Ozporns Go To Hell


The Ozporns Go to Hell


148 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Antonio Passolini

THEMES: Comedy, Rock Stars

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Tawny Roberts, Nikita Denise, Sindee Coxx, Cameron Cain, Jessica Drake, Angel Long, Rachel Rotten, Rob Rotten, Cheyne Collins, Rick Roberts, Eric Masterson, Barrett Blade & Tina Tyler and Baz as the Ozporns.


Last year Antonio Passolini put his unique signature on the reality-TV with the Ozporns. Now he’s got the whole gang back for us including Tina Tyler and Baz as mom and dad Ozporn. The X-rated version of the highly successful show has many of the familiar elements, a mumbling protagonist, spoiled kids and a long suffering wife. It’s also got more sex than we’ll ever see on MTV and that can be a very good thing. Daughter Tawny finished last “season” by admitting that she’s a lesbian. Now there is something we would never want to see in the actually TV show. Passolini knows how to interject humor into his productions and has a cast of people who can handle dialog really well so we should have a good time with this one.

In spite of Tawny’s claims, mom doesn’t believe that she is really a carpet muncher and apparently she hasn’t convinced lover Jessica Drake that she’s a “real” lesbian. To prove her status, Tawny goes right after Jessica, licking and sucking her pussy with gusto. It’s a pretty low-impact veggie scene with a fire going in the background, but you can’t beat the eye candy. Jess looks great and when she has been thoroughly licked, she plants a great big kiss on Tawny’s full lips. In dramatic fashion, she breaks out a toy and slowly works it into Tawny’s slit, letting the battery-powered plaything work its magic. There are some nice shots for those who like toy play and want to see the busty blonde push back against a plastic over.

The Ozporns decide that they need to hit the road in an RV to really see America. Their trip doesn’t go very smoothly and the RV dies in the middle of nowhere. They are forced to stay in a creepy motel with people who are even odder than they are. Meanwhile we get to know Izzy’s son (Cheyne Collins) who is working on something new, amateur porn. He gets one look at the hotel’s maid, (Cameron Cain) and sees a star in the making. She is interested in making it in the movies and agrees to a little casting call. He buries his head between her thighs while Cameron keeps busy stripping off her uniform. The pretty blonde looks great with a dick in her mouth and does a really nice job of bobbing Cheyne’s knob. Her enthusiastic blowjob gets him hard and ready to fuck her from behind, making those incredible tits bound wildly with every stroke. This is a surprisingly hot feature sex scene with Cameron reminding us all why she was one of the hottest newbies around not so long ago. Cheyne pushes her onto her back and has Cameron’s long legs high in the air. I love the shots of her holding onto her heels as he fucks her hard enough to make those tits dance again. He pulls out and shoots a considerable load right over her pussy.

Rick Roberts was Tawny’s boyfriend in the first movie and he pops in looking for a drink and instead finds Nikita Denise and Angel Long fighting over his dick. They give a super hot double blowjob, passing it back and forth and talking dirty to each other as they watch. That he is able to take this kind of oral action without shooting all over the place just shows what a professional he is. Watching Nikita slap his dick on Angel’s face is just so freaking hot. He fucks the foul-talking brunette first, slamming her pussy while Angel encourages even harder strokes. She even sucks his rubber-covered rod when it slips out of Nikita’s inviting folds. Rick is screaming as he fucks her, clearly enjoying his work. After a very long time, the women switch places and Angel gets to scream about how good his dick feels in her twat. She doesn’t get as a long a fuck because Nikita now wants him in her asshole. Nikita picks up where she left off, fucking him with tremendous energy and looking really good in RCA with her ass stuffed and Angel’s fingers probing her pussy. He gives her everything she’s got and Nikita just growls at him while she rams her fingers into herself. Angel isn’t about to just watch another woman get all the anal action. The tall blonde bends over the bar and gets her butt drilled as well. After all the great work Nikita did in this scene, she lets her young friend get down while he jerks his load right onto her face. It’s a nice big load, just what the British tart needed.

When Tawny sees what her man is doing, she forgets her claims of lesbian-hood and she goes right After Barrett Blade. She pushes him back on the counter and starts sucking his dick. Tawny gives great eye contact and spits on his prick quite a bit as she works it hard. He is happy to turn his attention to the overly made up and now nearly naked blonde. Tawny has a really nice pussy and he spends quite a while getting it juiced up. I don’t know if he eats pussy like a girl, but apparently her veggie stance has softened a bit. Barrett fucks her from behind and then in mish during a very short penetration sequence. (The pussy licking lasted longer than both positions and the pop.) He pulls out and shoots all over her chest.

Izzy is confused and exhausted so he passes out on the bed. When he wakes up, his lover from part one (Sindee Coxx) is back. He resists for a few seconds, but then strips her out of her shirt and lets her deep throat his cock. Sindee keeps things very messy as she makes every inch vanish and has her whole body working during the blowjob. He pulls out a condom and she tosses it away. (Worth a chuckle here.) With his finger up her ass, Baz pushes into Sindee from behind. She is quite loud and can’t keep her fingers off her clit when he rolls her over. Her pussy is spread wide open as Izzy screams and coats her hole with his cream.

The hotel has a live sex show with Rachel and Rob Rotten going at it for the audience’s enjoyment. This tatted couple work well together and are great if you like the inked up, pierced goth/punk thing. Rachel does good work on her knees, but quickly finds her self on the receiving end of some generous finger fucking. He tears her fishnets enough so that she can slide her shaved little slit down over his dick and take a very spirited ride on his rod. There aren’t many people watching as he bends over and slam fucks the thin brunette from behind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy in mainstream porn with as much ink as Rob has. Rachel is not covered in tats though. In fact, she has really pale skin and jet-black hair which adds to her look. The best thing these two have going for themselves is a great chemistry that leads to hot fucking. The popshot is right on her face, but for some reason it’s a so-mo finish to an otherwise sexy scene.

When they get back home, Tawny and Rick get back together and go for a little three way sex. He has Eric Masterson help him fuck his blonde girlfriend. Having Tawny finish the movie is a very good idea, especially since she delivers a very enthusiastic blowjob to both men. She’s got thigh high stockings and a short skirt that Rick lifts so he can lick her asshole and then slide into her from behind. The guys switch places and we get to watch her take it hard in doggy while moaning around hard meat. They toss her skirt aside to give us an unencumbered view of her body as the action intensifies. Rick does the honors for the anal, slipping slowly into her crack for a few strokes before joining Eric in giving the nasty young babe a twin dose of dick dressing.

I didn’t expect to be saying this, but the sex scenes are more impressive than the story this time around. Watching Baz & Tyler work their dialog as mom and pop Ozporn is still worth a chuckle, but the story is a little less solid than it might have been. It’s not so much a problem with the story, but some really hot sex that makes this a quality jerk-off feature. Tawny r
eally works hard in her scenes, tearing it up in a final three-way that proves that she’s definitely not a lesbian. Nikita and Angel seem to be in a contest to see who can fuck the hardest and the only real winner is Rick who nearly has his dick fucked raw. Most of the scenes are shot with minimal intrusion as Passolini keeps the editing simple until the fucking stops. It’s a very good feature with sex that is well above average. The Ozporns may have gone to hell, but it’s a hot ride.

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