Jack’s Playground 2



Jack’s Playground 2



108 Mins.

Digital Playground



THEMES: Blondes, Natural Tits

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Belladonna, Kellemarie, Alyssa Lovelace, Lonnie, August, Nica, Mo, JJ, Tyce, Evan Stone & Eric.


When Robby D threw his directorial skills behind a new kind of gonzo movie, the results were pretty damn good. He’s always had a flare to his movies and combined humor with great sex in Jack’s Playground. There were some very hot new girls in the movie and a couple of them really let loose. This time around he has Belladonna to anchor the sex scenes. I’m not sure where Robby is going to take us with this second Jack flick, but I’m sure it won’t be just another run-of-the-mill fuck and suck flick. Even the opening recap of Jack’s first flick is pretty damn amusing.

Jack comes home and finds Evan Stone and Belladonna waiting outside of his place. They go inside where Bella can hardly keep her clothes on. There are scripts, but no one really cares about those. All Bella wants to do is to put Evan’s big cock down her throat. With her clothes still on, she drools down his shaft, jerks it off and makes it all vanish with seemingly no effort at all. Bella is one of the best cock suckers in the business, but she also likes to fuck. Evan slaps a rubber on his dick and starts laying the wood to his short “haired co-star. Even though the rest of the movie has a very guerrilla film making feel to it, the sex is pretty straight forward. (A good thing.) Evan pushes Bella into piledriver on the couch and slams away with every inch of meat he’s got. He’s got a big load for her and she happily takes it in the mouth, rubbing his cream in and licking her lips when she’s finished.

Jack goes over to see his ex-girlfriend and her awesome tits. He wants to get back together with her, but she’s having none of that. Nothing comes of that, but he has better luck later. Alyssa Lovelace is brand new in town and she really wants to be an actress. The eager blonde takes him back to her hotel and wants to fuck. Instead of fucking, she spends the next fifteen plus minutes she shows off her body. It looks great, but that’s a bit long for us to just stare at a hot naked chick without something going into one of her orifices.

Jack meets another cute girl on the elevator and has better luck with her. Just about the time he’s ready to get busy, Eric Masterson shows up and cock-blocks him. The pretty girl doesn’t seem to care whose cock she sucks, working Eric’s rod with her mouth and showing off her sizable rack. The fucking is rather low-energy with Eric taking his time on her pussy. She doesn’t want it anywhere near her face so he shoots all over her tits. Jack can barely get her to even rub it into her nipples.

Jack’s friend Celeste keeps bringing him girls. This time it’s French chick Nika who is around to show off. Celeste really doesn’t want her friend on camera, but she leaves the two of them alone and stuff is bound to happen. Smooth talking Jack hast the busty brunette down to her panties in no time. Her fingers to the walking as she explores her inner folds for our viewing pleasure. It’s a pretty good solo scene, especially if you like close-up shots.

Two blonde chicks end up back at Jack’s place for a little one-on-one veggie action. Both women are pretty and in another movie this might have been a welcome round of girl on girl action. Instead is just seems like a really long time since we’ve seen some good fucking.

Barrett Blade shows Jack just how easy it is to pick up chicks. A few cheesy lines and a big smile is all it takes to land pretty August. I have always liked this babe and though she is a tad skinny these days, there is still something about her that really turns me on. August gives great looking head and then shows off her hot ass as she rides his dick. The energetic and pretty young thing bounces in reverse cowgirl, letting us all enjoy her tight little bod. Best of all, she takes a big shot right on her face smiles for the camera as cream drips from her eyes and chin.

I still like what Robby D is doing with his Jack movies, but they certainly need a bit of tweaking. Classic gonzo porn always has some pacing problems because of the tease element. This movie has that, but too often he bridges the gaps with more tease or pretty-girl veggie action. This isn’t supposed to be a normal porn flick, so I gave it some slack. There are super cute girls and we’re not quite sure which ones are going to do full scenes and which ones are going to tease us. Seymore Butts used to do this really well, but he always brought the girls back later in the movie or in his next adventure. The comedy in between is great, Jack’s shtick is fine and the sex scenes are really good. Bella and Evan tear it up and August finishes with a bang. In between, there is just a bit too much tease for me to totally rave over JA2. That said, Robby D remains one of porn’s most innovative film makers and proves in the opening and closing scenes that he knows how to shoot really hot sex.


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