Buttman’s Award-Winning Orgies


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Buttman’s Award-Winning Orgies


MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

73 Mins.

Evil Angel


DIRECTOR: John Stagliano

THEMES: Group Sex, Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Rocco Siffredi, Zara Whites, Silver, Tiffany Mynx, Angel Ash, Chrissy Ann, Sierra, Sheila Stone, Woody Long, Rick Smears & Tom Byron.


Orgies are not my favorite kind of scenes, but John Stagliano is one of the few directors in the history of porn who has the ability to shoot such scenes and keep them hot. The two scenes in this compilation are both fantastic and an example of just how good Stagliano is. Both are great group scenes, but the blindfold orgy from Face Dance is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. (It’s also one of the best adult features I’ve ever seen.) Evil Angel has put this group grope together with a fantastic three-way with the incredible Zara Whites into a fine DVD that is sure to leave us all looking to invite as many friends over as possible.

Rocco is so hot to play with Zara and Silver that they are already going at it in the elevator. For those of you who never got a chance to see Zara Whites in action, you are in for a treat. This woman is one of the best looking babes to every show up in a porn video. Her body is fantastic and she looks like a freaking fashion model. By the time they all get into the room, Rocco already has his cock out and has the girls taking turns with it. Silver has the unenviable job of working side by side with a woman so perfect that men are likely to want to smash their TVs every time the camera strays from her. She lets Rocco starts pounding on Zara’s pussy and then mounts her gorgeous co-star’s face for a happy ride. In typical Buttman style, the camera moves a bit as John tries to get the best angle. I like this sort of camerawork because it preserves the heat better than cutting, re-positioning the camera and starting up again. Both girls are equally hot for Rocco’s big cock and take turns sucking and fucking for a while. When Zara gets on top, we are treated to an amazing view of her spectacular ass. John likes the view so much that he gets in on the action, licking the girls from behind and slipping his dick into Zara’s mouth. When Rocco gets back into the mix, he power fucks Zara and she can’t seem to get enough of that big hard dick. Silver gets underneath and is around when Rocco pulls out and shoots onto her face. The angle for the pop isn’t great, leading me to wonder if maybe it wasn’t quite expected.

The second scene is a much bigger group grope and has Rocco as one of the lucky guys. He is blindfolded and dragged into the room kicking and screaming. When the blindfold comes off, Rocco is face to butt with four totally fine backsides. Tiffany Mynx, Sierra, Sheila and Chrissy Ann all look fantastic and he just can’t help but admire and kiss those superior posteriors. Woody Long, Tom Byron and Rick Smears are also along for the ride. The guys all have blindfolds put over their eyes while the girls grind their asses. What follows is a long tease sequence that is perfectly filmed and filled with great ass shots.

Once the teasing is over, the girls start sucking cock and the heat rises quickly. You can really take you pick of women because they are all hot. Chrissy Ann was always a favorite of mine, Sierra is totally sex and of course Tiffany Mynx is one of the best cock suckers in the history of porn. There is plenty of good oral action to be found as Chrissy Ann works Rocco’s huge pole with her tiny hands and mouth and Sierra floats around treating all of the guys to her high-quality head. Since there is an extra girl in the room. Chrissy has to ride Wood Long’s face while the other girls have their pussies pounded. Tiffany seems quite happy to stay with Byron shoving her ass out for the camera as she rides him. Since the party was thrown in Rocco’s honor, he makes his way around the room, letting Tif try to deep throat him at one point and giving us some awesome footage. He ends up rimming her ass and then unloading a big wad right on her face. Most of the other guys fire onto some of the fine asses that are on display.

You pretty know what you’re getting with this movie. It’s for fans of group sex who really like to watch Rocco fuck hot chicks. In the first scene, it’s hard to pay attention to anyone other than Zara. I think I’d forgotten just how freaking hot she is. I hear Evil Angel is going to work on some girl-specific comp discs and I’ll be in line to buy Zara’s the day it comes out. The big orgy scene is really good because it’s a rare group scene that manages to keep the heat high no matter where the camera is aimed. Sure Tiffany and Chrissy are the hottest of the hot, but the whole scene smokes.


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