Tails of Perverity 10



Tails of Perversity 10



115 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: William H.

THEMES: Group Oral, Outdoor Sex.




STARS: Loni, Red Heaven, Vicky Vette, Lyla Lei, Gia Jordan,


William H. has a style all his own and it lends itself nicely to these twisted vignette movies that Elegant Angel does so well. With short stories that focus on bizarre and sometimes rough sex, the heat is great and we get to see something more than the run-of-the-mill couch porn. His sex scenes are generally nasty, a bit edgy and just about any kink or fetish is in play. From the tightly edited title sequence, we get a glimpse at the sexual smorgasbord we are about to enjoy.

Loni is a really strange girl who sneaks into her roommate’s drawers and masturbates with his underwear. (Is anyone else thinking what a great detergent commercial this would make? “It makes your shorts so fresh she’ll want to bury her nose in them and cream.”) When he comes home, she stops playing and runs out to greet him. He finally shows interest and she drags him into another room where she can attack his lucky prick. Going right after his meat, Loni puts everything she has into getting him wet, keeping him hard and making sure that every inch of his cock disappears down her throat. There aren’t many women in porn who can suck like Loni and she earns a whole lot of pleasure with this one. They start with reverse cowgirl where we can enjoy the orgasmic look on her face as her big tits bounce even harder than she does. Not one to take sex lightly, she rolls over and encourages him to fuck her harder. She looks good from every angle and gets fucked from above, below and behind. After just abusing that pussy in every way possible, he busts a monster nut on her face and then smacks her tongue with his hard meat. Add this to the long list of great scenes from this hot, filthy babe.

When Red Heaven finds a dildo on the street, she picks it up and gives it a rub. Out pops a genie to grant her a wish. Red wants four cocks all to herself. William is the man to make her wish come true. She is taken for a four on one bang in a dark parking lot. The little redhead works her way around the circle of cock, sucking like she really does love every inch. The darkness is a bit annoying, adding some atmosphere, but taking away from the action too much for my taste. Little Red gives some great looking head and skillfully works two at a time between her lips while stroking the other pair. All of her hard work pays off when the guys start jerking cum onto her. Red gets showered until her eyes are plastered shut and her cheeks are streaked with cream.

Vicky Vette is out of town on business. She calls her husband to tell him she will be staying another night. After assuring him that she doesn’t look at other guys, the blonde heads for the shower for some private time. Vicky gets all dressed up in full slut wear and makes a call for a massage. Even though she’s topless and in tight black shorts, he actually does rub her back for a while. By the time he rolls her over and oils up those big tits, it’s clear that he is going to do more than just massage this frustrated wife. She rolls over and finds his cock right there where she wants it. Vicky makes short work of his member, taking it to the root and treating it lovingly. He has her pussy dripping so when she mounts his rod, it slides easily into her inviting folds. The busty girl looks pretty good in reverse cowgirl, but for some reason we rush through a few vag positions to get to the anal. I guess we hurried through the pussy fucking to get to this. Vicky is really horny for meat in her butt and puts on a great show during the RCA. By the time she takes his load on her face, she is totally fucked out and waiting to be drenched.

Lyla Lei finds herself stranded at a gas station. Dressed for pleasure, she doesn’t have a lot of trouble finding a ride. Her neighbor is filling his tank and is happy to put the little slut into his car. Lyla puts his dick in her mouth as they roll down the street, moaning and bobbing her head to show her appreciation. He stops at the side of the rode and pounds her from behind. Lyla has a hot little body and great sexual energy. Lifting her skirt to show off her pussy, she rides him in reverse cowgirl for a while. A true slut is open to all penetration and little Lyla wants that fat meat up her tight butt. This is a great anal scene that ends in piledriver as he pulls out and shoots a big wad onto her mug. Lyla is not my favorite little Asian slut, but her energy in this scene is top notch.

Gia Jordan is such a slut that she does her step-brother and his friend. All they have to do is whip out some meat and she happily sucks it. With two big cocks to suck, she shows very good hand action. I’m sure that everyone wanted to see Marcia Brady do a little deep throat on Greg and this is probably the next best thing. The guys take turns on her, bending her over and fucking her pussy and mouth at the same time. Gia tongues some man ass and then rides for all she’s worth. They reward her with two huge loads of hot cream on her dirty face.

This is a really solid collection of scenes, but after Loni’s opener it is hard to maintain that kind of energy throughout the movie. All of the action is well shot, though I think that Red’s blowjob bang suffers a bit from the low lighting. Lyla’s blowjob in the car is very hot and this may be the best scene I’ve see her in.

There is a bonus scene on this disc from “Tails of Perversity 9.” It’s got Julie Night taking on a huge circle of dick. We also get trailers and a behind the scenes reel. Loni gets naked and plays with herself in the back seat as well as the usual stuff. In the end, it’s Loni who gets most of my praise in this solid flick. She has great energy, fucks like she loves cock and is just sexy as fucking hell. As far as I’m concerned, William H. should just shoot a five-scene movie with Loni covering every type of perversion I……errrrrr he can think of. (Sorry, got lost in my own thoughts there for a bit.)


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