Black Bastard 4, The


The Black Bastard 4


140 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, A2M

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Monica Sweetheart, Adriana Sage, Olivia O’Lovely, Jodi Moore, Melanie Jagger, Mei-Yu, Jon Dough, Lexington Steele


Usually Anabolic does comps of hot chicks they call “cum sucking whores.” However, when you have a vault full of scenes with the most storied dick in recent porn history, you’re bound to pull some of them out for a collection now and then. This one has a great group of female co-stars, making it a really good tape for anyone who likes great interracial action or who likes to watch girls work with super-sized meat. Melanie Jagger, Monica Sweetheart, Jodi Moore and Adriana Sage are just four of the babes who stand out.

Chris Alexander is behind the camera for Monica Sweetheart’s first American scene. She gets to work with Lex and Jon Dough, but only after a short interview. At nineteen, Monica really was a picture of perfection. Her body is flawless, her face beautiful and watching her attack Lex’s big dick with her mouth just makes me thankful she chose porn as a career. The guys spin her around so she can take Lex doggy while showing Jon how well she sucks. Jon gets under Monica and lets her fuck in reverse cowgirl which is perhaps the best position for a woman this perfect. He pounds hard enough to make her tits shake and Lex smacks his big pole on her breasts and her gorgeous face. Size is no problem for Monica as she mounts Lex and pushes down with her pussy. Anal isn’t quite as easy, but the footage of her beautiful ass being split by first Lex and then Jon is really hot. Jon can get at her a little harder and bends Monica’s legs back past her head to slam away. Even though this is a Lex comp, this scene could just as easily show up in a best of Monica Sweetheart movie because the anal is just fantastic. Lex does an A2M facial that Monica savors and then swallows as she smiles into the camera. Dough repeats the process, filling her mouth until the cream is running down her chin. (It’s cut a bit tightly at the end.)

Adriana Sage is one of those hot girls who made some nasty movies with Anabolic before moving on to softer flicks. She has her pussy spread open and her fingers exploring her butthole as she keeps talking to the camera as she juices him up with her mouth. It’s huge in her hands, but she uses her tongue to get it wet and then shoves as much as she can into her mouth. Adriana gets high marks for oral skills and even higher grades for enthusiasm. He lets her get on top first so she can get used to the size. This hot chick has no problem taking Lex and pushes back hard in doggy. He positions his dick against her asshole and pushes in slowly. It’s slow going and he keeps several inches out of her backdoor, but Adriana keeps trying for more. For the real fun, he holds her in the air, spreads her legs and drops her body down around his dick. After a long RCA, she slides down to the ground, does A2M with her eyes fixed on the camera and strokes him right into her mouth. He rewards her with a big load right in the mouth and Adriana smiles as she swallows his cream.

Olivia O’Lovely is the kind of girl Lex likes to fuck. She’s tall, ethnic, has dangerous curves and is a serious size-queen. Olivia shows off in a nice little body suit and then works herself over with a silver vibrator. The real treat comes when Lex puts his big cock into her hands and we get to watch Olivia to her best to please him with her full lips and delicate fingers. By the time she mounts his shaft, Olivia is pretty far gone, but you can still see her face change as he hits bottom. With her big ass taking up the full frame, she bounces down hard, working the final few inches up into her pussy. Once she is used to it. Olivia just lies back and lets him devastate that slit. The best action comes when she finds her way back on top for some very enthusiastic reverse cowgirl. They are both out of breath when she slides off to take a big load on her face and stroke his throbbing member until it’s bone-dry. Not through yet, Lex takes her from behind, enjoying those ample buns. By the time he works up a second load, Olivia looks totally fucked out and ready to collapse.

Jodie Moore has her hair tied back and is sporting a leather and chain outfit that really shows off her curve. She walks around the house fondling everything she can find. A vibrator keeps her company until Lex comes in. Jodie keeps fucking herself with the toy while she does her best to take his cock in her mouth. The pretty Aussie has more than she can handle, but it doesn’t slow her down at all. Once it is wet from her mouth, Lex takes advantage of a slit in her fishnets, sliding his long black cock right into her tight white twat. Her fingers go crazy on her clit as he pushes about two-thirds of his rod into her. Picking up the pace, Lex does an inverted mish which allows him to pound away without totally splitting her in half. The standing doggy is good, but I imagine a lot of you are really going to enjoy the cowgirl because of how well it shows off her hot ass. Jodie just uses that big tool, squatting over it for several minutes until it’s time to bust a super-sized nut all over her pretty face.

Melanie Jagger is one of my favorite babes in porn. During the tease, she shows off her awesome tits and has a naughty pout thing going. Without a word she is on her knees and working on Lex from the balls to the tip of his dick. During the POV we see her work hard to take as much of it as she can. The blowjob is a bit short, but he wants to get into her little box. Mel happily spreads her legs and takes him like she’s partied with the big boys may times before. They use a chair for some very hot doggy, but need the bed for a better angle on the deep penetration. With one leg up on his shoulder, she lets him give her ass a try. Lex barely gets the head in before making her taste it. After that initial try, he gives her a whole more meat. She nearly takes it all doggy before rolling over to let him shoot into that abused anus.

Mei-Yu gets Lex and Mickey G for his Initiations scene. They blindfold the girl and make her lick some ass. Mei sucks Mickey’s hairy anus and the makes a meal out of Lex’s salad as well. This makes Mei horny so she sticks her butt high in the air to masturbate while the guys recover. They take turns fucking her hard from behind while she moans into the mattress. If you like watching little Asian pussy get drilled by black cock, then this is great footage. She keeps the blindfold on to suck both cocks at once, straining to get them into her talented mouth. When the blindfold comes off, we get some great eye contact for only a few seconds before the fucking resumes. She goes for reverse cowgirl with her mouth stuffed, letting them trade positions for variety. When on top of Lex in cowgirl, Mei really pumps her hips hard, showing us how stretched her lips are from his massive meat. Somehow she even manages to get nearly all of his dick into asshole. That really should be all the proof we need that this babe is a super-slut, but they have more in store. Lex moves back to her pussy so that Mickey can have his shot at her back door. She takes it perfectly, staying vocal and energetic until she nearly springs into position for the facials. The boys do no disappoint, firing a ton of cream into her mouth. Mei is such a natural slut that she swallows almost before we get to see it and doesn’t stop sucking until every drop is gone.

This is a really solid collection of Lex scenes that work because he’s working with very hot women. Monica Sweetheart looks perfect and gives us an anal scene for the ages. Melanie’s scene isn’t her best, but it’s still great to see her take on Lex’s pole. Adriana and Olivia are the sort of girls that Lex can really tear up. They both turn in find scenes. Jodie Moore and Mei-Yu stand in and take Lex’s best and round out this great collection. This is a must-own for any Lex fan or anyone who just likes watching the best performer in porn laying the wood to some of the hottest women around.

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