After Midnight


After Midnight


110 Mins.

Sin City

DIRECTOR: Jack Vincennes

THEMES: Feature

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Kurt Lockwood, Ava Vincent, Gina Ryder, Emily Da Vinci, Angel Cassidy, Nikki Loren


When Aurora Snow signed her contract with Sin City, some people worried that we wouldn’t see very much of the always-hot superstar. That certainly hasn’t been the case though. Aurora is still fucking and sucking in new releases all the time and she’s even getting to act a little bit in most of them. Maybe acting isn’t what you tune in to see, but Aurora’s presence in Sin City features brings up the sexual heat level considerably. In this Jack Vincennes effort, she plays Teri, a pretty young woman who turns Kurt Lockwood’s world upside from the moment she meets him in a bar. He seems to be in over his head, but when a girl this hot comes on to you, you don’t even hesitate. You ride that wave of good fortune as far as it takes you.

They barely make it to the car with their clothes on and as soon as they do get home, she is all over him. His cock springs forward and Aurora is all over it, sucking and jerking it while moaning loudly. It really looks as if Kurt has hit the jackpot. He takes her into the bedroom, spreads her legs and slaps her thighs as he goes down on her. After working her over with three fingers, Kurt sticks his tongue up her ass and has Aurora dying to feel his meat inside of her. She pulls her knees up to give him easy access and Kurt is up to the challenge. After less than two minute of vag, they move into RCA s her ass doesn’t get left out. True to her reputation, she dismounts every few minutes to clean his prick with her hungry mouth. When it’s time to shoot, Kurt strokes while Aurora rubs her pussy and gets a stream of jizz that reaches all the way up to her face.

As soon as he runs in to take a shower, Aurora cleans him out, stealing his wallet, keys and cell phone. Left on his own, Kurt desperately goes in search of a phone. He ends up in a porn shop where things get really weird. The punky clerk fucks with the phone and orders him to bang her friend. Gina Ryder. Somehow this doesn’t seem like such a bad thing so Kurt just stands here holding the receiver while Gina abuses his dong with her mouth. After a really good blowjob, he bends her over against some racks and licks her ass from behind. Gina has nice round cheeks that look really good as Kurt starts pounding away from behind. He uses her hair for leverage to get every inch buried in her waiting slit. Gina turns it around on him, squatting over his rod and working her hips. She’s got her black thigh-high boots on for a bit of fetish appeal, but most of the heat comes from watching her pump her hips hard to impale herself on his unit. Kurt blasts a big load all over her belly, but it nowhere nearer to getting his stuff back.

There are some men watching and they have plans for Kurt. On orders, Aurora reappears and then ducks into a building to get him to follow. Inside the building he runs into a couple of hot chicks who step onto the elevator and get totally into each other. The scene is a bit random, but this blonde/brunette combination gives us plenty of veggie eye-candy to enjoy. I don’t recognize either woman, (Angel Cassidy and Nikki Loren I think) but I wouldn’t toss either of them out of bed for eating crackers. The blonde bends over and gets licked before working her finger way up inside of her sexy friend.

Ava Vincent is a spaced-out party girl who keeps popping into the story. She does a really good job with the dialog and keeps things interesting. Kurt nearly gets her to let him use her phone, but she is whisked away in a car, leaving him alone again. Ava is part of whatever plot is going on and is rewarded for her good work by Chris Cannon who starts with her tits and doesn’t slow down until he has her pretty pussy in his face. I love the way she looks in her fishnet stockings and that tight pussy creams with two fingers inside of it. Ava looks even better down on her knees giving head. With great eye contact, she sucks on the head and treats his shaft to some generous hand action. Chris bends her over and pushes his dick into her from behind. The angle isn’t great here because we can’t really see the penetration, but are too close to fully enjoy Ava’s body. The low angle shots are better for this and by the time he plops her up onto the hood for mish, we have the perfect angle. Returning to the ground, she strokes hard and gets a load all over her chest for her efforts.

Kurt sees some people and follows them into a strange sort of club where Aurora is entertaining the masses with a sex show. Gina and the chick from the story (Emily I think) keep Kurt busy. The punky little blonde has spiky hair and does a good job pushing his dick all the way to the back of her throat. As the girls double team his dong, Aurora is nearly choking herself on meat just a few feet away. Kurt shoots his load on both faces and the girls kiss a while, swapping cum as he stares at the show.

As it turns out Aurora is actually fucking one Kurt’s good friends, making him a bit nuts. He runs out into the street as she keeps right on sucking him like she’s trying to pull his prick out by the root. He survives the blowjob and she starts riding him. Aurora is really fucking him hard and talking dirty as her perfect body works him over. When they turn her around, we get some of the hottest reverse cowgirl you are ever going to see. Aurora’s legs and entire body are in display and she fucks with fantastic energy. Dillon shows just as much enthusiasm when it’s his turn to do the work. He slams the shit out of her from behind and then rams his dick all the way down her throat. The only way to end this scene is with a great facial and that’s exactly what we get. This is a fantastic sex scene, especially for a feature.

Without giving too much away, there is a good twist that leads us to the end of our story. It’s interesting, but it leaves us feeling like maybe there should have been a final sex scene that somehow got cut. The story loosely resembles the mainstream movie “The Game” but has its own twists and turns. As always, I’m looking for good sex in a feature. We get that in this movie and that’s why I liked it so much. Aurora brings the same heat to her feature scenes that she showed for years in gonzo flicks. The final scene is one of the best feature-sex scenes of the year and carries the movie home in fine fashion. Ava Vincent adds a really good scene and Gina Ryder is hot as always. I enjoyed watching Emily as well and would love to see her in other movies. I like the story, I like the technical quality, but it’s the sex that makes After Midnight a better than average feature.

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