I’m For Sale


I’m For Sale


90 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures


DIRECTOR: Andre Madness


THEMES: Oiled Women, Natural breasts



STARS: Jamie Brooks, Angelina, Cytherea, Courtney Devine, Deja Chan, Jay Ashley, Rick Patrick, Rod Fontana
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This is the latest line from the people at Kick Ass Pictures. It’s a simple line where girls are sold on a sexual home shopping network like so much cheap jewelry or a new male enhancement cream. Following the Kick Ass tradition, it’s a light hearted look at sex slaves that is bound to have a lot of foot action. It also features sweaty girls on exercise equipment, so fans of Sweatin’ It will want to check out these girls as well. There is plenty of exercise footage and even short interviews before each scene.

Jay Ashley introduces us to Courtney Devine who is glistening as she shows off her body. After having her work on out two different machines, Jay decides to really put her to the test. The sexy little babe has some tats, full thighs and perky tits, but it’s her pretty face that makes her such a bargain. That face gets put to the test early as she performs a pretty hot face fuck. Courtney knows how to suck a dick, but too quickly moves to mount his stiff member. This is a really good way to work up a sweat and Courtney works her thighs hard as she bounces. Turning around to taste him, she gives us a quick glimpse at her nice, round backside. Jay makes sure we see more of that as she rides in cowgirl, still doing most of the work herself. Jay power-pumps her from behind and finally unloads right onto her tongue. The facial pushes the bidding up over twelve grand for this horny young teen.

Jamie Brooks is a nice looking blonde with braids. Rick Patrick towers over the cute little babe as he panders to the viewing audience. After working out, she pleads her case by listing all of the things she will do for the winning bidder. Jamie could probably blow him standing up, but Rick takes a seat on the couch so he can relax as the horny young Brit demonstrates her oral skills. Most of the blowjob is shot from a distance, but there is some pretty nice footage of her face as she gobbles. Following the pattern, she gets right into reverse cowgirl where her status as a genuine spinner is confirmed. The tight shots of her pussy continue as she gets nailed from behind. (Nice leg shot here.) Jamie looks great in cowgirl and moans a lot, though some dirty talk wouldn’t hurt. Missionary allows him to work up a good stroke and makes it easy to stand and deposit a big load of DNA right onto her pretty little face. This rookie is one to watch.

Angelina starts out on an exercise bike, but her real workout will come when Rod Fontana tests her out. Rod is perfectly overwrought as he talks her up. His powerful on-screen presence kind of overshadows the shy little brunette. What she may lack in conversation, she makes up for with her stunning set of natural knockers. After we get a good look at her body. Rod finally tests out her mouth. I like the eye contact, but she isn’t going to get many high bids with moderate blowjob ability. It doesn’t help that Rod tries to make her gag for a while. Showing great restraint, the foot-freak Fontana stops licking her box only once for a taste of toes. When Angelina is bent over she seems to be having about as much fun as a men’s room attendant. Maybe Rod is too big for her, but she ends up just sort of mailing it in. He puts her out of her misery by shooting his thick cream onto her chin. (The bid is amazingly low on this one. A coincidence?)

Deja Chan is a very sexy young thing with long legs and hair down past her ass. Jay is back to sell this one and she’s got a story to tell. Deja wants to become a slave to get back at her father who is a preacher and also cheap as hell. She will cook and clean for her new master, but who needs that with a body like this? Given the chance, she attacks his cock with great hand action. After the last scene. Deja almost seems too excited about getting dick into her pussy. She really goes hard in reverse cowgirl, stopping only to taste her pussy on his cock and get into cowgirl. Deja is out to earn her keep and Jay treats her right with some four finger action. This gets her hot enough to try one of her own digits in her ass as he finishes fucking her twat. There is some great footage of Deja fingering herself and sucking him off. Instead of finishing this way, the move to doggy and a spin around for a pop on the lips. This is the best scene so far.

Saving the hottest name for last, Madness rolls out Cytherea. With a beautiful face an tight young body she is bound to fetch a pretty penny. Trevor Zen is happy to introduce us to this PYT. After boxing and trying out the stairmaster, Cytherea is ready to work some meat. (Am I the only one who thinks that this girl is going to end up as a Jill Kelly contract girl?) She gets his cock wet with her mouth and then stares at him while she strokes it seductively. Her blowjob is great, though too short again. Trevor licks her little slit and gets it ready for some penile pumping. He pushes into her hard enough to make the natural boobs bounce and to make Cytherea cry out. Her energy is high from the start, but when Trevor slams her from behind, she builds up to a huge squirt that leaves the sheets soaked. He barely manages to pull out at the last minute to shoot all over that gorgeous little face.

This movie seems an awful lot like the Sweatin’ It series, but there are some funny intros as the women put themselves up for auction. The sex scenes look like other Kick Ass efforts which means they are pleasing on the eye, short on blowjobs and generally hot. There are a few really sexy girls with Cytherea and Deja standing out as the best bargains in this sale. If you are looking for the best action in this movie don’t give up after Angelina’s lackluster effort because it gets much better.

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