Sugar Walls 39


Sugar Walls 39


98 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Andre Johnson

CONDOMS: None Noted

THEMES: Black Women, All-Black, Big Cocks



STARS: Japan, Leah, Paris, Ashley Fox, Monique, Jordan, Mr. Bigg, Tony Eveready, Jr. Kin, Bruce Vain


Way back in the day, Nicky Starks started this line devoted to the hottest black babes in the business. At the time, it was a pretty rare thing and that helped the line stand out. It was an all-black series with good production values and hot sex. The industry has changed a bit since those days, but Sugar Walls remains one of the best lines for black starlets getting slam fucked. This volume is directed by a guy I’ve never heard of, but that’s not much of a shock since Sugar Walls has seen more than its share of directors over the years. (Nicky has gone on to do other great stuff, but I haven’t heard from him in forever.) It also features Monique taking on Mr. Bigg and that is bound to be the highlight.

The movie starts with the meeting between Monique and Mr. Bigg. I know that there have been other black starlets who have done contract work, but I wonder if there has ever been a hotter black starlet than this woman? She is a total cock hound with a hot little body and a throat the seems to have no bottom. Monique dances for Bigg, slowly dripping and showing off her fine curves. Things settle down as she backs her ass up to his face to give him a taste. Always the hungry girl, Monique pushes him back onto the couch ad kisses her way down his chest. His cock flops out of his pants and Monique is on a mission to get that huge things hard and ready. The more he throbs, the more crazed Monique gets, shoving his dick into her mouth and drooling all over the place. He never quite gets rock hard, but that doesn’t stop them from moving to some hot doggy fucking. Monique stands up and takes him deep. Her screams are hot as she goes into full sex-animal mode. For such a small girl, Monique can take serious meat into her twat. Her squat fucking is really hot to watch as her thighs quake when he hits bottom. They finish up with some hot mish with Monique actually trash talking him to fuck her harder. She gets down on her knees to stroke out a full load onto her lips and chin. As always, she cleans up every drop finishing off a classic scene between a monster cock and woman who takes it like few can.

Japan has a tough act to follow. She is out watering her plants in a mini skirt when Tony Eveready comes looking for some lovin. She is taller than he is, so Tony puts her on a bench so he can work between her legs. With her big tattoos and average body, Japan is best looking from the neck up, and she gives decent head. That doesn’t last long though and we end up watching her fuck in reverse cowgirl for a long time. After a very short doggy, the go into spoon for the anal. The lighting is a bit off, but there is some decent footage of her ass high in the air as Tony goes between her cheeks. He pulls out and shoots all over her freshly-stuffed asshole.

Leah is in bed with her man when he suggests a threesome. stuffing. There is some good tit fucking and her boobs get sprayed with cum at the climax. Her idea doesn’t quite match his though as Tony Eveready shows up. She sends him out to find another girl so that Tony can get some of that. Leah is a bit more attractive than Japan, though her belly ink is really bad. She handles Tony’s dick easily as he fucks her mouth on the side of the bed. He is all ready to go by the time she mounts him, sliding her pussy down over his dick and riding like she really knows what to do with her hips. There is a very short, high-impact vag fuck before they rush to the anal. He really pumps her rump hard and then shoots his load right into her mouth.

Bigg is back with a Georgia girl named Jordan. She does a private dance for him, showing off her big tits and ample ass. Completely unfazed by his big meat, she goes to work pumping it between her lips. There is a lot of background noise in this scene which I find rather distracting. Jordan keeps looking over at the camera as if she is waiting to be finished with the oral sex. They trade off and he actually licks her pussy for a while to make sure that slit is ready for the invasion. She stands and bends over to take it from behind. Her pussy swallows up his cock, but there no energy at all from this girl. She just ends up lying there taking it without much sex appeal. Comparing this scene to Monique’s is unfair but you can see why Monique is a star and Jordan is just some chick getting cum shot at her face.

Paris also wants a threesome and once again, it’s a two-dick party. This time her man sticks around, watching his pretty lady suck cock and then turn her attentions towards his meat. She’s a nice looking girl with a sweet little pussy and good energy. They guys fuck her at both ends for a while, but she seems ready to wear them out. Turning around to face the camera, Paris spreads her pussy and pushes her ass down around some hard meat. There is a very short DP followed by a double facial that is hot but we cut away too soon.

Ashley is a soft girl who catches her man o the phone with another girl. She goes a little nuts on him. I know this isn’t a feature, but this chick is pretty damn believable as she yells at him. He has to work his way back into her good graces, so some pussy licking is order. She is quick to return the favor, slobbering all over his dick as he struggles to get hard. Ashley acts better than she looks, but she has a big ass that is going to turn a lot of people on as she rides dick and shakes those buns. Her man gets it all the way and fucks her hard, but the pop is totally messed up. He must have popped off cue or something because we barely see it at all.

If you take away the opening scene you have a very average flick. Monique taking on Mr. Bigg is worth the price of admission and an instant classic. After that, things go down hill rather quickly. Paris is the only other girl in the movie who is above average. Her scene is chopped up a bit, but she has good head. The rest of the girls are hit and miss so you might find a couple who do something for you. For my money, watch Monique, make a sandwich, nap, rewind and watch Monique again.

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