Down the Hatch 11


Down the Hatch 11


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: John Strong


THEMES: Swallowing, A2M, Double Vag, Double Anal



STARS: Sophia, Jasmine Lynn, Rene Pornero, Ariana Jollee, Trixie Kelly, Jayna Oso, Mark Davis, Steve Holmes, Brian Surewood, John Strong, Manuel Ferrara


John Strong has been well schooled in the Anabolic/Diabolic way of movie making, but this one won’t be easy. He is taking over a line that Mike John shot for years. That’s hard enough to do, but it’s also a series that Mike perfected. Swallowing is pretty common now, but when DTH started, it was more common to see pretty girls taking big loads on their faces. Swallowing was more of a specialty or an afterthought. With the trail now well-blazed, Strong picks up where John left off and has a line of new girls just waiting to down load after load of creamy cum. (No word on whether or on not they keep a stomach pump on hand for every shoot.) Though the loads are all swallowed, DTH is not an all-oral line. There will be plenty of A2M and I fear quite a bit of 2into1 dick rubbing along the way.

Jasmine Lynn is a dirty little blonde who is up for anything. She tells us how she likes to swallow up as she peels off her clothes and reveals her tiny tits. Once naked, she gets down and starts bobbing her head on three hard rods. Taking two at a time and shoving meat tot he back of her throat, the naughty little thing shows good oral skills and the right attitude to make her a favorite with the raincoat set. Mark Davis lets her mouth him for a short ride before the double vag begins. They slip her over for some traditional DP action with Holmes and Davis really over-stuffing young Jasmine’s holes. Giving us a bit of A2M, the guys do a little merry-go-round action on her. An equal opportunity ass taster, Jasmine also rims the guy as they take a break from filling her with meat. The cream finally starts flowing and she holds her mouth open until first three loads her tongue. She swallows them easily, waiting for the last few drops to come out and join the sperm soup now rushing to her tummy. The guys give her a quick pork and then are back for round two. Jasmine handles it well and just has to hope that semen won’t cause her tongue stud to rust.

Trixie Kelly is a pretty nice looking brunette with decent boobs and nice body. Once again three cocks are shoved in her face and without a moment of hesitation, she begins working her way around the circle with her mouth. There is some nice POV footage as the camera works from a high angle and the guys keep her face filled. Taking one in her pussy from behind, Trixie seems to get lost in the pleasure a bit. All of the guys take turn in her twat before turning her face up for some anal. Before we can really enjoy the view, a second guy steps in to fill her slit and block her body a bit. After they make her air tight, the guys feed Trixie three loads. She swallows them all and then asks for more. The second round is quick, with an A2M round robin and a few dribbles of cream for this very eager girl.

Rene Pornero is a pretty Euro-babe who tells us she loves to swallow cum. True or not, she is going to do plenty of that. Rene is a true slut and she really works her mouth to perfection, keeping all three men happy and giving us a whole lot of great oral footage. They start out fucking her hard and pump her pussy with such enthusiasm that she can’t even take off her shoes without struggling. Since a tight pussy is apparently a bad thing in today’s porn, the guys need to rub against each other inside of her young twat. After a traditional DP, they hit her tongue. Once this first wave slides down her throat, they go right back to double teaming her orifices. Rene is a very nasty girl who is perfect for porn.

Sophia looks really cute in her scene, though the eye make up is a bit thick. This Arizona girl has a good but, some pieced tits (fakes) and is ready to take on all comers. By now we know the routine. She kneels to suck all three dicks, letting them put to in at a time when they want. They single fuck and then double up on her pussy, move to her ass and all the while Sophia just acts like she’s never had so much fun in her life. She screams at them to fuck her and the boys are happy to oblige. Sophia is well fucked when the first wave of jizz hits her outstretched tongue. She swallows most of it while some runs down her cheeks. Making sure to scoop that cream into her mouth, the young girl is ready for more DP action. Their aim isn’t much better for round two, but Sophia takes it with a smile.

Jayna Oso is a girl who looks a little like Alex Dane. She has similar hair eyes and a great big smile. This Hawaiian babe also has a tight little body and a very willing mouth. Hold the phone, we have a variation to the system. Jayna only sucks two cocks instead of three. She does a really good job o them though, including some head hanging backwards mouth fucking. By the time she starts riding Strong’s dong, she is really bouncing and looking for a second cock in her snug slit. DV still bores me, but Jayna is about as enthusiastic about it as any girl I’ve seen in a while. By the time they shoot loads, her make up is running and she looks totally fucked out, but is still happy to take their cum. Round two’s DP has her legs flailing about in the air and even more energy. It also features double anal for those who enjoy it. Two rounds just isn’t enough for this girl. She takes a third and has it dripping down her chin. Damn this girl loves to fuck and that makes her scene the best so far.

That leaves Ariana Jollee as the final girl. She is probably the best looking girl of the movie so she might be able to match Jayna’s scene if she really gives it her best. Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes take on the young brunette and give her two really big cocks for her mouth. She does some good squat fucking with her pussy and gets double teamed. DP is one thing, but watching a girl get slammed by these two big poles is just way hot. The intense fucking leaves her ass gaping and her pussy creaming. It takes quite a woman to take the best these two have to offer and Ariana is more than ready to open wide and drink their cream. After she gulps down their first two shots, Ariana takes a standing DP that is really stunning, if very short. Still going strong, she takes four more shots on her face, using her fingers to push every single drop into her mouth. Ariana managed to top Jayna’s scene and that wasn’t easy to do.

The pattern for these scenes stays pretty much the same from start to finish. There is a lot of oral, some vag, maybe some DV, or DP or some anal, lots of A2M and the first round of pops. Then the guys reload, speed fuck and give the girls a second round for good measure. Hey, it may lack variety, but it delivers heat each and every time. The scenes actually get hotter as the movie goes on with the last two scoring the highest. Ariana Jollee and Jayna Oso are on fire and swallow every load with glee. Anyone who likes swallowing will want to pick this up, but there is plenty of other action to keep everyone happy.

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