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Synopsis: Mr Pinks contains a heaping amount of porn to satisfy several different fetishes. The meat and gravy of the site

are hardcore pinks of todays biggest porn starlets doing all the things you like to see them do. There are a few video feeds

and access to the home cams of a few ladies. There are also a few “extras” but they aren’t all that exciting.

The Free Area: The Free Area is pretty bare, there are some hardcore pictures detailing some of the offerings inside, but that’s


The Pay Section: As I said before the main offering of the site is hardcore pictures, literally thousands of them. If you like a site

that features a plethora of girls then you might be in the right place. There are a few other features and we’ll go through each

of them. The site is easy to navigate, but if you click on anything another window will open up, which I find annoying.

Pictures: Lots and lots of pictures on this site, I’m not sure that I could ever look at them all in two lifetimes. The picture

galleries are split up into different sections. There are two galleries for the standard “female/male” type of pictures we’ve

all been looking at in Penthouse and Hustler since we were old enough to figure out what porn was. The pictures are all

hardcore and the gallery for each couple scene has about 100 pictures. That’s enough pictures to capture about every second

of a good hardcore experience, from every dick lick to every pussy quiver. There are also galleries dedicated to just asians,

the every popular “point of view” experience, girls on girls, threesomes, teens, solo ladies, and a few other assorted galleries.

All the galleries feature a sexual experience from start to cumshot, and photos are downloadable.

Videos: Mr Pinks is a real let down in the video department. All the videos are “streaming videos” which means they can

be interupted due to high internet volume (even on a cable modem) and streaming videos are usually not as clear as

downloadable vids. That’s right no downloadable vids, there is no right clicking at Mr Pinks, nothing you can take with you to

save on the old harddrive. The video galleries are sparce too, there’s a lot of Peter North in them, excerpts from both his

“North Pole” series and his “Anal Addicts” series, both of which contain some good hardcore. There are also some vids

by Bruno B which aren’t bad at all. There are also two other video channels you can play with, one was “I Broadcast” and

I couldn’t get that one to work, the second was Sin City Flix and that one took a lot of effort on my part to get the ball

rolling. Once I got things going I was greeted to some ok porn with a silly soundtrack that was way to loud, it was a bit


Webcams: Mr Pinks has a few links to various webcams. Most of the webcams feature a few girls chatting with a huge

amount of dudes. If you want the girls to do anything interesting it’s going to cost you some more pocket change most

of the time.

Various: Mr Pinks also has a huge selection of stories to read (none are in an audio format though, kind of a bummer

though). If you are into porn stories that’s a huge plus. There are also the various computer games that are on most

porn sites these days: strip poker, nude jigsaw puzzles, etc. They are an OK way to waste a lazy afternoon, but not

something i want to pay top dollar for. There are also a few links to porn cards you can send your friends, and a surprsingly

large amount of links to industry news and gossip.

Overall Rating: If I had a 56K modem and was interested in easily downloadable porn in a hurry, I’d give Mr Pinks a high

mark. If I was someone with a cable modem I’d say Mr Pinks was a dissapointment. I’m beyond the days of wanting

mostly pictures, I want more videos and other high tech interactive things.

Pay Content Quality: Mr Pinks almost feels more like a stopover point on a journey to other sites than a site with its

own identity. The pictures are outstanding if that’s your thing, but if you are more into videos and interaction with the

ladies you’ll be dissapointed. Mr Pinks is probably worth the very reasonable twenty bucks a month.

Pay Content Quanity: There’s enough to keep you occupied for a few days, but months one end? I’m not sure.

Mr Pinks is updated once a week.

Ease of Use: The site is easy to use.

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