. Lani Kalhua shows up looking for some guidance and we just know that Olivia has some things to teach the pig-tailed teen. Her boyfriend (Ben Bratt) shows up and the fun starts. The fun starts for Lani and for me as the disc has some major technical flaws here. Because the DVD totally locked up my player I was unable to watch the rest of the movie. At this time, I’m not sure if I just got a bad disc or if the whole run is bad. (I tried it in three players and got the same results.)

The two scenes I saw were pretty good and the set ups for the first three were really good. I will try and get my hands on a working copy of this disc so I can review it again and cover the final few scenes.

I was able to watch the bonus disc though and there is some good stuff here. Full photo galleries for all of the scenes. We get a bonus scene where a cute blonde girl is robbed at gunpoint. To avoid having the money stolen, she offers him anything he wants. He eventually decides to put her on her knees and make her work for it. After the semi-rape, there is a bit of porn justice at the end. (This is not a gentle scene by the way so if gunplay or forced sex bother you, don’t watch it.) We also get trailers and a few pieces from the director. The “girls of” feature is a nice piece of eye candy with some voice-over interviews.


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